Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3446, Bet A Hundred Million


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Yu Ru Meng was a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master when she impersonated Li Shi Qing, so the real Li Shi Qing certainly had the same cultivation; otherwise, how could Yu Ru Meng have fooled Flower Shadow Great Emperor and the others? Such cultivation was not bad at all, but this was the Demon Realm, and Li Shi Qing did not possess Yang Kai’s ability to ignore the erosion of Demon Qi, so how could she fight against Demon Kings in the Blood Arena?


Li Shi Qing was standing quietly beside the announcer Demon King. Her cultivation did not seem to be sealed, and she did not seem to be restricted in any way, but she remained unmoved with her eyes closed. The shimmering Emperor Qi on the surface of her body made it evident that she was resisting the intrusion of Demon Qi.


If she did not do this, she most probably would have devolved into a Demon in a short time. It was not clear how long she had persisted in this state, but she did look weary at the moment.


In the central field, the Demon King who brought Li Shi Qing out announced with a faint smile, “I believe everyone here has noticed that this woman looks different from others. That’s right, she is indeed different, because… this woman is a Human from the Star Boundary!”


As soon as the remark was made, the crowd went into an uproar. Many Demon Kings already guessed it when they noticed that Li Shi Qing had been resisting Demon Qi with her Emperor Qi, but they were unsure until this moment.


The Demon King confirmed their suspicions of her being a Human, a rare being to them. Due to the World Principles and the omnipresent Demon Qi in the Demon Realm, it was naturally not safe for any Human to come here. They would most likely fall into the Demon path in short order; however, by the look of Li Shi Qing’s appearance, even though she was tired, she obviously had not lost her mind. In addition, Li Shi Qing’s appearance and figure were incredibly charming, which naturally attracted many Demons.


“I was told that this woman has the cultivation of the Second-Order Emperor Realm in the Star Boundary, which is equivalent to a Mid-Rank Demon King here!” The Demon King paused for a moment, then suddenly raised his voice, “The prize for the next Blood Fight is this woman. Whoever wins the next Blood Fight can take this woman home with him. Heh heh heh, even this King hasn’t experienced the taste of a Master from the Human Race before, how truly envious!”


Li Shi Qing’s brow twitched as sadness filled her face. She could not believe that as a Disciple of Flower Shadow Great Emperor, she had actually fallen to become a prize in the Blood Arena for the Demon Race. She never thought that there would be one day like this and secretly planned that if things went beyond her control, she would immediately end her own life so that she would not embarrass her Honoured Master even in death.


The audiences were quiet for a moment, before it suddenly burst into unimaginable enthusiasm and cheers.


Similar to the announcer Demon King, no one present had tasted a Master from the Human Race. Li Shi Qing had an outstanding appearance and figure, and her cultivation was high too. It would be a great honour if one could really obtain her.


For a moment, the Demons were exhilarated and horrifying howls came up from the audience.


The Demon King then continued, “This Blood Fight has no rules. It will be a free for all. Anyone who signs up can participate, and the only task they have is to survive until the end! Preparation time is a stick worth of incense. What are you waiting for?”


After saying this, he pulled Li Shi Qing’s arm and brought her back down, disappearing without a trace.


As soon as he left, many Demons got up from the audience seats and rushed in the same direction. They were all Demon Kings. Anyone who had cultivation lower than the Demon King Realm was not qualified to participate in such a Blood Fight. This Blood Fight was different from the previous Blood Fight which arranged opponents with similar cultivation. With Li Shi Qing as the prize this time, anyone with low cultivation would only end up being slaughtered in the field, but since it was a free for all, there would still be a chance for them to slip through, so it really depended on their performance later.


Yang Kai turned to Xiao Wu and asked, “Where do I sign up?”


Surprised, Xiao Wu reached out and pointed in a certain direction, “It should be over there.”


Yang Kai looked in that direction and found a group of Demon Kings gathered. Without hesitation, he hurriedly rushed over.


When he first saw Li Shi Qing, Yang Kai immediately began trying to figure out a way to save her, but unexpectedly, the Blood Arena offered him this opportunity. As long as he won, he could bring the beauty home. This was a ready-made solution given to him.


The registration place was crowded, noisy, and chaotic. The Demon Kings with higher cultivation tried hard to push in, while those with weaker cultivation could only back away for now. Fortunately, they were not allowed to start a brawl on their own in the Blood Arena, otherwise, it would probably cause a big mess here.


Yang Kai spent enormous effort to squeeze his way to the front, and slammed on the table at the registration place, “I want to sign up!”


The Demon King in charge of registration looked up at him with a strange look in his eyes, then he nodded, “A hundred thousand Demon Crystals!”


Yang Kai ground his teeth and took out a hundred thousand Demon Crystals from his Space Ring to pay for the registration fee. He was not the only one who had to pay for it, as Yang Kai had noticed that the Demon Kings who signed up before him had done the same; therefore, he was naturally prepared for this.


However, he had bet all his Demon Crystals earlier, so if he spent a hundred thousand Demon Crystals now, he definitely could not settle his debt. He was not sure whether he could bet again later, but if he could, he would bet on himself and try to get some Demon Crystals back.


The Demon received the Demon Crystals, recorded Yang Kai’s entry token number and cultivation, and completed the registration process.


When he left, the Demon in charge of registration looked up at his back again, took out an object, and pinched it in his hand.


Deep in the Blood Arena, a Demon with a profound aura sat on a chair in a room with slightly narrowed eyes. A female Demon knelt beside him, serving him wholeheartedly, while on the other side, a High-Rank Demon King listened carefully to a message of some sort, then turned around to report, “Sir, that guy signed up.”


The Demon seated on the chair nodded gently, showing no other expression.


The High-Rank Demon King hesitated for a while before he questioned, “Why does Sir pay so much attention to this person? What’s special about him?”


Originally, there was no free-for-all planned for the Blood Arena today, let alone with a female Human prize. It was this Sir who suddenly arrived with the female Human to tell him to hold such an event, and also instructed him to pay attention to a certain strange-looking man.


[Now it seems that Sir deliberately used that female Human as bait to attract that guy to sign up for the fight.]


[But how was Sir certain that this man would participate?]


The Demon seated on the chair looked up at him and the heart of the High-Rank Demon King clenched. Quickly, he lowered his head for fear that he had said something wrong. As he was trembling in fright, the Demon seated on the chair suddenly got up and strode outside, disappearing in the blink of an eye, but not before his voice drifted over, “Find ways to kill him!”


The Demon King was stunned for a moment, then replied respectfully, “Yes Sir!”




“Sir, do you know that woman?” Xiao Wu asked while looking at Yang Kai. If this was not the case, why would he suddenly sign up for such a battle? Since both of them were Humans, it seemed likely they knew each other.


“In a sense,” Yang Kai did not explain much.


“Sir, you shouldn’t have signed up.” Xiao Wu was a little anxious, “Those Demon Kings are very cruel. What if something happens to you?”


Yang Kai smiled at her, “It is they who should be worried, not me!”


Xiao Wu persisted though, “Why don’t we leave now? Otherwise, Holy Venerable will put the blame on this maidservant when she finds out about this, and this maid will die miserably.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I can’t leave. I just paid the registration fee of a hundred thousand Demon Crystals and can’t clear my debt now, so we can’t leave this Blood Arena.”


Xiao Wu’s face turned green when she heard this. Although she had some Demon Crystals on her, it was far from a hundred thousand. Even if she took them out, she could not fill the debt.


Yang Kai further added, “We should be able to bet again though, so you can just bet on me.”


Xiao Wu was appalled, “Why are we still betting? We don’t have any Demon Crystals!”


Yang Kai reached out his hand and gave a knock on her head, “Silly girl. It will be fine as long as we settle the accounts before we leave. Who will know if you don’t have Demon Crystals now? As long as we win, we just need to collect our prize and no one will demand Demon Crystals from us.”


Xiao Wu wanted to tell Yang Kai that it was not like no other Demon has done this before, but they usually had a miserable ending. However, since Yang Kai had already paid, there was no turning back. Now, they could only go all out and place all their hopes on the next bet.


After hesitating for a while, Xiao Wu asked, “Do you want to bet on yourself?”


Yang Kai answered confidently, “Of course, otherwise who else can I bet on?”


“How much?”


“A hundred thousand… No, no, no, bet a hundred million Demon Crystals!”


“One… One hundred million?” Xiao Wu was dumbfounded, looking a little silly with her jaw slightly dropped.


At this time, the central field lit up again. The Demon who had appeared before emerged again, and shouted loudly, “The time has come, all applicants please enter the stage now. Those who have not entered by the time the Spirit Array is opened will automatically forfeit.”


When the voice fell, many figures shot out from the audience seats, and landed on the central field.


Yang Kai urged Xiao Wu, “Remember to bet!”


He straightened his back, flew into the sky, rushed through a light curtain in the blink of an eye, and landed on an open field.


Yang Kai only realized how vast the internal space of this field was after entering it, and he could no longer see the outside scene from the inside. Right now, he was standing on hilly land, surrounded by rubble and weeds.


Before he could check the terrain in detail, five figures suddenly appeared and landed not far from him.


Yang Kai frowned. He was not sure whether he was being paranoid, but he felt hostility towards him from these five Demons, and from the way they arranged themselves, it looked as if they had come here specifically to besiege him.


Looking around, some people dodged eye contact while others grinned menacingly, even directly drawing lines on their necks with their fingers as they stared at Yang Kai.


[Are they thinking I’m some easy target?] Yang Kai chuckled softly and slowly gave them a thumb up, then turned his wrist and pointed his thumb to the ground.


All the Demons around him were maddened as the hostility in their eyes intensified.


In the audience seats, Xiao Wu covered her eyes with her hands, and dared not watch anymore. She really did not understand what her Sir was doing. Such a free for all battle was already dreadfully dangerous in the first place as there were absolutely no rules. Yet, he still provoked so many people just when he entered the field. Did he want to die so badly?




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  1. I can guess that if a Demon wins the human woman, he will eat her. Yang Kai will fight to rescue her, so he does it for chivalry and for fun.

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