Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3671, Nailed It


Translator: Silavin & Jon

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“It seems you’re hurt,” Yang Kai said.


The woman bellowed, “You don’t say! Do I need you to tell me that I’m hurt!?”


They were basically talking past one another, so Yang Kai smiled helplessly and decided not to harp on this issue. However, he still warned her of possible danger by saying, “You’d better leave now. I can see some Starships approaching. I guess they’re coming for you.”


The woman’s expression changed when she heard that, then she turned to look in the direction Yang Kai pointed and saw some gigantic Starships rapidly approaching them. Apparently, they had found out her whereabouts. Then, she said through clenched teeth, “What a bunch of relentless thugs!”


After she finished speaking, she turned around and fled in a different direction.


However, just a moment later, she returned and grabbed the collar of a shocked Yang Kai before lugging him away. As they were fleeing together, she yelled, “Are you out of your mind!? Were you just going to wait for death by staying there!?”


Hearing this, Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he realised that there were indeed some grudges between this woman and those people from the Starships. She must have been hiding on the Dead Star to evade them. Unexpectedly, Yang Kai refined the Dead Star, which practically stripped her of her hiding place and exposed her.


Nevertheless, she still decided to return and bring Yang Kai with her, which suggested that even though she was foul-tempered, she was fundamentally a good-hearted person. Anyone else would’ve run for their life instead of trying to save a stranger.


Yang Kai was neither loathful nor fond of the woman at first, but her actions had made him take a liking to her; thus, he said, “They have no grudges against me, so I guess they won’t harm me.”


The woman shot him a look and sneered, “What Cultivation Star are you from? How have you managed to live to this day when you’re so naive? Haven’t you heard of the saying that wherever the Sand Scorpions go, not even a strand of grass will survive?”


“Sand Scorpions?” Yang Kai arched his brow.


The woman yelled, “Why do you keep spouting nonsense!? Shut up now if you want to live; otherwise, I’ll throw you away!”


Yang Kai was a High-Rank Demon King as well as the Guardian of Heng Luo Star Field, but he was unable to refute the woman when he was scolded, which made him feel speechless. Despite not knowing who these Sand Scorpions were, he reckoned that the Starships behind them were controlled by Star Pirates.


Star Pirates existed in every Star Field, and they varied in terms of numbers and power. Basically, they were bandits who robbed people. They roamed around the Starry Sky as they oppressed the weak and snatched their things. When merchants came across them in the Starry Sky, they either had to give up some items or battle against them.


In the past, Galaxy Ridge and Abandoned Lair were the largest groups of Star Pirates in Heng Luo Star Field; however, after Yang Kai became the Star Field Guardian, he had destroyed both groups. Nevertheless, Star Pirates were like spring bamboo shoots after rain as new ones would always emerge.


When the woman appeared just now, the Starships immediately noticed her and started racing after her. Even though the woman was fairly powerful, she was injured, and presently, she was dragging Yang Kai along with her. Her speed had reduced significantly, which was why she was unable to get rid of the Starships. Soon, the gap between them shortened.


After getting scolded, Yang Kai fell silent for a moment; however, upon seeing that she was unable to get rid of her enemies, and that she was about to be cornered, he couldn’t help but ask, “Don’t you have a Star Shuttle?”


With a cold expression, the woman stared fixedly ahead, “It’s broken.”


Yang Kai replied, “Oh… Things are looking bad. They’ll reach you soon.”


“Can you just shut up?” The woman turned her head and shot him a glare. She thought that this man was very annoying. While she was trying her best to escape and save them from their enemies, he just wouldn’t stop yapping.


In response, Yang Kai flashed a smirk at her and kept his mouth shut.


A moment later, the woman heaved a sigh, “I’m sorry for dragging you into this mess. I’m afraid we won’t be able to escape. I’ll create a chance for you to flee later. Just run for your life on your own. If you survive, you must go to Boundless Sect on Blue Clouds Star and tell them to immediately move to a new place; otherwise, when the Sand Scorpions retaliate, they’ll be destroyed.”


A shocked Yang Kai said, “You want me to flee while you fight against them?” That was incredibly noble of her, which caused Yang Kai to be moved. In comparison, he appeared a little despicable by hiding his true power and watching the show from the side.


Nevertheless, it wasn’t really his intention as all this just happened by chance.


The woman said through gritted teeth, “Do you think this is the arrangement I want as well? Since we’re left with no other choice, we must give it a shot. Why don’t you try to battle against them while I run away? Given your cultivation, you’ll be killed as soon as you appear in front of them.” Then, she put on a milder expression, “Moreover, I don’t really think you can escape, there’s just a slim chance… Anyway, I’m sorry for getting you involved in this. If we die here, on the road to the Yellow Springs together, you mustn’t blame me.”


Yang Kai scratched his nose and asked, “What have you done that makes them chase after you so relentlessly?”


The woman sneered, “Sand Scorpions are all savages. Everyone has the right to kill them. I just happened to kill their Third Manager.”


Just then, an old voice was heard coming from a Starship behind them. The voice was so ear-piercing that it was as though two pieces of metal were scraping against one another while a cat clawed at the heart of the person who happened to be listening, which was very agonising, “Mei Jiu’er, you’ve killed my Third Brother. We, the Sand Scorpions, will never let you off! Rest assured, after this Old Master captures you, he will make sure you suffer excruciating pain. You won’t be able to end your life even if you want to before I’m done with you! Your Boundless Sect will be destroyed, and Blue Clouds Star will become lifeless. All of you must go to Hell to accompany my Third Brother!”


“They sure sound ferocious,” Yang Kai commented lightly.


The woman called Mei Jiu’er scoffed, “That’s typical of them. They’ll destroy anyone who dares to offend them. Besides that, the person’s Sect and Cultivation Star will also be devastated.” Then, she turned to look at Yang Kai and sneered, “Are you afraid now?”


Yang Kai simply declared, “The Heavenly Way will never let these cruel people off!”


Mei Jiu’er guffawed, “Heavenly Way? If that thing actually exists, what’s the point of us cultivating?” Despite her slender figure, she was laughing in an arrogant and heroic manner, assuming an awe-inspiring air.


After that, she let out a sigh, “I hate myself for my weak cultivation. If I was powerful enough, I would destroy trash like them and make the Star Field a better place!”


Yang Kai stared at her in awe and said, “You’re quite the ambitious woman!”


Mei Jiu’er snorted, “Since the Star Field Master basically does nothing, we have to rely on ourselves.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai brushed away the cold sweat on his forehead, “Star Field Master… What do you mean?”


Mei Jiu’er gazed at him with a frown, “What rock have you been living under? Don’t you know that this Star Field has a Master?”


Yang Kai shook his head repeatedly. 


Mei Jiu’er explained, “You’re such an ignorant brat. Initially, this Star Field didn’t have a Master. Once upon a time, there was only the Starry Sky Great Emperor. Then… Forget it. Let’s not talk about that annoying guy. We should save some energy to flee.”


A guilty Yang Kai asked, “You know that guy?”


“Of course I don’t,” Mei Jiu’er said through clenched teeth, “If I knew him, I’d have asked him whether he still wants to manage this Star Field or not. If he doesn’t, I’ll take it over from him! The Star Field was devastated by a war some years ago, but now that we’re finally recovering, these trash have appeared out of nowhere. However, he doesn’t even care about it. Does he even have the right to remain as the Star Field Master?”


Yang Kai hung his head low. Every word Mei Jiu’er said seemed to have transformed into a huge hammer that landed on his head, which caused him to be completely embarrassed.


The Star Field was indeed troubled by a war in the past. Many years ago, those from Grand Desolation Star Field invaded their Star Field and destroyed countless lives. Even though they were chased away in the end, those from Heng Luo Star Field had suffered considerable losses.


Mei Jiu’er seemed resentful of the Star Field Master. Perhaps it was because she knew that she was unable to get rid of her enemies, so she started relentlessly scolding the Star Field Master. She didn’t use any foul language, but she appeared to be frustrated by the Star Field Master’s inaction.


While she was cursing, she suddenly felt a grip on her hand, which caused her expression to change. As a cold light flashed, a blade appeared right beside Yang Kai’s neck. Her pale face reddened slightly as she questioned, “Why did you grab my hand?”


Yang Kai quickly explained, “Calm down. I just want to give you something.”


Before Mei Jiu’er could ask, she realised that there was something in her hand. Looking down, she saw that the man had stuffed a rock into her hand. It was an irregularly shaped stone the size of a baby’s palm, and seeing it, she knitted her brow to ask, “What is this?”


After scanning it with her Divine Sense, she really couldn’t see anything special about the stone as it didn’t exude any aura at all. It seemed like a common rock one would pick up from the roadside. She didn’t understand why Yang Kai gave her such a thing at this point.


Yang Kai coughed into his fist and explained, “This is a divine item which contains endless profundity. With the help of this item, we might be able… Hey! Why are you throwing it away when I haven’t explained yet?”


“Are you nuts?” Mei Jiu’er shot him a glare. They were at a life-or-death moment, but he was still in the mood to pull her leg. What did he mean that it was a divine item that contained endless profundity? Even she, an Origin King, was unable to find anything special about the rock. She didn’t move her sword away from Yang Kai’s neck as she couldn’t believe that she had decided to bring this man with her. With a cold expression, she questioned, “Were you trying to take advantage of me?”


Yang Kai felt incredibly helpless, so he ignored her and turned his head to look at his back.


Perhaps Mei Jiu’er had acted out of instinct, but even though she had randomly thrown the stone away, she still hurled it at their enemies. Presently, the stone was gliding towards the Starships.


Seeing Yang Kai turn away from her, Mei Jiu’er went on to question, “Do you think I won’t do anything to you just because we’re about to be killed? I’m warning you, even though we’re going to die, I’ll push you away and let them torture you first. I’ll make sure that you’ll die a horrible death!”


As she was speaking though, Yang Kai suddenly became elated as he exclaimed, “Nailed it!”


A bright light suddenly expanded and dazzled Mei Jiu’er, which caused her to narrow her eyes. Then, she turned to look at the source of the light. The next moment, she widened her eyes in disbelief as though she had just come across a ghost, and her jaw almost dropped. At the same time, she stopped moving and fell into a dazed state as she gazed at the sight behind her.


A few thousand kilometres behind them, all the Sand Scorpions’ Starships had exploded. The dazzling light earlier was the result of the Starships’ destruction.


For some reason, the Starships had detonated. Despite the fact that they were a few thousand kilometres apart, Mei Jiu’er was still able to see it clearly. None of those Sand Scorpions managed to escape as they plunged into obliteration with their Starships.




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