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Martial Peak – Chapter 3838, Worker’s Room

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The middle-aged woman, who had a cold and fierce aura, did not talk much. In addition to the pressure from Du Ru Feng before, everyone remained silent while following her all the way. No one dared to ask more questions.


However, Yang Kai observed secretly and found that the direction they were going was the location of the huge orchard he had just seen from the sky. The cultivation of this middle-aged woman should also be about the Emperor Realm, but he could not see whether she had condensed her Dao Seal or not for the time being.


An hour later, a vast area of undulating houses appeared in front of them, surrounded by green mountains and clear rivers. At first sight, the place looked like a land of idyllic beauty.


There was a large plaque at the front of the village, with two characters engraved on it, ‘Worker’s Room’!


Yang Kai and the others exchanged dry looks.


Although they came from different Universe Worlds, they were not stupid enough to not understand the meaning of the word ‘Worker’. They could not help thinking, [We were brought to Fire Spirit Land by that Venerable to be labourers?]


Standing in front of the village, the woman took out a bell and rang it gently. The bell jingled, and a man as thin as a bamboo stick flew out of the village. He did not look old, but his clothes looked oversized, and hung loosely on him, which made him seem amusing from a distance.


When he flew closer, the bamboo man cupped his fists, “Senior Sister Yao.” 


He glanced across Yang Kai and the others with a light smile, “These people look unfamiliar…”


The woman surnamed Yao interjected coldly, “They were all brought back by Sir Venerable.”


The bamboo man responded, “Sir Venerable is back?”


The woman surnamed Yao nodded gently and pointed at Yang Kai and the others as she continued, “These people are handed over to you now. It’s not often we have new people here. If you complain about the shortage of manpower again, find your own solution.”


“Enough, enough!” The bamboo pole man beamed happily, “If I, Zhou Zheng, still cannot finish the task after Sir Venerable worked so hard to find these helpers, I will offer up my head!”


The woman surnamed Yao snorted coldly, “You better!”


After speaking, she turned and left.


Zhou Zheng shouted at her back, “Senior Sister Yao, are you leaving now? Junior Brother has just harvested some good quality tea. Would Senior Sister like to try it?”


There was no response from her.


Seeing the woman surnamed Yao left, Zhou Zheng who was smiling rubbed his hands and started to examine Yang Kai and the others excitedly. He introduced himself with a smile, “My name is Zhou Zheng, the one in charge of this Worker’s Room. You can call me Manager Zhou!”


Everyone cupped their fists and greeted in unison, “Greetings, Manager Zhou.”


Zhou Zheng nodded, “You all are so blessed. Tsk tsk, really blessed.”


The burly man frowned, “May I know what kind of blessing you are referring to?” Although he did not know what they would face next, it was obvious that they would not have a good life in the future being sent to the Worker’s Room. In their respective Universe Worlds, they were all peak Masters, so it was natural for them to feel bitter to be treated this way when they came here.


Zhou Zheng laughed, “Are you new to the Outer Universe?”


Everyone nodded.


“Then do you know about the Open Heaven Realm?”


“Venerable briefly mentioned it on the way here.”


“That makes things simple.” Zhou Zheng grinned like a sneaky thief, and continued with both hands folded behind his back, “If you want to reach the Open Heaven Realm, you need to open a Small Universe in your own body by splitting Heaven and Earth apart. And in order to form said Small Universe, you must first condense the power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements. Do you know why this Seven Wonders Land is called Seven Wonders Land?”


Without waiting for an answer, Zhou Zheng explained himself, “Because our Seven Wonders Land is composed of seven Spirit Lands. Now you are in the Fire Spirit Land. Other than this, there is Yin Spirit Land, Yang Spirit Land, Metal Spirit Land, Wood Spirit Land, Water Spirit Land, and Earth Spirit Land. Our Seven Wonders Land is a unique existence in the entire Outer Universe. No other great force has such an advantageous environment.”


There was a change in the dignified woman’s expression at his words, “Does Manager Zhou mean that Seven Wonders Land can meet our needs in condensing the power of Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements?”


Zhou Zheng answered with a smile, “Yes! In this way, it will save you from wandering around and looking for resources to condense the necessary Elements. In other words, as long as you stay in Seven Wonders Land long enough, you will have the opportunity to be promoted to the Open Heaven Realm. This opportunity is not something that disciples of other forces can obtain. So, don’t you think this is your blessing!?”


The Male Monster was pleasantly surprised and asked, “Really?”


Zhou Zheng cackled, “Why should I lie to you? You can go around and ask others. It’s not a secret anyway.”


“That’s indeed a blessing for us!” The Male Monster was overjoyed.


To the side, Ah Sun questioned with her eyes blinking, “Is Manager an Open Heaven Realm Master now?”


Zhou Zheng cleared his throat when he heard the question, “Not yet, but that is mainly due to my laziness in cultivation. If I worked harder, promoting to Open Heaven Realm won’t be a problem. Remember not to procrastinate when you cultivate in the future; otherwise, you’ll end up like me. Good, let’s not talk too much, there will be many opportunities in the future anyway. Follow me.” He then turned around and led the way.


Yang Kai and the others followed closely.


As they entered the village, they saw houses lining the street on either side. Each of the houses seemed to possess some barriers. Some doors were closed with activated barriers, while some doors were open, in front of which some people stood and watched Yang Kai and the others coldly. The owners of these houses were both Humans and Monsters, all of them with cultivations in the Emperor Realm, but there was still a difference in strength among them.


After a while, a charming voice called out, “Manager Zhou, are these new people?”


Zhou Zheng looked at the source of the sound with a smile, “Yes, Venerable came back and brought us some new blood.”


Yang Kai and the others also looked to the source of the voice. In front of a house over there, a lithe figure leaned casually on the door frame. The woman looked indolent and her hair was a little dishevelled as if she had just woken up. She crossed her arms in front of her chest, and smiled, “That means less work for us in the future.”


She then turned to greet Yang Kai and the others, “This Elder Sister lives here. If you don’t understand anything in the future, just look for me. This Elder Sister likes to teach beginners.” She giggled while speaking. Her voice was euphonious, as if it had infinite attraction to it.


No one knew how to answer her, so they pretended they did not hear what she said.


They walked all the way to one of the houses with its door closed, only then did Zhou Zheng stop, turn to look at Yang Kai and the others, and point at the burly man, “You’ll live here from now on.”


Zhou Zheng tossed a Jade Token to the man casually, “This is the Access Token of this house. You can refine it yourself. You have three days to rest, after which this Manager will tell you what you need to do. You don’t have to think about anything in these three days; just have a good rest.”


The burly man nodded and held the Jade Token in his hand, circulating his power to refine it.


Zhou Zheng continued to lead the others forward.


It was Yang Kai’s turn when they arrived at the third ownerless house. Similar to the previous two people, Zhou Zheng gave him an Access Token and asked him to refine it before leading the rest of the people away.


Yang Kai was not sure if the house was inhabited before, but there was no trace of a former owner in the token, so it was easy to refine.


Yang Kai spent only a stick’s worth of incense to complete the refinement before waving the Jade Token in front of the house, opening the barriers, and pushing the door in.


There was no unpleasant smell and the facilities in the house were notably simple. It covered an area of only a few dozen square meters and was divided into two floors. There were tables and chairs on the lower floor, probably a place to welcome guests. Following the stairs up to the second floor was just a bed and a mattress, which should be a place for him to rest.


A Spirit Array was set up in the house, and Yang Kai could clearly feel that the World Energy was being gathered by it, making the environment feel quite comfortable.


Such a place would be a cultivation treasure land that everyone competed for in the Star Boundary, but in Seven Wonders Land, it was only the residence of a Worker.


It was hard to imagine where the Manager, the Disciples, and even the Venerable Protector lived.


After activating the barriers, the house was isolated again. While comprehending the various functions of the Access Token, Yang Kai was thinking about his current situation too.


No doubt it was a good thing to be introduced into Seven Wonders Land as he was a newcomer to the Outer Universe, but he was a little shocked to be a Worker as soon as he arrived.


Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling how he ended up being a floor sweeper because of his unsatisfactory progress when he first stepped onto the Martial Dao and joined High Heaven Pavilion.


His current scene reminded him greatly of that time. The only difference was that the power he mastered at that time was by no means comparable to his power now.


This time, he had the capital to resist.


However, this was someone else’s territory after all, and there were Open Heaven Realm Masters standing guard. Since his life was not threatened now, Yang Kai was not willing to cause trouble, so he decided to take things one step at a time.


In Yang Kai’s view, however, the ‘blessing’ Zhou Zheng mentioned was just an exaggeration.


The others had no idea about the secrets of breaking through to the Open Heaven Realm, but Yang Kai was different. It was true that he had to condense the power of Yin, Yang, and Five Elements to be promoted to the Open Heaven Realm, as Zhang Ruo Xi told him as much. Furthermore, he had condensed his Wood Element already, and of the highest Order possible.


Nevertheless, Zhou Zheng did not mention the most important information, which was the Order of the materials here!


Perhaps it was true that Seven Wonders Land gathered the power of Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements, which was sufficient to meet the requirements of a cultivator to break through to the Open Heaven Realm, but the Order of these resources certainly would not be high. Otherwise, there would be countless powerful Open Heaven Realm Masters in Seven Wonders Land.


From the information Yang Kai now had in his hands, there should not be too many Open Heaven Realm Masters in Seven Wonders Land; otherwise, they would not occupy just a small piece of territory like this, but would be competing to be a part of the Seventy-Two Paradises and Thirty-Six Cave Heavens.



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  1. Yang Kai is remembering how he began as a sweeper , then how he had to start at a low level in the Star Boundary . Now he is a worker and a low level in the Outer Universe .

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