Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4902, Groom’s Party


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Yang Kai could not do anything other than to sit down.


The next moment, he was shocked and frantically grabbed onto his clothes, “What are you doing, Seniors!?”


Just as he sat down, several women came straight at him and began to strip him of his clothes.


“Hmph! Why are you acting all shy and innocent?” A High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master smiled coquettishly. Her voice was as smooth as silk and there were obvious traces that she was born in Yin-Yang Cave Heaven.


“Why are you calling us Seniors? How could you make us sound so old?” Another High-Rank Open Heaven Realm woman poked her finger on Yang Kai’s forehead, causing him to tilt back slightly.


Yang Kai chuckled nervously and said, “All of you are young and beautiful, but through dedicated cultivation have reached the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. All of you must be thousands of years old. Calling you Senior was out of respect for you. Surely, I can’t address you as Big Sisters, can I? That would be highly improper!”


During this time, a few of them had skillfully removed Yang Kai’s outer clothing. They were extremely skilled and it was not long before an exquisite red robe appeared from somewhere. One of them dragged Yang Kai to his feet and then two others stretched out his arms to pull the robe onto him.


A few others were shuffling around, straightening the robe and tying up its belt. Soon, Yang Kai was properly dressed.


Yang Kai was in a daze and completely ignorant of what was happening.


When he was made to sit down again, a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm woman came around behind him, spread his long hair and skillfully rearranged it neatly.


Yang Kai looked into the mirror in front of him and stared at himself with a dumbstruck look. He was dressed in a red robe and looked very festive.


A woman beside him was busy, applying rouge and powder to his face.


Yang Kai quickly raised his hand to resist. Being dressed in such festive clothes was one thing, but now they were applying cosmetics to his face. This was unacceptable to him and he protested, “Seniors, is this necessary?”


“Don’t move!” The High-Rank Open Heaven Realm woman from Yin-Yang Cave Heaven slapped Yang Kai’s hand away and pressed down his raised arm. She scolded him, “Of course you have to dress up appropriately for your auspicious day.”


“Auspicious day?” Yang Kai’s jaw dropped, “What’s this all about?”


She smiled sweetly as asked back, “What do you think?”


Yang Kai quickly looked curiously towards his Little Sister, but Yang Xue just said with a wide smile, “Big Brother, don’t worry about anything, just go along with it and everything will be fine.”


Yang Kai did not know whether to laugh or cry, but considering who he was up against, he decided that he had to play along without further resistance. And so, he just sat there calmly and allowed those women to dress him up.


At some point, his heart began beating a bit faster.


They labored for less than the time it took to burn a stick of incense before the women around Yang Kai looked at him in detail and then nodded, “That’s about right!”


The Yin-Yang Cave Heaven High-Rank Open Heaven Realm woman brought a bright red flower and tied it to Yang Kai’s chest to complete the look and then clapped her hands and declared, “Finished!”


“Let’s go, let’s go! To the wedding!” Yang Xue cheered as the women pushed and shoved Yang Kai out to the palace.


There was a group of people waiting outside. Yang Kai looked up and saw that the people from High Heaven Palace, the Great Emperors, Mao Zhe, Yue He, and all the other Sixth-Order Masters from Void Land were lined up on both sides. When they saw Yang Kai dressed in his red robes, they cupped their fists and said, “Congratulations Sect Master, on your Wedding Day!”


Yang Kai returned the greetings with a grin, “Congratulations to one and all!”


He suddenly realized that he was congratulating himself, and how lame he must have appeared!


He was initially confused by the sudden flurry of activity around him. He was just thinking about how he should apologize to Yu Meng Ru and his other Wives, but now he somehow found himself at his wedding.


Furthermore, it seemed that everyone was in on it, except him. He didn’t even know whose idea all this was.


“Sect Master, please!” Mao Zhe reached out and gestured with his hand.


There was a luxuriously decorated ship waiting in front of him, which was also decorated in red. There were many people waiting on board, so it was obvious that a lot had gone into the preparations for this.


Yang Kai took a deep breath, suppressed the excitement and nervousness in his heart, then waved his hand and said confidently, “Let’s go!”


This was the first time he had experienced a marriage ceremony with him as the groom. It was undeniable that he was nervous. He had not been so apprehensive even when he was locked in that cage with the Black Ink Royal Lord for 100 years.


A group of people from High Heaven Palace and Void Land boarded the ship along with Yang Kai, but when he glanced around, he saw that most of the people were from the Cave Heavens and Paradises. They were all in the Open Heaven Realm, and several were even in the Seventh-Order.


Everyone was holding musical instruments they had gotten from who knows where.


The celebratory air was practically overflowing. When Iron Blood Great Emperor gave the order, the ship immediately erupted with music and drums which made the atmosphere extremely lively.


The ship sailed ahead slowly towards a certain Spirit Province, the sounds of joy and music accompanying them along the way.


The band on the ship was grand, consisting of some twenty or so Open Heaven Realm Masters, including some in the Seventh-Order. Yang Kai was the only person who could make so many Open Heaven Realm Masters from so many Cave Heavens and Paradises come out and perform for his wedding.


A short while later, they arrived at the Spirit Province. The sounds of music continued and the Groom’s Party disembarked from the ship, heading straight for a grand palace up ahead.


A group of people blocked the way to the palace though, and the leader of that group was none other than Six Wood Divine Monarch of Golden Antelope Paradise, Liu Mu!


Liu Mu smiled widely as he was surrounded by Sixth-Order and Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. There was a group of at least 100 people here, guarding the entrance to the palace.


“Divine Monarch!” Yang Kai stepped forward and offered his greetings, remaining on alert. Yang Kai noticed that Liu Mu looked at him with some kind of malicious intent, which made Yang Kai feel that something was wrong.


Although he had cooperated with this wedding, Yang Kai had not yet fully understood the details. Furthermore, he could not understand why he had to come to Golden Antelope Paradise for his wedding.


He had never been here before, but since Liu Mu was here, this was obviously Golden Antelope Paradise’s temporary base in Black Territory.


No one had told Yang Kai anything about the arrangements before they set out.


“Brat, looks like you’re in good spirits and you’re even dressed for the occasion,” Liu Mu teased as he looked Yang Kai over from head to toe.


Yang Kai cupped his fist and bowed, “Divine Monarch, this Junior is here to receive the bride. I’d truly appreciate it if Divine Monarch could be accommodating.”


“Good!” Liu Mu waved his hand grandly before he shouted, “Someone wants to marry my Golden Antelope Paradise’s disciple. Brats, tell him what kind of person is worthy of that?”


Yang Kai was stunned by what he just heard and asked in a dumbfounded voice, “How can I be marrying a disciple of Golden Antelope Paradise? My Wives have nothing to do with Golden Antelope Paradise.”


Liu Mu smiled and explained, “Xue Yue has worshiped this Monarch and is now my Legacy Disciple!”


Yang Kai raised his brow and wondered, [There is such a thing? When did this happen? How come I didn’t know anything about it?]


However, this was undoubtedly a good thing. The Cave Heavens and Paradises had always been strict in accepting disciples, almost never accepting outsiders who did not cultivate their specific Secret Arts. Not to mention that it was Liu Mu, an Ancestor, who had personally accepted Xue Yue as his Disciple.


It was a great honour for anyone to worship an Eighth-Order Ancestor as their Honoured Master and it was similarly not a trivial affair for an Ancestor to accept a Disciple. Liu Mu’s statement meant that Xue Yue was really Golden Antelope Paradise’s disciple. With her as the disciple of Liu Mu, an Eighth-Order Ancestor, it meant that Xue Yue was incomparable in terms of both seniority and status among the disciples of Golden Antelope Paradise.


Even when the Sect Master of Golden Antelope Paradise met Xue Yue in the future, he would have to address her as Junior Sister.


The other Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Cave Heavens and Paradises did not have this authority, but Liu Mu, as an Ancestor, could accept anyone he wanted to as a Disciple. All it took was him declaring it so and no one would be able to challenge him.


Yang Kai was touched and immediately bowed once more, “Many thanks, Senior!”


Liu Mu grinned and replied, “Don’t be so quick to thank me. Marrying this Monarch’s Disciple will not be an easy task.”


Yang Kai suddenly understood where the unease he had been feeling before was coming from.


Without giving him a chance to react, Liu Mu shouted, “Come, come, tell this Brat who is worthy to marry my Golden Antelope Paradise’s disciple!”


Immediately, Open Heaven Realm Masters came out from the left and right, each holding a huge wine jug and lined them up in front of him like a wall!


Yang Kai shuddered at the sight as each of these wine jugs was as big as a small water barrel. It was extraordinary to take out twenty such jugs all at once.


It looked like they were planning to drown him with wine!


Just as anticipated, Liu Mu loudly declared, “Finish these and you can take her away. Leave alone if you can’t!”


Yang Xue suddenly protested, “Senior Liu Mu, this is not what we agreed upon.”


Liu Mu laughed heartily, “Little girl, this Monarch is trying to teach you that the world is dangerous and you should not trust people so easily!”


Yang Xue pouted angrily.


“Good!” Yang Kai waved his hand, reached out, took a wine jug in front of him, tore open the seal with his hand, and began pouring it down his throat.


Liu Mu smiled as he warned, “Brat, you should take it slow. My Golden Antelope Paradise’s special-brew is not so easy to drink. Be careful not to drink so much that it affects your ability to perform tonight!”


Before Liu Mu’s warning, Yang Kai had already tasted the strong wine.


The wine flowed like a molten led down his throat and into the abdomen. Instantly, his abdomen began to churn from and a huge amount of energy erupted from his gut, overwhelming his body. Yang Kai could not help but stifle a grunt.


This wine was obviously not ordinary. It must have been brewed using a lot of precious Spirit Fruits and Herbs. Not only was the wine full of strength, but it could also enhance his cultivation.


This wine was definitely extremely valuable, and yet Golden Antelope Paradise had taken out twenty jugs of it for him.


Under Yang Xue’s watchful eyes, Yang Kai drank up a jug in just a dozen gulps.


There was a roar of approval from all around.


Yang Kai wiped his mouth, reached for another jar, and began again!


After downing five jugs in a row, Yang Kai began to stagger slightly; however, his whole body was bursting with energy and he gritted his teeth as he gasped, “So strong!”


Yang Kai didn’t drink much alcohol in general, but he was still able to hold his liquor. The wine of Golden Antelope Paradise was extremely strong though, so it wasn’t easy for him to drink so much.


However, he could not show any weakness. Yang Kai continued to tilt his head back and pour more into his mouth.


Ten jugs, fifteen jugs, nineteen jugs…


Yang Xue was beginning to look worried.


Ultimately though, Yang Kai managed to drink all the wine!


Throwing down the last wine jug, Yang Kai said proudly, “Senior, how’s this?”


Liu Mu looked at him with a smile and waved his hand, “Clear the way!”


The crowd of Open Heaven Realm Masters immediately opened up a pathway and Yang Kai led Luan Bai Feng, Yue He, Zhou Ya, Mo Mei and several other women into the Grand Hall.




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