Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 93, The Awakening of Nine Tails


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


As for the northern part of the Misty Mountains…


There stood an ancient forest, stretching endlessly. One would see nothing but lush greenery.


If not for the towering mountain that blocked the dense fog from spreading, it would have long been included in Yu Zi Yu’s territory. Nonetheless, Yu Zi Yu still tirelessly strived to break through the blockade of this mountain.


The fog was not only his eyes, but also the sign of his territory. Just as the Mutant Beasts declared their territory through scent, Yu Zi Yu would use the mist to include other areas into his territory.


Of course, compared to the scent of the Mutant Beasts, Yu Zi Yu’s fog could not only shape-shift into anything, but could also confuse perception.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu was suddenly struck with a thought.


“Well, it’s about time to upgrade the Shroud of Mist.”


Unlike before, where his ability could be upgraded to Level 2 upon becoming a Tier-1 Transcendent, when Yu Zi Yu became a Tier-2 Transcendent, he discovered that his ability appeared as a gray when he attempted to upgrade it using Evolution Points.


Yu Zi Yu had some speculation about the reason behind this.


One possibility was the inadequacy of the Evolution Points.


The other possibility lay in the overwhelming might of Level 3 ability, which exceeded what Yu Zi Yu could currently handle.


After all, Tier-3 Transcendent were classified as Catastrophe Class entities by theHumans, and were considered as terrifying existences that only large countries could confront, while small countries, despite their utmost efforts, would struggle to withstand


So, without a sufficient accumulation, how could such existence achieve a qualitative transformation?


An increase in Spiritual Energy from 100,000 to 990,000 would undoubtedly be done by a quantitative accumulation. Likewise, the development and refinement of abilities were presumed to be a long and extensive process.



The most terrifying aspect of Yu Zi Yu’s Evolution Points was that they could allow him to gain abilities beyond his rank.  In other words, his abilities were more mysterious, elusive, and beyond the comprehension of those of the same level.


In light of this, it was no wonder that the fog released by a mere Tier-1 Transcendent could cover an area spanning hundreds of kilometers without dispersing.


Likewise, one could envision how each of Yu Zi Yu’s sub-roots were so powerful, that just three roots that had transformed into colossal black Python could suppress the Rock Python and even strangle it.


All because it was not an ability that belonged to this level.


And now, Yu Zi Yu had a feeling that his accumulation was almost complete, signaling that he was on the cusp of a breakthrough.


He was really close.


If nothing unexpected happened, he would possess a Level 3 ability in the near future.


“Haaaa…” Yu Zi Yu exhaled a long, deep breath, feeling a sense of excitement.


But after a moment, as if realizing something, Yu Zi Yu slowly raised his gaze, and noticed that each Mutant Beast was still gazing at him intently.


*Ahem…* He forced a cough, becoming aware of what he had inadvertently overlooked.


After a brief pause, a smile appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s face as he gazed at the group of Mutant Beasts and began slowly speaking, “Until now, there are four among you who have successfully advanced to Tier-0 Level 9.”


At this point, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze swept over each of the Mutant Beasts as he called out their names one by one.


“Nine Tails, Bull Demon, White Tiger, Sarcosuchus…”


As Yu Zi Yu called out each one of them. The four seemed to react, shaking a little.


Nine Tails, who was resting on the ground, stretched her body, as if she was stretching her tired waist. However, her fur, that made her look like she was bathing in flames, gently fluttered, with faint traces of fire flickering within.


It looked completely dreamlike, like a mesmerizing dance of fireflies at night, captivating the attention of everyone present, including Yu Zi Yu himself.


With a smile, Yu Zi Yu realized that Nine Tails had awakened her true Innate Talent.


[It’s highly likely a Fire Elemental Talent.] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu narrowed his eyes as a cascade of information entered his sight.


Race: Mutant Red Fox

Rank: Tier-0 Level 9

Innate Talent: Flame Mastery–Like a cherished child of fire, born from fire, it has the power to manipulate flames.

Unique Abilities: Enchanting Eyes–Its gorgeous eyes are the treasures of the world that can see into the hearts of others, and pierce through illusions. What’s more, anyone who meets the gaze of those bewitching eyes, becomes confused and infatuated, falling into a trance.


Yu Zi Yu nods when he read Nine Tails’ status screen, but he was not that surprised.


Since the Honey Badger had awakened the Innate Talent–Thunder’s Fury, Yu Zi Yu had long suspected that Nine Tails would awaken a Fire Elemental Talent.


After all, Nine Tails’ characteristics were too obvious. From a distance, she looked like a ball of blazing flames, and up close, her fur resembled a cloak of fire. It would be even more inconceivable if she did not awake the Fire Elemental Talent.


Moreover, what was more important was that Yu Zi Yu firmly believed that Nine Tails’ Innate Talent would not be weak. A highly intelligent Mutant Beast like her who definitely possesses their own unique qualities after awakening their Innate Talent.


The Fire Elemental Talent, being one of the most top-tier talents, would not be wasted on Nine Tails.


Smiling in his heart, Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze to Old Second, Bull Demon.


Bull Demon seemed to have sensed Yu Zi Yu’s gaze as he slowly stood up and let out a resounding bellow.


*Moo…* Accompanied by this powerful and confident below, Bull Demon grumbled in a low voice, “Divine Tree, I don’t want to leave you.”


“…” After a moment of brief silence, Yu Zi Yu sighed in resignation. “Alright.”


Yu Zi Yu could not bring himself to refuse, noticing Bull Demon’s determined gaze.


However, it was also fine. Bull Demon was never fond of fighting. A reduced exposure to bloodshed would provide ample time for reflection, which would be good for him. Additionally, Bull Demon was a herbivore.


Brutal fights would yield little benefits for Bull Demon. After all, he lacked the ability to replenish himself with flesh and blood, unlike his counterparts, Nine Tails and White Tiger.


At this very moment, as if sensing something, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the eager and restless White Tiger.


Witnessing his small mountain-like body, sometimes sitting up, and sometimes lying down in anticipation, Yu Zi Yu’s corners of lips could not help but twitch. After a moment, Yu Zi Yu could not help but interrupt, stating in an icy tone, “White Tiger, you can’t go either.”


“…” His decree immediately brought silence, an uncommon silence. The White Tiger froze, his eyes widened as he stared fixedly at Yu Zi Yu. He seemed to be asking, ‘why?’


Unhesitatnt, Yu Zi Yu delivered a crushing blow, without concealing his words,


“What qualifications does a Tier-0 Level 9 beast, who can’t even psychically communicate, have to venture beyond the Misty Mountains? Are you trying to embarrass me?”




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