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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 1314, True Self Origin

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Kunpeng crumbled to the ground, his heart shaking, “It’s all over. His eye covers the entire sky. He holds the world in his palm. This is the Supreme path. We can no longer stop him…” 


The others felt crushed by despair.


Only Zhuo Fan stared with an impassive look, making even the now Supreme Heavenly Sovereign feel uneasy.


“You’re not afraid?”


“Stop, if you still want to be a part of this world…”


“Humph, you’re still boasting?”


Heavenly Sovereign mocked, “Younger brother, I call you this for the last time. Do you know what the Supreme Heavenly Eye is?” 


Zhuo Fan said, “Void Eye, genesis!”


“Yes, you sensed it too, as someone aware of the Supreme Stage.”


Heavenly Sovereign smiled in pride, “This isn’t like the apocalyptic thunderflame or the Divine Eye of the Void. It will erase the whole world and then create a purer one, without any filth. There’s nothing in this world, not even your apocalyptic thunderflame, that it can’t remove… just like this.”




A silver glow came from the sky and a mountain up and vanished, like it was never part of this world to begin with.


Kunpeng was overwhelmed with shock and fear. Zhuo Fan sighed, “The world has yet to run its course. If you choose the path of defiance, it won’t end well.”


“It’s not for you to decide what will become of this world!”


Heavenly Sovereign mocked, “The fate of the world is now in my hands. Just like the ancient plan, the world will be created anew. I will cleanse it of all filth, ha-ha-ha…”


Heavenly Sovereign cackled and the Void Eye shone in a silver glow. Silver waves washed over the world, the lands, the seas, each removed from existence.


Kunpeng’s group shrank back to human form, trying to get away, “Don’t let the glow touch you. It’s certain death!”


As all of creation died out, they would soon have nowhere to hide.


They hid in caves, only to vanish the next second, then anywhere else they could find.


Heavenly Sovereign laughed at their futile attempts to squeeze just a few more moments out of their lives.


[These are bugs, unable to be the masters of their own fate.]


Zhuo Fan looked coldly, fading as well when the silver glow reached him.


Heavenly Sovereign smirked, “Younger brother, farewell for good. Since ancient times, so long has passed but nothing has changed.”


“No need for that, we’ll be seeing each other soon.” Zhuo Fan smirked, shuddering Heavenly Sovereign’s heart.


[Why did he smile?]


In the Luo clan, with all the fighters gone to stop Heavenly Sovereign, Luo Yunchang and the girls were praying.


The sky turned silver and its glow erased everything it touched.


The people panicked and Luo Yunchang held her head, “We failed and the end is coming. Qingcheng, Zhuo Fan…”


“He’ll be fine.”


Chu Qingcheng prayed, she looked at the silver glows with light in her eyes, her memories resurfacing, “Sister Yunchang, I feel like I recall something, the times I spent with you in the mortal domain.”


“What’s the point of recalling it now?” Luo Yunchang sighed.


Chu Qingcheng smiled, “There is. Be it life or death, love never changes. I’ve been looking for him for so long in the mortal domain, and he looked for me in the Sacred Domain, even when I wasn’t around. Just knowing this, just a brief remembrance is enough…”


Chu Qingcheng smiled, tears of joy trailing down her face.




The tear shone in seven colors, flying into the sky and vanishing. Not even the silver glow could erase it.




It flew above Heavenly Sovereign.


Heavenly Sovereign shuddered, “What’s going on? What’s it doing here?”


Heavenly Sovereign’s eye shone brighter, but no amount of power could erase one lonely tear, even as it destroyed everything else.


Heavenly Sovereign started.


[What… is this?]


“Ten paths returned, true self origin, I live while the world hangs on the edge.” 




The familiar voice echoed throughout the skies. Heavenly Sovereign gasped, “Zhuo Fan? How? You were destroyed. Why can he speak?”


Kunpeng’s group started and looked at the strange power coming from a tear. Zhuo Fan shouted again.


“The Ten Paths to Heaven, the first Heavenly path, the void path, encompass the world, cleanses the cosmos, and returns!” 




A shudder passed and a prismatic glow appeared around the tear.


Heavenly Sovereign gawked in shock, “That’s impossible! The void path is with me. Why is another one there? Did he form the same Sovereign path?” 


Zhuo Fan’s shouts continued.


“The Ten Paths to Heaven, second human path, invincible tyrant path, boundless and unstoppable might, return!”


“The Ten Paths to Heaven, third human path, nine serenities demonic path, encompassing the lands, encompassing relationships, return.”


“The Ten Paths to Heaven, fourth human path, iron-blooded sword path, loyalty and righteousness, return!” 


“The Ten Paths to Heaven, fifth human path, the night’s star path, all connected, all compassionate, return!”


“The Ten Paths to Heaven, sixth human path, hellish nether path, outside of mortal coil, of its sorrows and struggles, return!” 


“The Ten Paths to Heaven, seventh human path, concealed shadow path, dashing outside of light, return!”


“The Ten Paths to Heaven, eight human path, rebirth path, cleansing all the past, return!”


“The Ten Paths to Heaven, ninth human path, ardent passion path, entwining and touching the heavens, return!”


“The Ten Paths to Heaven, tenth human path, mortal path, heart’s origin, heart’s purity, return!”




With the shouts, Sovereign paths gathered around the teardrop.


A boom resounded and the paths dispersed, ripping the sky apart and the silver glow.


Heavenly Sovereign spewed blood, roaring at the now shining sky, “No, this can’t be! I am Supreme! How did this happen? Why did The Ten Paths to Heaven appear? I have refined them all!”


“I told you, you only used their effects, not their essence. Those who fuse them can form them again at any time.”


Zhuo Fan spoke again, “Heavenly Sovereign, I gave you fair warning. As you insist on being alone, I can no longer keep you in this world.” 


“Ten paths unite, Universe Palm!”


The ten paths formed a spinning circle, then turned into a prismatic palm that pressed down on Heavenly Sovereign.


Heavenly Sovereign shook his head in denial, “No, I’m Supreme! You can’t beat me! Void Eye!”


Heavenly Sovereign’s third eye opened again, sending silver glows, but nothing could stop the prismatic palm’s attack.


Heavenly Sovereign was reaching despair upon contact, the palm erasing him and vanishing as well soon after. it all felt like a dream, impossible and unbelievable.


Kunpeng crawled to his feet, looking at the clear sky with a smile, “It’s over at last. But where’s Zhuo Fan?”


“Father, where are you?” Gu Santong and Sword Child looked for him.


A light drizzle fell on the land, but the drops were prismatic in color, sinking into the earth.




The ground moved and a hand came out, followed by familiar faces. Gu Santong started, “Luo Yunhai, Elder Li, Old Dan, didn’t you die? Why…”


“We died?” They scratched their heads, oblivious, “Where are we? What happened?”


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    1. He isn’t dead. We already got a hint that Zhuo Fan had insights in a Realm even above the Supreme Realm. (Remember Heavenly Sovereign was first Sovereign Realm and now was Supreme Realm)

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