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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 430, Dark Council! Dark Forces

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Translator:  Ashish

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In a small remote forest on the border of Russia… 


“Mistress,” greeting softly, a young man with long silver hair and pale skin respectfully bent down, and respectfully started reporting,  “Mistress, everything is within your plan. By now, Benson has already revealed the existence of Misty Mountains’ Life Essence to the public.”


The silver haired young man was none other Kerry, the Vampire, Ling Er’s most capable assistant.


“More importantly, this guy, under our guidance, successfully broke ties with the higher-ups in Russia and proclaimed himself as king.”


After hearing Kerry’s report, Ling Er, wearing a black cloak, her corner of lips rose slightly as she praised, “Good job.”


Instantly, a satisfied smile appeared on his lips, and he no longer attempted to conceal the pride in his heart and frankly praised himself, “Since they drank my blood, it’s only natural for them to die when necessary. The only thing regrettable is that we lost a high-ranking figure in the Russian government that we worked so hard on.”


Ling Er knew what exactly happened.


It was the most terrifying ability of Kerry, the Vampire—the Blood Familiars. Thanks to which, anyone who drank his blood would experience a significant increase in strength and even an extension of their lifespan. However, over time, their consciousness would gradually disappear, and they would eventually become Kerry’s servant.


This was another extremely terrifying ability.


Using this ability, combined with various Otherkins under him, Kerry had built a massive and terrifying force among ordinary Humans.


Of course, this force remained hidden behind the scenes, belonging to the shadows. Moreover, this force had relatively few Superhumans. Most of the top combatants were Otherkins.


Humans were mostly part of the lower strata. They were talentless, but possessed extensive social connections, wealth, or status. These Humans either desired strength or longevity. Greed was the root cause for everything.


Empress Ling Er exploited their desires, using Kerry’s ability to bestow strength and even extend lifespan, ultimately gaining control over them.


Now, this organization has gained another element to attract Human members.


Thinking about it, Ling Er flipped her slender arm.


The next moment, in Kerry’s astonished gaze, a porcelain bottle filled with thick green liquid appeared in Ling Er’s hand.


The vicious green liquid was Life Essence, and it was not just one drop or two drops; it was a whooping entire bottle.


If Humans came to know about this, it would definitely cause a huge sensation. After all, the wondrous properties of Life Essence were well known.


At this moment, countless people were going crazy for it.


Just the two drops of Life Essence earlier had caused numerous humans to fight to the death, ultimately resulting in severe injuries for many Tier-2 Superhumans.


This stood as a testament to how terrifying the allure of Life Essence was to the world.


And now, Ling Er actually took out an entire bottle…


“Emm…” With his mind in turmoil, Kerry hurriedly suppressed the envy in the depths of his eyes. [This belongs to Mistress. As her servant, I shouldn’t covet it.]


However, at this moment, seemingly aware of Kerry’s thoughts, a playful smile appeared on Ling Er’s lips.


“Do you want it?”


“I dare not, Mistress,” Kerry promptly responded, with a hint of fear.


“No worries, just say if you want it,” saying so, Ling Er opened the bottle and poured out five drops. “These five drops are for you. Cultivate well.”


“Thank you, Mistress,” thanking in an excited voice, Kerry stared at the five drops of Life Essence in his hands with a touch of fervor.


[These five drops would make my strength surge again.] 


However, before Kerry could react, ten more drops of Life Essence flew towards him.


“Mistress, what’s this?”


“This is for the organization. With these ten drops of Life Essence, I believe you should be able to attract many Superhumans.”


“Uh…” Slightly stunned, Kerry failed to react for a moment.


The next moment…


*Haaaa…*  Taking a deep breath and suppressing the excitement in his heart, Kerry affirmed, “Naturally, with Humans’ greed, these ten drops of Life Essence are enough to entice many Superhumans.”


“That’s great.” Smiling, Ling Er pulled the black hood of her cloak and covered her head.


It was almost time to return to China. There were more important matters awaiting her in China.


Just as Ling Er was about to disappear into the depths of the forest, a questioning voice came from behind, “Mistress, what should we call our organization?”


“What should we call it?” Pausing her steps, a thoughtful look appeared on Ling Er’s face.


After a moment, a playful voice quietly echoed in Kerry’s mind, “Let’s call it the ‘Dark Council,’ with the Divine Tree’ as the totem.”


“The Dark Council…” muttering to himself, Kerry understood the underlying reason behind the name.


“Rising from the shadows, rooted in the deepest darkness of Humanity… that is the Dark Council… and it will be the largest dark force in the Human World…”


Just as Ling Er casually created the ‘Dark Council,’ the outskirts of Misty Mountains welcomed a hustle-bustle of Humans during these days.


One by one, Humans eager for power came to Misty Mountains seeking opportunities.


Quite a few among them even ventured into Misty Mountains.


However, under everyone’s pitiful gazes, miserable cries filled the air as the endless mist swirled, transforming into colossal creatures that instantly crushed those Humans.


Furthermore, deep and resonant roars, as if coming from the ancient times, echoed through the clouds.


Looking closely, everyone could not help but notice pairs of shimmering green eyes within the depths of the mist, greedily staring at everyone.


“Storm Wolves, a terrifying pack of mutant wolves lurking on the outskirts of Misty Mountains. They will rip apart anyone who dares to step foot into Misty Mountains without permission.”


Staring deeply at the hidden figures within the thick mist, a knowledgeable person earnestly explained.


“Damn it…”


Slightly taken aback, another person’s gaze instead focused on the colossal beast that reverted back to mist, and slowly dissipated.


“That must be the Mist Beast, right?”


“That’s right.”


Nodding, the others also chimed in, “That’s indeed a Mist Beast. They are unique to Misty Mountains, unkillable and indestructible… they’re extremely troublesome to deal with…”



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