Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 1, Reborn as a Tree


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Late in the night…


It was pitch dark, nothing seemed to be visible.


Be that as it may, the depths of the mountains were anything but asleep. Howls and growls of beasts were echoing across the forest. The trees were shaking involuntarily as the leaves fell in a disorderly and rustling manner.


And right at this instant…


A soft and gentle glow faintly shimmered in the depths of the mountains, illuminating the forest.


Upon a closer look, it was actually a weak and feeble branch, tender and green, its leaves as shiny and lustrous as a jade. Bit by bit, a warm and gentle shimmer was constantly pulsating from it.


“This…is my cheat!?“


Suddenly, a murmur rang in the forest. It was as soft as someone speaking in the ear; only the speaker could hear it, no one else.


In the darkness, there was only a slight tremor of the air.


Yu Zi Yu…


A transmigrator, who blacked out just because he choked on a mouthful of water.


But when he came to his senses, he was terribly shocked to find that he had turned into a tree.


Yes, a tree.


And a Willow Tree at that.


Its branches were hanging down like a waterfall.


When he took a closer look, he found that its crown was wide and spread out, its trunk charcoal black, and its bark irregularly cracked.


By all accounts, it was a weeping willow with high ornamental value.


Certainly, it had quite a high ornamental value, but weeping willow could be found just about everywhere. Furthermore, it was commonly used as roadside trees.



As for the fact that he had transmigrated, and reincarnated into a tree for that matter, Yu Zi Yu did not care that much about it.


He just found it a little strange, as if something that was happening very far away from him had suddenly happened right under his nose.


Some people might call it unscientific.


Actually, it was unscientific, plain and simple.


However, Yu Zi Yu’s easy-going nature definitely did not mean he was unconcerned.


The fact that he could survive till now was already a matter to rejoice.


How dare he ask for more?


Furthermore, he still had pretty good cheats.


As he changed his sight, he saw a soft willow radiating a greenish hue gently swaying in the cover of the night.


This was one of the fifty branches he currently possessed.


This branch was glowing only because Yu Zi Yu had spent 0.1 Evolution Points on this branch.


“Status,“ Yu Zi Yu murmured again, and the next moment, a translucent blue screen appeared out of thin air before Yu Zi Yu’s eyes, which only he could see.



Race: Mutant Weeping Willow

Life: 0.4/20 Years

Evolution Points: 0.2 (Can be obtained by absorbing unknown energy and refining under the sunlight, or by preying on other animals, even plants, and extracting from them.)

Unique Abilities: A mutated branch.


“Mutated!? “


Reading the contents of the status screen, Yu Zi Yu softly murmured again.


Immediately, he focused his attention on the glowing branch.


At this moment, the glow of that branch was already hardly noticeable. Its upgrade should be ending already.


At this instant, Yu Zi Yu had a very peculiar feeling.


As if, he could voluntarily control this branch.


Yes, voluntarily control.


Before, although he had turned into a tree, his body was not under his control.


It was only when a gust of wind passed by that his hanging branch would gently dance along the wind


Be that as it may, it was very normal.


After all, a Willow Tree was a plant, it was not an animal.


Except, Yu Zi Yu had this strange feeling at this moment, he felt as if this branch had turned into his arm.


With a flicker of thought, this branch swayed slightly.


Then, Yu Zi Yu issued another command, and it swayed again. It even formed a circle like a nimble green snake.


“Interesting. “


Yu Zi Yu became a little excited after the first attempt.


He could indeed control it. Furthermore, he did not know whether it was an illusion or something else, but a feeling had started making its way into his mind. He felt that he could do more than this.


For instance,


He could fiercely in the air like a whip, as he did now.




As if the air had exploded, a crisp snapping sound suddenly reverberated across the night sky.


Immediately afterward, a white shockwave also cut through the night sky, much to Yu Zi Yu’s shock and surprise.


The shockwave was not that big, just two meters wide.


Be that as it may, the thing to be surprised about was the thing that left this shockwave happened to be his branch.


In other words, when he fiercely swung his branch, it actually created a shockwave.




If Yu Zi Yu still had a human body, he would have definitely propped up his chin in contemplation.


“If it hits a human, it might end up killing him. “


“Scratch that, it would definitely kill him. “


After giving it another thought, Yu Zi Yu was a little certain of this.


After all, the might of this whip was not just limited to tearing the skin apart.


In any case, it had also created a sonic boom.


Sonic boom, it was not an unfamiliar term to Yu Zi Yu.


Even a human holding a ten or so meter long whip could create a sonic boom.


A whip would make a snapping sound when it was swung at high speed. This phenomena was scientifically explained about a hundred years ago in his previous life. When a whip was fiercely swung, the force would travel along the whip until it reached its tip, at which point, the whip would also be pulled to its maximum speed, until it breaks the sound barrier. Then, when it travels through the air, it would produce a short but extremely short clapping sound.


And this clap was known as the sonic boom.


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