Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 10, Bullet Dive


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


At this moment, sharp, high-pitched screeches suddenly pulled Yu Zi Yu out of contemplation.


As he looked, the drop of essence on the cut had been divided into eight smaller drops, which had already fallen into the mouths of the eight Peregrine Falcons.


*Chirp… chirp… chirp* In the midst of very sharp, piercing chirps, the eight Peregrine Falcons started shaking a little.


immediately after, their bodies started growing at an extremely rapid pace. Originally, they were only the size of a fist, but at this moment, they had already grown to the size of a pigeon. 


Furthermore, the most striking thing about them was that their beaks had taken on curvature of a Hawk’s. Their beaks now looked extremely sharp and dangerous, and were even radiating a cold sheen at the edges like the edge of a weapon. 


Even their talons had also become bigger and sharper.


*Snap…* Just with the slightest force, the entire nest was torn apart because of their talons.


However, he was not paying attention to the nest at this moment. After all, the eight Peregrine Falcons had already spread their wings at this moment!


*Zoom!* As their long and pointed wings slightly shook, they actually gave rise to powerful gusts of wind.


Immediately after, much to Yu Zi Yu’s utter astonishment, the eight Peregrine Falcons had disappeared from sight.


“Holy shit, so fast!?” Yu Zi Yu could not help but have wore a look of dismay at the sight of the eight Peregrine Falcons turned into distant black dots as they shot out like bullets.


[Fast! They are really fast!]


The flight speed of an ordinary Peregrine Falcon was 60-100 km/hrs.


The only time when their flight speed reached 386 km/hr was when they dived at an angle of 45 degrees.


And now, just the flight speed of these Mutant Peregrine Falcons had already reached 100-200 km/hr.


[This…is ridiculous. If they are already that fast going up… then, their dive speed would be…] As if Yu Zi Yu had thought of something, his heart suddenly skipped a beat.


Right then…


*Screech… Screech…* Ear-piercing cries like that of an eagle suddenly resonated across the sky. They were so sharp and high-pitched that they could rupture one’s eardrums.


And the moment these cries reverberated…


*Boom… Boom …Boom…*


Eight streaks of light came shooting from the horizon in succession.


[Fast! Too fast!]


Even someone as strong as Yu Zi Yu, even with his amazing dynamic acuity, only saw fleeting black shadows.




*Bang, bang, bang…* 


An enormous rock not that far from Yu Zi Yu suddenly shook. Immediately afterward, under Yu Zi Yu’s stunned gaze, eight fist-sized holes had appeared on that enormous rock.


Through these holes, Yu Zi Yu could even see the night sky behind it.


[They’ve penetrated it!]


A three-meter big rock was completely penetrated. This kind of penetration power was probably strong enough to pierce through a ten centimeters wide steel plate.


*Screech… Screech…* With a few screams, the Peregrine Falcons suddenly flew out from the back of the rock, wobbling.


Every now and then, they were even shaking their head, shaking the dust off them.


By the looks of it, they did not have it easy either.


“These little critters.” With a doting glance, Yu Zi Yu stretched eight branches toward them.


Looking at the branches, Peregrine Falcon suddenly let out excited chirps. Afterward, very familiarly, they landed in the middle of the branch, enjoying Yu Zi Yu’s gentle strokes.


At this time, Yu Zi Yu came to notice a screen hovering over Peregrine Falcons’ heads.


Race: Mutant Peregrine Falcon

Life: 0.2/20 Years

Rank: Tier-0 Level 3

Innate Skill: Bullet Dive – They can dive at a speed that surpasses everything, giving them an unparalleled penetration power that could tear through all defenses. (Caution: It has terrible side-effects. If they are not careful and fail to withstand the sudden increase in speed, their bodies might be torn apart even before they could tear apart their enemies.)

Unique Abilities: None.


[Damn, how fearsome, especially their innate skill. Though, it’s something like a last resort that can only be used to fight for one’s life.] After making a simple comment, Yu Zi Yu looked at the Peregrine Falcons, narrowing his eyes slightly. Just the sudden appearance of their innate skill made these Peregrine Falcons incredibly precious.


[Perhaps it is connected to my Life Essence? Or perhaps it is an inherent talent of Peregrine Falcons in general?]


Regardless, the status of these Peregrine Falcons had risen to a whole new level in Yu Zi Yu’s heart, even a level higher than the Mutant Red Fox beside him.


In this era where transcendents were everywhere, and where everyone was advancing toward transcendence…


These Peregrine Falcons, as well as the Mutant Red Fox, were qualified to become his right-hand men.


Having come to this conclusion, Yu Zi Yu’s branches began to dance once again.


In just a few breaths… With the efforts of tens of Yu Zi Yu’s branches, a nest the size of a basin was woven at the canopy of the Willow Tree, under the shade of uppermost leaves.


This was the nest Yu Zi Yu had woven for the eight Peregrine Falcons.


Birds build nests.


Yu Zi Yu believed that this nest would bring him and the Peregrine Falcons even closer.


[As for the Red Fox…] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s black Python-like roots started writhing once again.


*Rumble…* As the ground quaked, a dark hole appeared near Yu Zi Yu’s roots.


“Go on.” Using his branch to nudge the Red Fox, Yu Zi Yu gently smiled.


Foxes resided in a den, and the den he had built with his roots was not that bad. At least, there were a few of his sub-roots inside, enough to provide warmth.


Furthermore, Yu Zi Yu had a faint feeling that the unknown substance in the air was slightly dense at his roots.


It should be mainly because his roots had been absorbing this unknown substance.


These wild animals should also be absorbing this unknown substance in the air, so as to continuously evolve.


In that case, the den built by him would be like a spiritual cave and would be of great benefit to the Red Fox. There was no reason for it to not like it.


As he had expected, that really turned out to be the case. The Red Fox had discovered the benefits of the den in no time, and never came out of it.




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