Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 11, The Giant Golden Eagle


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


A dazzling golden sun was nestled in the clear blue sky. Apart from a single white cloud floating in the sky like a lone sail in a blue sea, the sky was completely clear.


At this moment…


In the depths of a secluded canyon, an enigmatic mountain mist was rising, shrouding the surroundings in a mystical veil. Delicately and gracefully, it painted a picturesque landscape. Faintly, it was exuding a primal essence, giving the impression of the untamed spirit of wilderness.


No, not faintly.


The canyon was filled with towering trees reaching high into the clouds, their canopy covering the sky completely. And the occasional howls and growls of wild beasts reverberating in the canyon seemed to be coming from the distant past.


Perhaps, this secluded canyon had truly stepped into the prehistoric era at some point.


*Screech~!* Suddenly, an ear-piercing screech instantly echoed across the canyon, shaking the clouds and almost shattering the rocks. Surprisingly, this screech belonged to a Golden Eagle that was swishing through the sky at this moment.


This was still not the scary part. The actual scary part was the wingspan of the Golden Eagle. Generally, a Golden Eagle’s wingspan would only be about two or three meters. But the one’s wingspan was about five meters. In particular its golden feathers covering its entire body, which looked as if they were carved from pure gold. One could not help but be shaken up at the sight of it.


Could such a beast really exist in the world?


“Is it coming again?”


Amidst the subtle air of solemnity, a Willow Tree, standing tall at about thirty meters, was swaying with a gentle rustle. Its cascading branches gave the impression of a waterfall.


Race: Mutant Golden Eagle

Life: 2/60 Years

Rank: Tier-0 Level 7

Innate Skill: Piercing Cry – Its cry is so sharp that it could rupture one’s eardrums, and can deter its prey. (An extremely terrifying innate skill, but unfortunately, it has near zero lethality on you. After all, you are a Willow Tree.)

Unique Abilities: Sharp Claws – Its claws are so sharp that they can tear through a 10 cm wide steel plate.

Golden Wings – Its wings after being repeatedly strengthened by evolution are as hard as an alloy.


It was quite a detailed introduction. So detailed that even after reading several times, Yu Zi Yu was still shaken.


In terms of battle power alone, this Golden Eagle was truly terrifying. Had he not been here, Yu Zi Yu had no doubt that after many years, a predator would have been born in this canyon that was truly at the top of the food chain.


It has to be known that the Golden Eagle was already known as the King of Raptors, and a trained Golden Eagle could even chase wolves across the grass plains.


It even held a terrifying record of catching forteen wolves in succession.


This was a proof in itself of how terrifying a raptor the Golden Eagle was.


Whereas this Golden Eagle had gone through several evolutions. Who knows how fearsome it was now?


According to Yu Zi Yu’s guess, had he not been radiating a terrifying aura, this Golden Eagle would have pounced on him long ago.



Indeed, Yu Zi Yu’s guess was correct.


As a predator at the top of the food chain, the Golden Eagle had been the rightful overlord of this canyon. Furthermore, it had gained its current bearing because it had gained a little sentience. Be that as it may, when it looked at the strange Willow Tree on the ground, even if it was already so strong, it could not help but flinch, becoming wary.


In its eyes, Yu Zi Yu was different from other prey.


Aura, or what one might call a kind of intimidating pressure. Whether it was plants or animals, more or less, everyone possessed it.


Because Spiritual Energy had recovered now, allowing one to evolve by leaps and bounds, this kind of aura which was invisible to the naked eye had become even more terrifying.


Like its prey, some of  which had an aura that could reach as far as one meter or more, there were some whose aura could reach as far as two to three meters even.


But Yu Zi Yu was different. 


His monstrous aura had reached as far as ten meters.


It could even be said that everything within ten meters of him was completely enveloped in his aura.


It was precisely because the Golden Eagle could detect aura, that it had been hovering in the sky for half a month.


Given its intelligence, although it could not understand the oddity of the tree, it still understood the instinct of avoiding harm and seeking gains. Even so, the faint fragrance wafting from afar still prevented it from leaving.


It kept waiting and watching.


As a predator, the Golden Eagle had ample patience to keep an eye on this unknown prey that stirred its blood, until it found an opportunity to kill it in one strike.


[Not coming down yet!?] Calmly looking at the prowling Golden Eagle in the sky, Yu Zi Yu muttered in his heart. 


There was no denying that it was really discomforting to be watched on by a predator that was at the top of the food chain. So much so that whenever he sensed the Golden Eagle, Yu Zi Yu would be instinctively on guard, and poised his branches to attack at a moment’s notice.


Not only him, in the nest under Yu Zi Yu’s canopy…


*Screech! Screech! Screech!* Sharp and continuous screeches kept ringing, tightening Yu Zi Yu’s nerves further.


Peregrine Falcons!


They were quite frightening raptors.


At this moment, the Peregrine Falcons inside the basin-sized nest were also going crazy, screaming and jumping. They too were obviously nervous.


Compared to the Golden Eagle, they were ultimately a bit behind. They were just at Tier-0 Level 3, a whole four levels behind the Golden Eagle. 


Perhaps, the difference in their levels could be made up in other ways.


For instance, the Peregrine Falcons could take down a land animal of a higher level than them. However, they would never be able to take down the Master of the Sky – the Golden Eagle.


After all, as raptors, the Peregrine Falcons’ air superiority and terrifying speed would be nothing before the Golden Eagle’s.


As for Red Fox, it was not even in the picture.


Although it had crawled out of its den, its body could not stop trembling, looking at the hovering Golden Eagle in the sky.


The Fox too was just one of Golden Eagle’s prey, after all.




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