Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 112, Slaughter! Humanoid Beast!


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin




A sudden loud noise erupted in the dark night.




Immediately after, a tragic scream echoed through the night.


There was no time to react, neither was there any room to react.


As the group rushed out of the tents, they discovered that a middle-aged man on night watch had his neck twisted and lay lifelessly on the ground.


“Who are you?” Gnashing their teeth, the other fully armed team members stared intently at the burly figure concealed in the thick fog.


With arms as thick as thighs, clad in animal skins, and unkempt hair, he looked like a wild man.


However, he might be the most terrifying wild man.


Because at this moment, everyone felt a little bit cold as a bone-chilling chill gradually rose in their hearts.


As if sensing something, a young man shouted, “Be careful!”


The moment he warned, his legs suddenly doubled in size, followed by a loud ‘Boom!’ as he launched a whip kick toward the burly figure.


But right at that very moment, the burly figure vanished within the mist.


The next moment…


Everyone saw two figures emerged from the fog, both delivering kicks simultaneously


*Bang!* Accompanied by a thunderous impact, the young man’s face changed drastically. However, before he could respond, the burly figure coldly snorted, and his Spiritual Energy surged.


With a thunderous boom, the young was sent flying like a kit with a broken string, breaking several large trees in the process.


*Cough, cough…* The young man’s continuous coughing brought up blood from his internal injuries. Nevertheless, the young man struggled to get up and tried to warn everyone, “Be careful, it’s High Level Superhuman.”


“High Level Superhuman!?”


A murmur spread through the air, freezing everyone in their tracks.


A ‘High Level’ was not a term to be taken lightly.


It meant the pinnacle of Humans, someone whom even a fully armed company (a company consisting of three platoons, 90-120 people) could hardly rival.


Of course, this company would consist entirely of ordinary people.


*Ha* Exhaling a deep breath, the remaining figure exchanged glances, their eyes filled with determination.


Then, a voice, as if amplified by a loudspeaker, resounded through the night sky. “Attack.”


Just at the drop of the word…


*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…”


Four figures rushed forward.


Behind them, the remaining four people picked up their weapons nearby without hesitation.


*Bang, bang, bang…” Accompanied by continuous bursts of gunfire, the former four disappeared into the fog.


There was no denying that they were true Human elites. Despite four of them charging into the fog to engage with Qing Gang, there was no hesitation on their faces. Furthermore, the rapid gunfire cleverly blocked most of Qing Gang’s retreat.


*Crack…* Tightening his fist, Qing Gang looked at the four figures charging toward him, no longer intending to hold back.


[Since they want to kill me, let’s give them a good fight.] Whispering in his heart, Qing Gang no longer hesitated.


“Talent–Full-Body Hardening…” A cold voice reverberated through the air. At the same time, Qing Gang’s body trembled violently.


Immediately after, much to the soldiers disbelief, his body actually doubled in size.


What was even more shocking was that his skin seemed to have turned a few points darker, no longer as pale as before, but had a faint tint of blood, as if his muscles were stretched to the limit.


But as they looked at this figure with a rock-like hardness, a sense of unease rose in their hearts.


And in a moment, Qing Gang proved their instincts right.


*Roar…* As if blood surged into his throat, Qing Gang let out a roar that sounded like a Mutant Beast. He had already transformed into a humanoid beast, pouncing forward.




He was too swift for them to react.


One soldier saw a blur before a burly figure had already appeared in front of him.


“I’m sorry.” A hoarse whisper reached the soldier’s ears before his gaze froze forever.


Because at that moment…


With a crisp ‘crack’, a headless corpse fell slowly into a pool of blood.


*Gulp* Swallowing their saliva, the remaining soldiers stared at the soldier whose neck was twisted off by a single blow, their faces turning pale. Be that as it may, they did not have any choice before them.


Looking at the humanoid beast charging at them like a tank, all they could do was pick up their weapons and mount their final struggle.


*Bang, Bang, Bang…*


One after another, tightly clenched fists covered in calluses struck the Superhumans with such force and speed that the sheer might of the punch exploded the air.


In just a few breaths, figures were sent flying one after another.


After finishing them off, Qing Gang kicked the ground without a moment of hesitation, and using the recoil, he once again charged toward the distant figures holding weapons.


“Go to Hell! A soldier, carrying a rocket launcher, roared with a ferocious expression.


Immediately after, with a thunderous boom, a armor-piercing rocket swished through the air, dragging a tail of flames.


“Too slow.” Whispering to himself, Qing Gang promptly stopped. Then, using his left foot as a pivot, he swung 180 degrees and viciously kicked a big tree that would require several people to hug.


*Crack!* With a cracking sound, the entire tree cracked apart and flew toward the armor-piercing rocket.


Armor-piercing rocket was indeed formidable.




It pierced through the tree in an instant.


However, in the same moment it pierced through the tree, Qing Gang took advantage of that moment to shift to the other side.


With a thunderous boom, a cloud of dust rose into the sky far away.


But nearby, the nauseating smell of blood permeated the air.


Accompanying it were screams of extreme pain and misery.



After some indefinite amount of time, the dense fog lingering in the forest gradually disappeared, revealing a clearing.


The pale moonlight slowly descended, casting a poignant reflection on the burly figure, adding a touch of desolation to the night.


Qing Gang stood silently, staring blankly at the pool of blood and the aftermath of the battle.


When he looked at his now blood-stained right hand, his gaze became a little dull and out-of-focus.


However, at that moment…


Heavy panting in a corner broke the silence.


Lifting his gaze, Qing Gang caught sight of the first Superhuman he had fought with. The man was retreating slowly, his eyes filled with fear and despair.


However, there was no escape.


In the face of this demon, there was truly no escape.


Moreover, the young man’s left leg was also broken.


A look of despair crossed the young Superhuman as he gazed at the burly figure approaching him. He could not help but scream, “Let me go, please, I beg you, I beg you. Please, spare me. My father is a wealthy businessman, he can give you a lot of money.”




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