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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 113, Swear to Follow! Until the End of the World!

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*Tap, tap tap…* With heavy footsteps, Qing Gang slowly approached the last young man. His gaze had regained its calm, but the icy expression on his face failed to hide his killing intent.


He understood the principle of uprooting the weeds.


And was willing to put it into action.


*Swoosh* With lightning speed, his right hand swiftly grabbed the young man’s neck. Then, bit by bit, little by little, he tightened his grip.


“No, no…” The young man struggled fiercely, but he couldn’t budge the massive arm that felt like Mount Tai. All he could do was helplessly watch while his face turned red until he suffocated…


Or until his neck was twisted with a slight application of force.


However, just as Qing Gang was about to squeeze tighter, a voice suddenly resounded in his mind, “Let him go”


“Uh…” Qing Gang looked a little dumbfounded, but he did not hesitate.


The next moment, he loosened his right hand grip.


*Cough, cough…* The young man broke into a fit of coughs as he collapsed on the ground, looking at the burly figure standing close by with fear in his eyes.


Just then, a hoarse voice rang in the young man’s ears, “Scarm…”


“What?” He thought he misheard. The young man’s eyes widened in surprise.


But the next moment, without a second thought, the young man endured the excruciating pain in his right leg and rushed into the dense fog, yelling, “Thank you, really thank you.”


His voice carried a sobbing tone, and the joy of a survivor of a disaster.


Meanwhile, Qing Gang stood alone on the blood-soaked ground stretching before him, like an ancient sculpture. However, there was a complex look on his face as his gaze followed the young man’s departing figure.


Letting him go meant releasing a tiger back into the mountains. However, did he have a choice?

It was an order from the Divine Tree.


And when it came to the Divine Tree’s commands, he would not question them, let alone dare to.


Just then, the Divine Tree’s voice echoed in his mind again with the help of the fog, “Do you know why I asked you to let him go?”


After hesitating for a moment, Qing Gang nodded slightly, replying, “I know.”


“You know!? Then tell me.”


Curiosity arose in Yu Zi Yu as he gazed at Qing Gang’s gaze, making him all the more intrigued.


“This person has seen my face. If I’m not mistaken, once he returns, he will quickly find information about me. After all, I was born and raised in that city.”


At this point, Qing Gang paused for a moment, a bitter smile appearing on his face.


“By then, I, Qing Gang, will be labeled as an ‘extremely evil’ criminal, and I’ll be hunted by the government. In other words…”


“You’ll truly be pushed to the opposing side of Humanity, right?”


Upon hearing Yu Zi Yu’s addition, Qing Gang nodded slightly.




However, after a moment, he seemed to remember something, and excitement appeared on his face. “But I don’t regret it. ‘People die for wealth, and birds die for food.’ If doing this can win the recognition of the Divine Tree, I’m willing to do it.”


As the words fell, Qing Gang knelt down in a respectful manner in the direction of Yu Zi Yu.


“Haa…. Sighing, Yu Zi Yu gazed at this determined young man and could not help but admire his decisiveness and ruthlessness.


Although Qing Gang had to follow Yu Zi Yu’s orders to survive in Misty Mountains, his decisiveness in letting go was commendable.


He was willing to be hunted by the entire China, all of Humanity in order to gain his approval.


“Great, that’s great.” Praising him twice in a row, Yu Zi Yu nodded in satisfaction. Then, his gaze focused on the young Superhuman, who had already reached the outskirts of Misty Mountains by now.


“He runs pretty fast.”


A sneer escaped Yu Zi Yu’s lips as a tinge of coldness flickered in the depths of his eyes.


The next moment, the mist surged violently. Before the heavily injured young man could react, he was already caught by a giant hand formed from the mist.


“When it comes to my men, I’m quite protective.” Laughing, Yu Zi Yu exerted force.


With a loud boom, a mist of blood in the night sky.


Of course, Qing Gang was completely oblivious to what was transpiring in this corner.


Though telling him directly would have won his gratitude, Yu Zu Yu deemed it unnecessary. It was better to let him think that he had been completely pushed to the opposite side of Humanity, and was now associated with Yu Zi Yu.


This was a petty tactic, useful for manipulating subordinates—it was more advantageous to control him this way.


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu stated to Qing Er, who was following behind Qing Gang, “He’ll be one of our own from now on.”


“Yes, Master.”


With a soft chuckle, Qing Er looked at the young man not far away with a playful expression. [But to be honest, does this guy really want to? If he didn’t follow Master’s order or manage to escape, he would have undoubtedly faced my thunderous strike. My hands would be stained with blood. But, that is at the end of the day, our last resort. After all, while Master is powerful, controlling mist to kill a High Level Superhuman several dozen kilometers away is a bit hard. So, I would have to act as Master’s proxy in such situations. Thankfully, everything turned out well.]


The only bit of problem that Qing Er found objectionable was that Qing Gang was a Human.


*Ha* Sighing, Qing Er disappeared into the night.


She was a mere Soul. She was not fond of coming in contact with people or even Mutant Beasts for that matter.


It was worth mentioning that until now, Qing Gang was still unaware of Qing Er’s existence.


This hidden ‘Elder Sister’ was a true enigmatic presence.



By the time Qing Gang returned to the canyon, it was pretty late at night. Along the way, Qing Gang picked some wild fruits to alleviate his hunger, but he still appeared very much exhausted.


Killing was not an enjoyable act, especially when he had taken the lives of nine people. Moreover, the most important thing was that he had activated his ultimate move – Full-Body Hardening. This move almost cost him his life.


*Ha…* Qing Gang exhaled a long, deep breath. Shaking his head, he decided not to dwell on it longer.


Be that as it may, he was quite meticulous in scavenging valuable items from the corpses. Even with the strategic positioning device and monitoring equipment, he didn’t leave anything behind and brought them back.


According to him, since he had come this far, there was no room for hesitation.


Furthermore, these supplies were meant to improve North Canyon.


At this moment, as he arrived at the entrance of North Canyon, Qing Gang looked up at the Divine Tree hidden in the mist, his eyes flickering incessantly.


[From today, no, from the moment I killed those people, all I can do is follow Lord Divine Tree. I swore I’ll follow Lord Divine Tree until the end of the world.]


With a firm resolve flashing in his eyes, Qing Gang stepped forward with even more determination, using more force than usual.



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