Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 114, Flying Willow Leaf Knife


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


As Qing Gang entered the canyon, a green jade-like verdant branch cut through the air and slowly arrived in front of him.


“Lord Divine Tree…”


As he looked at the branch, a complex expression flashed in Qing Gang’s eyes.


Just then…


 *Crack…* Accompanied by a crisp snapping sound, a drop of rich Life Essence overflowed from the broken tip of the branch.


“Take it and follow the Old Third to the Secret Crypts for cultivation.”


Secret Crypts, also known as the underground plaza, was one of the forbidden areas where Qing Gang and the other two Humans were not allowed to enter.


Until now, they still had no idea what the Secret Crypts were like. However, every time the Mutant Beasts returned from there, their auras seemed to have improved significantly. More importantly, even their Spiritual Energy seemed to be purer.


“Can I really take it?” Qing Gang gazed at the Life Essence he had been craving for all the while in a daze, but he did not immediately reach out for it. Instead, he asked with a whole lot of complex emotions surging in his heart.


“Of course you can, this is your reward.” Saying so, Yu Zi Yu looked deeply at Qing Gang before reminding him, “I believe in my judgment, so you won’t disappoint me, will you?”


 *Crack…* Tightening his fists, Qing Gang repeatedly nodded and assured, “No, I won’t, absolutely not.”


As these words fell, Qing Gang’s gaze shifted toward where Yu Zi Yu’s body was hidden in the thick fog, and excitedly stated, “I believe that one day, Lord Divine Tree will cover the enter sky and the sun, and shoulder the whole world. And I, for my part, will follow you forever.”


In the midst of giving his promise, Qing Gang took the Life Essence. At this moment, he glanced at the small mountain-like White Tiger who has emerged from the darkness of the night, and nodded before silently choosing to follow him. However, Qing Gang had failed to notice two complex gazes watching him from afar.


“Qing Gang, he!” As she watched Qing Gang slowly approach the forbidden area, Qian Qin seemed to have realized something.




Leng Feng heaved a sigh, but chose not to give any comment.


However, if one paid attention, they would notice that Leng Feng’s gaze linger on the blood-stained beast skin Qing Gang wore.


“In the end, you chose this path, huh?” Feeling a complexity that could not be expressed, Leng Feng shook his head helplessly and chose to walk deeper into the night.



That night…


Yu Zi Yu cast a long and deep gaze in the direction of the battlefield.


At the speed of the Humans, it would take at least a day or two to notice the disappearance of the reconnaissance team. And in these two days, all Yu Zi Yu had to do was finish deploying the Mist Beasts, creating an atmosphere of dense fog and beasts lurking within it, making it seem like a dangerous place.


As for anything more, it was unnecessary.


One should eat their meal one bite at a time, and drink water one sip at a time.


Given the current situation, Misty Mountains could not be directly classified as a “Forbidden Zone.”


After all, how could Yu Zi Yu prepare the rumors without the Humans’ repeated explorations?


At the end of the day, Misty Mountains were far from being as terrifying as Forbidden Zones, and Yu Zi Yu could only slowly push in that direction.


Perhaps one day, when the Humans finally react, Yu Zi Yu alone would be enough to classify it a Forbidden Zone.


Yu Zi Yu chuckled as his anticipations for the future increased a bit. 


At that moment, he thought of something and his gaze shifted to the Status Screen. It was the same as before, but what was surprising was there was an extra ability.


Moreover, it was a rare long-range ability called–Flying Willow Leaf Blade.


Perhaps it fulfilled Yu Zi Yu’s recent thought–shooting down satellites in space.


Driven by the instinct of life’s evolution and guided by the system, a very good long-range ability was born.


Flying Willow Leaf Blade–After nourishing the willow leaf with your Spiritual Energy, continuously refining it, you can shoot the leaf like a blade. The purer the refinement, the more smoothly the Spiritual Energy can flow through it, and the farther the range and greater the power of the Flying Willow Leaf Blade.


[How should I put it? This ability seems quite interesting.]


“Refine, huh!?” Whispering to himself, Yu Zi Yu could not help but think of a famous phrase from his past life, ‘Little Li Flying Dagger never misses its target.’ 


He wondered if his willow leaves, after being refined, would possess such precise divine might.


With curiosity piqued, Yu Zi Yu decided to give it a try, taking advantage of the leisure of the night.


Casually plucking a willow leaf, Yu Zi Yu began to mobilize his majestic Spiritual Energy.


However, something unexpected happened.


With a ‘crack’, the willow leaf blew into pieces due to the overwhelming Spiritual Energy.


“It’s not that simple after all.”


Murmuring in his heart, Yu Zi Yu was even more eager to explore this ability.


The more intricate the ability was, the more worthy it was.


Furthermore, Yu Zi Yu also hoped to shoot down satellites with a willow leaf.


If it were that easy, it would lose its charm.



Late at night…


It was so dark that it felt as if a black curtain had been hung, making it impossible to see one’s hand in front of their face.


However, at that moment, a streak of light flashed as a distant big tree split in half, revealing a mirror-smooth cut surface.


At this moment, if one took a closer look, they would notice a single willow leaf slightly trembling deep in a cliff behind the tree.


This willow leaf was very thin, its edges sharp and gleaming like a blade. Yet, the entire leaf was quite transparent, seeming almost translucent with a hint of shining brilliance.


“It can penetrate through a tree ten kilometers away, and still pierce nine inches deep into the rock.” Using the expanded perception from the fog, Yu Zi Yu precisely grasped the initial performance of the Flying Willow Leaf Blade.


*Tsk…* Clicking his tongue, Yu Zi Yu did not know whether he should be happy or disappointed.


Happy, naturally because the power of the Flying Willow Leaf Blade was still quite amazing. It could penetrate the rock wall nine inches deep from ten kilometers away. It was enough to tear through Human steel plates. However, disappointing, naturally because of the distance of the Flying Willow Leaf Blade.


Ten kilometers was neither that long, but nor too short either. It was long because the branches, even with the help of his Innate Talent, could only extend up to a 100 meters.


And it was short because his roots buried deep within the earth have already stretched out for more than ten kilometers.


Yu Zi Yu could display ten or even a hundred times the power using his roots within the range of the Flying Willow Leaf Blade. In other words, the long-range ability seemed a bit misleading. After all, could Yu Zi Yu’s attack range, which he could reach with a single stretch of his hand, really be called ‘long range’?


Feeling slightly puzzled, Yu Zi Yu felt a bit helpless.


It could be said that with the help of the Spirit Stone Mine and the primary root’s Dragonization ability, continuously delving into the earth and using everything as nutrients, Yu Zi Yu’s tree roots had grown far beyond the constraints of his level.


Even so, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze still slightly flickered when he looked at the ability—the Flying Willow Leaf Blade.


He had not forgotten that this ability was still at Level 1, and he had also not forgotten that it required refinement. Furthermore, it was likely to be a long-term refinement process.


It was somewhat similar to the legendary Sword Nurturing Technique–one that was never revealed, but once it was revealed, it would simply shake the world.


‘Little Li Flying Dagger never misses its target.’ 





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