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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 115, One Leaf Flying Blade–The Most Powerful Attack

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“System, how many Evolution Points do I need to upgrade the ability––Flying Willow Leaf Blade?” Playing around with the Flying Willow Leaf Blade for a while, Yu Zi Yu asked with keen interest. For him, this ability was indeed very interesting. In addition, he was also looking forward to seeing what kind of brilliance this Flying Willow Leaf Blade would unleash after long-term nurturing.


However, all of this was on the premise of upgrading it to a level that matched Yu Zi Yu’s strength. As for Level 3, Yu Zi Yu gave up on it. After all, it was a nurturing method. If it was upgraded to Level 3, Yu Zi Yu’s Spiritual Energy might not be sufficient to nurture it. Rather he might endanger himself by depleting his own Spiritual Energy.


After all, this kind of offensive ability was not comparable to the supportive ability––Mastery of Mist.


Supportive abilities usually emphasized endurance and stability. Whereas offensive abilities required explosive power.


Yu Zi Yu could already imagine that if upgraded the Flying Willow Leaf Blade to Level 3, the power might indeed increase, but he would probably exhaust hundreds of thousands of Spiritual Energy in that instant.


*Swoosh…” He would witness the shocking sight of sky tearing apart, but Yu Zi Yu would not be able to muster any strength. And this, precisely, was something Yu Zi Yu could not tolerate.


While he might have the support of various Mutant Beasts, and had Qing Er to rely on, but the thought of losing his own strength made Yu Zi Yu a little despondent.


For someone like him, it was unacceptable to lose his strength.


More importantly, after losing his power, he still could not move.


Just the thought of it made Yu Zi Yu almost spew a mouthful of blood.


In the end, he could not upgrade the Flying Willow Leaf Blade to Level 3 quickly. After all, he could not afford the backlash it might bring.


Just then, with a crisp ring, a cold electronic system’s prompt rang in Yu Zi Yu’s ears,


<Ding, you’ve spent 2,000 Evolution Points to upgrade the ability Flying Willow Leaf Blade to Level 2.>


With this notification, Yu Zi Yu felt his countless leaves tremble slightly, as if a power was circulating through them.




He felt a sudden tightness in his heart.


*Rip* The sound of tearing silk resonated as a cold gleam bloomed in his heart.


Upon closer look, Yu Zi Yu discovered that it was a willow leaf. However, compared to ordinary willow leaves, it was too sharp, sharp like a blade. Just looking at it gave a sensation of being pierced.


“Sharp aura!?” Yu Zi Yu murmured in his mind, realizing the terrifying aspect of this willow leaf.


Yes, it was a sharp aura. An indescribable sharp aura, as if it could tear through everything. What was even more frightening was that when this willow leaf swayed along the wind, it cut through the air, and also brought forth a storm of wind blades.


Though it was only a palm’s length, it stirred up a terrifying storm.


Yu Zi Yu believed that if this willow leaf were to fall, it would definitely be more than just penetrating a big tree and delving deep into the rocks.


Just by its momentum alone, it could flatten a mountain range. Not to mention that the sharp aura of this willow leaf was extremely fierce, inducing a chilling feeling that reaches the depths of the soul.


After a while, exhaling a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu finally calmed down his inner restlessness.


He now understood the truly terrifying aspect of the willow leaf.


Compared to Level 1, the Level 2 Flying Willow Leaf Blade had a touch of divine charm.


It was hard to describe or explain, but it gave a feeling of having a sharp aura that could tear apart one’s Soul.


The image of the Flying Willow Leaf Blade that had just appeared in Yu Zi Yu’s mind was a blend of his understanding, which quickly helped him master the Level 2 Flying Willow Leaf Blade.


“If my understanding is correct, I should be able to cultivate two Flying Willow Leaf Blades at once now, and the power of each could be increased through continuous refinement.” Saying so, Yu Zi Yu plucked the two best looking willow leaves.


*Swoosh, swoosh…”


Under Yu Zi Yu’s psychic control, the two leaves curved through the air and approached him like they were alive.


In an instant, with a tearing sound, they pierced into Yu Zi Yu’s thick trunk.


But surprisingly, Yu Zi Yu did not feel pain; instead, he experienced a comfortable feeling of harmony, like a child returning to the mother’s embrace.


“No, no, it’s an illusion… how could I possibly have a child?” Yu Zi Yu could not help but complain, feeling a bit helpless.


If someone could see inside Yu Zi Yu’s body at this moment, they would definitely witness a vast sea of Spiritual Energy, like a starry sky, and two willow leaves rocking back and forth by the waves of Spiritual Energy like tiny boats.


And with each pulsation, the leaves became slightly more transparent.


Nurturing and tempering them was a long and tedious process.


Be that as it may, Yu Zi Yu believed that these two Flying Willow Leaf Blades would not disappoint him.


[In the future, they will be a force to be reckoned with.] Thinking this, a touch of fierceness flickered in Yu Zi Yu’s eyes.


Faintly, wherever his gaze passed, a nearly imperceptible mark, extending several inches deep, was left behind.


“Even I seem to be affected by the sharp aura of the Leaf Blades.”


Yu Zi Yu smiled, feeling somewhat astonished by the power of Flying Willow Leaf Blade.


Such sharp aura could not be ignored; once it made its entrance, it would definitely end up drawing blood.


One noteworthy aspect was that if Yu Zi Yu wanted, he could convert his thousands of leaves on his branches into an arrow storm, raining them in an instant.


However, in this scenario, he would lack the added power from nurturing them with his Spiritual Energy.


In other words, the storm of willow leaves might seem grand and majestic, but they lacked the fleeting sharpness and domineering nature of the Flying Willow Leaf Blade, albeit less in number, but swift and sharp nonetheless.


“Flying Willow Leaf Blade can be used as a trump card.”


Contemplating this, Yu Zi Yu began drawing his plans.


As for the idea he had just thought of raining down thousands of willow leaves like a storm, covering the sky, it could be used as a form of deterrence.


After all, with his Innate Talent—Super Regeneration, Yu Zi Yu was not concerned about momentary baldness.


But according to Yu Zi Yu’s estimate, raining down the leaves like a storm would have a range of only ten to twenty meters.


As for the Flying Willow Leaf Blade…


As if realizing something, Yu Zi Yu’s lips curled into a slight smile. Everything shrouded in the mist was within the range of a Flying Leaf Blade. What was even more terrifying was that with Yu Zi Yu’s continuous nurturing and tempering, the range and power of a Leaf Blade would increase further, until one day, it reached the critical point of reaching the next level.


In other words, if all went well, the two Leaf Blades nurtured by Yu Zi Yu could very well, after a long period of refinement and tempering, reach the peak of Level 2, becoming the strongest attack method among Catastrophe Class beings.


By then, the legendary phrase, ‘one leaf sealing the throat, even the gods and ghosts tremble in fear’ might not just be legend.



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