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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 116, The Ferocity of Sarcosuchus

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Yu Zi Yu smiled, satisfied with his newfound ability– Flying Willow Leaf Blade.


Although the name did not sound that grand and majestic, its power and potential were undeniable.


However, at that moment, Yu Zi Yu was oblivious to events happening in a distant valley near the Misty Mountains.




Amidst an inexplicable roar, a colossal Crocodile, over 20 meters long, was crawling toward the valley with its short and stubby legs. This was the very same Sarcosuchus, the fourth beast under Yu Zi Yu’s command, also known as Old Fourth, a merciless yet taciturn creature.


At this moment, he had caught the scent of a Spirit Flower through his Superb Sense of Smell. A Spirit Flower, and not just any ordinary one.


As if realizing something, a tinge of excitement flickered in the cold yellow vertical pupils of the Sarcosuchus.


*Boom, boom, boom…” Accompanied by the strides of his short and stubby legs, the entire valley slightly quaked. Faintly, a ferocious aura was also surging continuously. However, just as the Sarcosuchus approached the valley domineeringly, ripples appeared in a dark pool in the valley.


The ripples spread rapidly, growing larger and larger, as if an ancient behemoth was about to emerge.


In an instant..


With a loud ‘splash,’ water splashed everywhere, and a large white Snake, as thick as a water bucket, raised its massive Snake head from the splashing water.


It was a terrifying giant snake.


A chilling aura pervaded the air, making all the other beasts whimper in fear. Even the birds took flight, as if they were afraid. Yet, none of the birds or even insects dared to move their gazes away from the back of the white Snake.


Surprisingly, behind the white-scaled Snake happened to be a radiant flower bud of ice-blue color, and with a touch of crystalline texture.




An inexplicable roar echoed across the ravine once again.


Slowly shifting its gaze, the white Snake looked toward the entrance of the valley, where stood an over 20-meter-long fearsome Crocodile. At the sight of it, even a hint of deep fear flashed in the cold pupils of the Snake.


As a matter of fact, she did not want to come out.


However, the fearsome and ancient aura like that of a prehistoric monster deeply stimulated her nerves.


Terrifying, it was really terrifying. It was absolutely incomparable to those Mutant Beasts that she regarded as prey. Moreover, what was even more frightening was that this visitor seemed to have set its eyes on the treasure she was guarding.


*Hiss, hiss…* The giant Snake hissed, and released white mist through her thick nostrils, freezing the very air itself, and forming ice crystals that were visible to naked eyes.


Unfortunately, in the face of this almost provocative act, the corners of the Sarcosuchus’ mouth rose into a merciless look unique to it.


There was no need for words.


Among the wild beasts, there was only the law of the jungle.


[This is not Lord Divine Tree’s domain.] Coldly smiling in his heart, the Sarcosuchus pounced on the half-submerged giant white Snake in the deep pool without a moment of hesitation.


*Bang, Bang, Bang…* The Sarcosuchus’ speed was simply astonishing. His short and stubby legs acted like engines, propelling it at a speed too fast for ordinary people to capture.


His fleshy physique that seemed like a condensed mass of muscles not only granted him unimaginable strength, but also an explosive power that could be unleashed in the blink of an eye, capable of sending shivers down anyone’s spine.




With another inexplicable roar, and the Sarcosuchus left yellow afterimages as he rushed straight toward the deep pool. His two-meter long massive jaws happened to be wide open already, revealing sharp, interlocking teeth that sparkled with a chilling cold gleam in the dim surroundings.




Happened to miss, the Sarcosuchus looked at the white Snake that had just evaded his attack as a sneer flashed in the depths of his smile.


[Does she really think she can escape?] Human-like playful expression appeared on his face before a several-meter-long dark yellow shadow streaked through the air.


Upon a closer look, it turned out to be the Sarcosuchus’ long tail.


It was uncertain about other Crocodiles, but as far as he was concerned, his tail was his strongest weapon in his arsenal.


With a thunderous boom, followed by a painful hiss, the entire white Snake was sent flying. Her palm-sized scales shattered in an instant as dark red blood scattered through the air.


The Sarcosuchus’ tail was too fast, as swift as lightning.


What was even more ridiculous was that he used his enormous jaws as a feint, and used his giant tail to attack.


However, it also made sense as he was a Mutant Beast from North Canyon. In terms of intelligence, he was already on a completely different level from most Mutant Beasts. Although the Sarcosuchus still relied on instinct to fight, his occasional tricks allowed him to defeat enemies more swiftly. And no one taught him either, such skills manifested on its own. After all, none of the Sarcosuchus’ companions were easy going characters.


At this moment, the giant Snake hit by the tail of Sarcosuchus did not give up either.


*Grooaar* With an inexplicable roar mixed with excitement, the Sarcosuchus charged straight toward the giant white Snake, which had crashed into the cliff.


*Hiss, hiss…* The dozen or so meter giant Snake hissed in pain again and again, unable to withstand the onslaught of this over 20-meter-long behemoth.


The powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations of this giant creature had already reached the peak of Level 9. In contrast, the giant Snake was only at the early stages of Level 8.


Blood and pieces of flesh flew into the air, while her white scales were wantonly ripped off.


For a moment, the entire valley resounded with the most mournful hisses.


However, it was only the beginning.


As a Prehistoric-type Mutant Beast, the Sarcosuchus fought in the most primitive style, and consequently, in the most brutal way.


His gleaming sharp claws measuring 20 to 30 centimeters, tore away a large chunk of flesh with a vicious swipe.


However, before the giant white Snake could utter another hiss, the Sarcosuchus’ massive two-meter-long jaws had already clamped down fiercely on the white Snake’s thick body.


*Squish* Accompanied by the crisp sound of Sarcosuchus’ teeth piercing through the Snake’s flesh, his hundreds of interlocking teeth tore through the giant Snake’s defenses.


*Hisss, hisss…* Like the last struggle of a cornered beast, the white Snake turned her head suddenly, but before she could open her massive jaws to bite the Sarcosuchus, a short, stout claw was raised high, its sharp nails gleaming with a cold and sharp aura.


*Squish* Another crisp piercing sound rang out as the sharp claw pierced through the Snake’s head along the pupils. Then, he pulled his claw out of the Snake’s head.


*Drip, drip…* 


Crimson blood dripped into the deep pool from the sharp claw.


At this moment, the Sarcosuchus slowly raised his gaze and looked at the flying birds still hovering uncertainty in the sky.


*Grooaar* An inexplicable roar suddenly erupted from his mouth, as if proclaiming the rise of a new king. At the same time, a ferocious aura, far surpassing the giant white snake several times or even dozens of times, spread in all directions.






Amidst the painful chirps, several birds even nearly fell from the sky.



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