Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 117, The Arrival of the Search Team


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


The death of the giant white Snake did not cause much emotional fluctuations in Sarcosuchus. He had already hunted and killed many creatures like this as he swam along the enormous river.


However, compared to others, this giant white snake did possess some skills, as she managed to injure Sarcosuchus.


Glancing at the large frosty patch on his back, a cold glint flashed in Sarcosuchus’ eyes. That was the result of the giant white Snake’s desperate counterattack, where it spewed out a freezing chill. It was a bone-piercing cold, completely freezing Sarcosuchus’ flesh.


If Sarcosuchus had not killed her in time, the chill would have continued spreading through his body, eventually turning him into a block of ice.


“A rare Ice Elemental Talent, huh!” Sarcosuchus murmured to himself in his heart. He was not unfamiliar with the Elemental Talents mentioned by the Divine Tree. Be that as it may, there was no denying it that the Elemental Talents were powerful, as evidenced by this cold freezing energy.


With a sneer on his face, Sarcosuchus slowly turned his head and then opened his massive jaws before biting off the frozen part of his flesh and swallowing it.


A moment later, looking at the bloody and a bit frozen wound, Sarcosuchus’ eyes narrowed slightly.


Immediately after, under his calm gaze, his flesh and blood began to squirm.


At the same time, his wound slowly began to close up.


In just a short while, apart from some tender, fresh flesh and faint yet discernable scars, his entire body was restored to his original state.


Super Regeneration — Prolonged battles have bestowed him with excellent recovery, allowing him to quickly heal wounds and maintain his combat power.


This was Sarcosuchus’ newfound regenerative ability that he had awakened recently.


And with this ability combined with his already terrifying physique, he could thrive in the dangerous environment of the Great River, like a fish in water, handling strong enemies with ease.


Shortly after, after taking a look at the cold corpse in the dyed-red pool, Sarcosuchus slowly raised his head and looked toward the nearby ice-blue flower that was rooted on a huge boulder above the deep pool.


It was an Ice-Attribute Spirit Treasure that had not fully matured, but was already seventy to eighty percent done. If the giant white Snake was alive, she would have naturally waited for the ice-blue flower to fully mature to completely breakthrough to the next level.


However, Sarcosuchus was different. As a Mutant Beast that did not require elements, it sought only the abundant Spiritual Energy contained in the ice-blue flower.


More importantly, if he waited for the ice-blue flower to mature and fully bloom, its scent would definitely attract not just a few small cats but many others.


While Sarcosuchus was confident in his strength, he still remembered the Divine Tree’s warning, ‘Never fight against many at once.’


With these thoughts swirling in his mind, Sarcosuchus did not want to wait for the ice-blue flower to mature fully.


Slowly opening his mouth, he swallowed the ice-blue flower in one gulp.


Immediately after, Sarcosuchus’ colossal body sank into the deep pool.


And along with him, the massive body of the white Snake also sank.



In the blink of an eye, several days had passed.


During this time, Misty Mountains remained as enigmatic as ever.


Yet, vaguely, Yu Zi Yu sensed that there seemed to be more Humans arriving on the outskirts of Misty Mountains.


“The Humans must have noticed the disappearance of the reconnaissance team.”


Qing Er nodded in agreement, but she too looked puzzled by this as she added, “They should have. However, their efficiency is really not what it should have.”


“Didn’t you say there had been unusual movements along the coast recently?”


Speaking of this, the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s lips rose into a playful smile as he added, “I guess they must have shifted their focus to the coastal area.”


“In that case, it’s acceptable.”


Qing Er smiled, taking it not that seriously.


Then, she raised her hand before…




A soft cry filled the valley as a Peregrine Falcon descended from the sky, and landed on Qing Er’s finger, folding his wings. 


“Fal II said he spotted several Human search teams heading toward Misty Mountains…”


*Tsk…* Yu Zi Yu clucked his tongue, and could not help but laugh, saying, “Qing Gang is quite impressive. He actually taught these Falcons to identify Human teams.”


“Indeed.” Qing Er nodded. She too did not expect that Qing Gang would actually teach the Falcons, White Tiger, and other Mutant Beasts such practical skills.


However, the way he explained sounded quite simple.


According to him, all they needed to do was observe whether the vehicles they came in had satellite receivers or not, and then look at the individual’s attire to identify which team they belonged to.


While this may seem simple, for Qing Er and Yu Zi Yu, it was definitely not an easy task.


After all, the Falcons had limited knowledge.


Qing Gang needed to expand their worldview based on their limited cognition.


The difficulty could be said to be quite a feat.



“Master, if these search teams really enter Misty Mountains to search for the dead members of the reconnaissance team, what should we do?” After thinking for a moment, Qing Er asked the question weighing on her mind.


“It’s the same as always, we won’t interfere with the ones on the outskirts, but if they manage to go deeper…” Saying so, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes gleamed with a cold light.


Now, he did not mind letting Humans see his capabilities.


With such thoughts, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze also turned to the dense fog shrouding the mountains.


As his gaze became focused…




Suddenly, the fog started swirling, slowly at first, and eventually forming a huge vortex. Faint roars could be heard from this vortex that seemed to come straight from ancient times.


Mist Beasts–– One of the centerpieces of Yu Zi Yu’s efforts to create an artificial Forbidden Zone.


It was also a terrifying lifeform that was about to contend with the Humans.


While keeping himself hidden, Yu Zi Yu did not mind using the Mist Beasts to play with Humans. Of course, this was because Yu Zi Yu had the confidence that he would not be exposed.


His body could sink several hundred meters into the earth at any time. In addition, he had also created a base not smaller than North Canyon within the depths of the earth, enough for him to hide there for a long time.


While this base was still in its infancy, Yu Zi Yu believed that under Qing Gang’s management, the base that was buried hundreds of meters underground would slowly take shape.


It was worth mentioning that Qing Gang had actually graduated in Civil Engineering before the resurgence of Spiritual Energy. Despite his superficial knowledge and experience, designing residences for Mutant Beasts where they could live and hide in was not that difficult.


After all, Mutant Beast and him were different from Humans. Their requirements for their residences were not high; they just need to be sufficiently sturdy, spacious, and have a place for cultivation.




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