Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 12, Black Lance!


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Since that’s the case…” Watching the huge Golden Eagle hovering a hundred meters up in the sky, hesitating to come down, the last thread of Yu Zi Yu’s patience also broke.


Yu Zi Yu might have the body of a Willow Tree, but he could not endure such a long period of mental strain. As such, he had decided to make the move first. 


Be that as it may, the prerequisite for making the move first was to make this huge Golden Eagle come down.


As this thought crossed his mind, a flurry of ideas began to flash through Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


[Why is the Golden Eagle not coming down? Since it’s not coming down, then why is it reluctant to leave even after so long?] One after another, questions began to pop up in his mind.


Not long after, Yu Zi Yu suddenly sneered as if he had thought of something.


“It should be fear. It might have evolved, but as an animal, its intelligence should not be that high. So, the only thing that can make it spy secretly and prevent it from pressing forward is fear.”


“It’s afraid… as for the object of its fear, it’s certainly not the Peregrine Falcons, and the Red Fox is highly unlikely, then it can only be me.”


“But why me, I haven’t revealed anything unusual in front of it…”


As Yu Zi Yu murmured this, his heart suddenly skipped a beat.


Because at this point, he was struck with another possibility.


[Aura! The aura of the strong! The aura emanating from me must be so strong that it’s deterring it.]



As this thought crossed his mind, Yu Zi Yu started cooking up a plan.


*Haaaaa…* As he exhaled a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu’s pores slowly expanded.


Trees breathe as well. Yu Zi Yu’s body was no exception to this. However, he had discovered by some lucky break that he could freely control his breathing. In other words…he could hold his breath just like Humans.


But how would holding his breath help him in this situation?


According to Yu Zi Yu’s speculation, it should help him weaken a bit of aura emanating from him. It was like the Turtle Breathe Technique, a martial art technique from his previous life.


*Suuup…* Taking a deep breath, Yu Zi Yu decisively held his breath. With a ‘boom’, the entire Willow Tree shook slightly.


Immediately after, its countless willow twigs drooped down all of a sudden.


In a flash, the entire Willow Tree appeared as if it was dead.



Meanwhile, high up in the sky…


*Screech~!* A sharp, piercing screech that could pierce through metal and crack the rocks resounded as the huge Golden Eagle fiercely spread its wings.


A hint of Human-like doubt flashed in the depths of its eyes as the huge Golden Eagle slowly approached the Willow Tree.


According to its senses, the aura emanating from the Willow Tree had become a lot weaker.


Much weaker.


Although it still extended to three to four meters, compared to its aura that could reach up to seven meters, it was simply insignificant.


In other words, the Willow Tree’s location had already become a place for it to forage.


Only, what it failed to understand was why the Willow Tree’s aura had suddenly become weaker.


It was in doubt, but its doubt was just fleeting.


The huge Golden Eagle did not give it that much of a thought. Its limited intelligence did not grant it that much room to give it a deeper thought.


Compared to Humans, its thoughts were very pure and simple. Food, that was the only thing that occupied its mind and instinct. And now that it was not that dangerous near the Willow Tree, its location had become its hunting ground.


*Zoom!* Flapping its wings, the giant Golden Eagle dived down like an arrow fired from a bow. However, the giant Golden Eagle failed to notice that…


*Rumble…* With slight tremors, the soil beneath the Yu Zi Yu’s Willow Tree began to slowly crack apart. Soon after, long black roots, extending over ten meters in length, started rearing their heads one after another.


Under Yu Zi Yu’s control, these sinuous and twisting roots acted as extension of his arms, completely obedient to his commands.


“Twist…” Followed by an imperceptible murmur, the black tree roots slowly started to twist. Meanwhile, the tips of the tree roots slowly contorted and twisted until they formed a sharp and pointed conical shape.


Looking from above, it resembled a giant black lance that was over ten meters long. Except, the black giant lance had already twisted and coiled upon itself that it started creaking. It seemed as if it could snap at any moment, splintering into pieces. Furthermore, there was not just one lance.


In order to ensure a sure kill, Yu Zi Yu had even moved the other eight sub-roots. In other words, there were nine root lances hidden around him.


Right then…


*Boom!* A violent gust of wind suddenly blew over, causing Yu Zi Yu’s entire body to sway uncontrollably.


‘The tree that grows tallest in the forest, will always be first to be toppled by the winds’ was true in this case.


As the giant Golden Eagle rapidly dived toward Yu Zi Yu, it brought along a fierce gust of wind. As far as Yu Zi Yu was concerned, it was really an extremely unpleasant experience.


Be that as it may, it was precisely because of the astonishing momentum of the giant Golden Eagle that it failed to notice the black giant lances on the ground that were raring to attack.


*Screech!* With an excited cry, the giant Golden Eagle extended its claws.


Its entire body swooped toward Yu Zi Yu’s true form.


In Yu Zi Yu’s vision, all he saw was a giant black shadow covering the sky.


But at that very moment, Yu Zi Yu also made a move.


A move that surpassed human imagination speed.


“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Accompanied by continuous sonic booms, nine black lances shot up in the sky.




Sensing the danger, the Golden Eagle abruptly halted its dive.


Except, given the momentum it had already built, it was impossible for it to come to a sudden stop. With a loud thud, it fluttered its wings, but before it could timely dodge, it was fiercely stabbed by a giant lance.


With a squishing sound and sparks flying everywhere, Yu Zi Yu’s root that had the hardness comparable to steel pierced through the wing of the giant Golden Eagle, and this actually ignited a series of flames.


“Damn, it’s so hard!?”


Yu Zi Yu exclaimed in his heart, feeling a little helpless.


It deserved to be evaluated by the system of having wings that were as hard as alloy. Its hardness was beyond question.


Nonetheless, with just this, the Golden Eagle’s fate was sealed.




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