Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 121, Peregrine Falcons’ Support


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…” Like eight arrows leaving their bows, the Peregrine Falcons soared into the sky. In an instant, they accelerated, transforming into lightning, and disappeared into the horizon, heading straight for the interception point mentioned by Qing Er.


Meanwhile, in a forest near the Great River…


*Boom, Boom, Boom…” A colossal creature, about 40-50 meters long, resembling a small mountain, was moving swiftly across the land.


“Fire, open fire.” A command came from the fighter jets flying high in the sky, before countless missiles were launched in an instant.


Much to Sarcosuchus’ headache, these attackers remained at a considerable distance from him, just beyond his attack range. Moreover, these missiles were not aimed at killing him, but rather to slow him down.


Although the current Sarcosuchus could take them on, he hesitated after witnessing the special missiles landing on the mountaintop, freezing everything and setting everything in flames.


While these missiles did not pose much danger to him, if multiple such missiles hit him at once, the consequence of it would be uncertain.


Because he remembered what the Divine Tree had once told him, ‘While Human weapons pursue lethality, they are also more targeted. Therefore, never challenge that horrible race by relying on your strong defense.’ 


Thus, Sarcosuchus had to adopt an alternative approach. He abruptly came to a halt. His body remained motionless, but that thick, sturdy tail did not. He swung his tail like a whip, leaving behind a blurry yellow trail.


*Boom!* A thunderous explosion rocked the mountaintop.


And once again, amid the stupefied gazes of the pilots, it broke into countless pieces, the resulting debris flying toward the sky like a storm.


*Boom, Boom, Boom…” Explosions followed one after another as the sky bloomed with splendid fireworks.


“Damn it, I feel like this guy’s intelligence is no less than that of Humans,” cursed a pilot helplessly.


As someone who had been fighting against the Sarcosuchus for half an hour, he had made a startling discovery. The Sarcosuchus’ responses to their attacks were exceptionally precise, ensuring no missile hit it directly. So far, they had launched hundreds of missiles. However, not a single one of them had struck the fearsome creature.


The sheer size of Sarcosuchus made him a live target.


Nonetheless, they could not land a single missile on it, including the guided missiles. Just when they were about to hit, Sarcosuchus managed to evade them at the very last moment, swinging his enormous tail and exploding them in the most outrageous way. 


His speed was incredibly fast, almost unimaginable.


He could erupt with power within a moment, swatting away the guided missile with his tail, even before the missile could explode.


[Uh…] The pilots’ emotions were in a complete turmoil, as if thousands of horses were galloping on his chest. A wry smile appeared on the faces of these pilots. 


Fortunately, their task this time was relatively simple.


All they had to do was stall the Prehistoric Crocodile, and wait for the arrival of the troops, including SSF.


Looking at the rapidly approaching reinforcements, a pilot breathed a sigh of relief before speaking in a serious voice, “Hold on for three more rounds of bombing. Let’s try to force this Prehistoric Crocodile to the designated location at the foot of the mountain, where we’ll have support from the troops.”


“Copy that.”


Immediately came a unified response through the earphones. Next, the fighter jets quickly changed their formation, starting another round of bombing.


They had prepared a special gift for the Prehistoric Crocodile.


A Neurotoxin Missile, a biochemical missile that paralyzes muscles. Upon reaching the target, this bomb could be remotely controlled and detonated when it had reached the vicinity of its target, which would then create a dense fog that would envelop the target and paralyze his muscles.


While it was not the most advanced weapon, it was deemed the most effective counter against the Prehistoric Crocodile in the Human arsenal. Some experts even concluded that with a sufficient number of Neurotoxin Missiles, the Prehistoric Crocodile could be thoroughly immobilized in a short time, reducing it into a dead and motionless hill. 


However, the problem was how many of these bombs could be considered ‘sufficient.’


Looking at the stock of ammunition, the pilot sighed and shook his head helplessly.


“Let’s give it a try.”


With determination, he gazed at the black dot a kilometer below, his eyes glinting with a cold gleam.


“Go to Hell!” he roared, and several Neurotoxin Missiles dropped from the fighter jet, swooped down like arrows toward Sarcosuchus.


Unaware of the impending danger, Sarcosuchus continued moving swiftly, occasionally pausing to swat away the dense barrage of missiles by throwing small mountains. 


But at this moment, his pupils suddenly contracted as he noticed several missiles bypassing the explosions and nimbly making a curve, flying their way straight above his head. 


“What’s this!?” He instinctively put up his guard, but it was too late already.


*Boom, boom, boom…*


With deafening explosions, the missiles detonated right under  Sarcosuchus’ astonished eyes, transforming into a strange fog that enveloped him.


There was no time to dodge them, nor was there any room.


Half of Sarcosuchus’ body was enveloped within the fog. However, at this very moment, Sarcosuchus’ heart suddenly started pounding rapidly. 


Paralysis! He had lost control of half of his body.


And in that brief moment…


*Boom, boom, boom…*


Several more missiles directly hit him, exploding into mushroom-shaped clouds of smoke.


“It worked, it worked.”


“Yes! Keep going! Keep going…”


Excited cries echoed in the pilots’ earphones as dozens of pilots became excited.


However, at that moment, they failed to notice that far on the horizon, eight Peregrine Falcons’ eyes turned red, watching Sarcosuchus engulfed in fire and smoke caused by the missiles.


Regardless of whether his physique had changed, or his strength had leaped by a huge margin… his familiar smell had not changed.


Fourth Brother, their closest companion was being attacked by these Humans right before their eyes!


*Screech, Screech…* One after another, the high-pitched calls of the eight Peregrine Falcons resounded before they accelerated once again. Among them, Fal I and Fal II stirred up storms in their surroundings.


*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…” As if tearing through the air, they instantly accelerated to a speed far beyond Human comprehension.


At this moment, countless people in the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Bureau had a drastic change in their expression.


“How is this possible?” Incredulous exclamations filled the room as the monitoring personnel stared in amazement at the rapidly rising Spiritual Energy fluctuations on the battlefield.




A total of eight, and the highest Spiritual Energy reached a staggering 9.000, with even the lowest being over 8,000.


However, that was not the most important thing. What was most crucial was their incredible speed!


Looking at the blinking red dots on the screen, everyone was dumbfounded.


But the next moment, as if realizing something, someone urgently shouted, “Quickly…Quickly inform the airforce that unknown fierce birds are approaching.”






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