Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 122, The Retreat of Air Force

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Warning, warning, unknown dangerous birds approaching.”


“Warning, warning, unknown dangerous birds approaching.”



Listening to the repeated warning, the faces of the pilots turned slightly pale.


[Unknown dangerous birds!? Approaching? Could it be that our attacks have caught the attention of other Mutant Birds? But, isn’t that to be expected?]


The roars of a fighter jet were very likely to attract the attention of other Mutant Birds. In certain designated areas, Human aircrafts would not dare to venture. Because, they were the territories of powerful Mutant Birds.


Just like the murder of a Black Crows. Countless mutant Crows would come, capable of overwhelming any aircraft.


Or the Furywind Eagle, who just recently broke through. Their wings alone could generate winds strong enough to throw aircraft off balance in the sky.


When facing these highly agile and powerful Mutant Birds in the air, the aircrafts could only helplessly wait for the ground artillery’s support.


They were simply not on the same level, so how could they compete?


Once Mutant Birds possessed firepower comparable to fighter jets, and coupled with their innate agility, it could be said that even the most advanced aircrafts of China would become nothing more than live targets, unable to escape. 


And now…they seemed to have attracted the attention of these Mutant Birds. Moreover, as they listened to the anxious voices through the headsets, their hearts could not help but weigh down with worries.


In the back of their mind, an ominous premonition emerged.



Just right at that instant…


*Screech!* A sharp piercing cry that could even crack the stones suddenly exploded in their ears.


Before they could even react to the sharp cry, or one could even say that before even their minds could react to the sudden cry…


*Boom!* A thunderous explosion occurred as one of the fighter jets came to a sudden halt. Then, in the horrified gazes of the pilots, it exploded.


Without any warning, in just an instant, the jet was attacked, and exploded.


*Gulp* Subconsciously swallowing saliva, one of the pilots accelerated instinctively.


But the next moment…


*Screech!* Another piercing cry that could pierce metal and crack stone resounded, and immediately after, this pilot did not even have time to react as the aircraft’s cockpit was pierced through.


*Squish!* A crisp sound followed as the pilot’s chest was pierced through.


Touching the fist-sized hole in his chest that was continuously bleeding, the pilot died without even knowing what kind of dangerous bird it was.


“Mach 4.6!?”


An incredulous cry filled the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Headquarters once again.


Looking at the speed calculated by the supercomputer on the screen, the countless members of the staff was dumbfounded.


Mach 4.6, impossible!?


It far surpassed the average speed of Human fighter jets, which was around Mach 3.


Although in Human history, the fastest aircraft, the X-43A Hypersonic Aircraft made by America, had reached a speed of Mach 9.8.


More importantly, it was not a combat aircraft, but an experimental one designed to achieve the highest speed.


In other words, Human technology could not apply such speed to an aircraft for combat purposes.


Not only were the materials insufficient, but there was also no one capable of controlling such flying vehicles for combat.


But now, an absurd situation has arisen.


Unknown dangerous birds had erupted with a terrifying speed of Mach 4.6.


Moreover, while maintaining this speed far surpassing ordinary fighter jets, they even attacked.


In the blink of an eye, four fighter jets had lost contact.


“We’re in serious trouble.”


Exchanging glances, a serious look took over the faces of numerous staff members, with Deputy Director Shi looking particularly troubled.


*Screech, Screech, Screech…*


The dive speed of the Peregrine Falcons was simply jaw-dropping. Furthermore, this was when the strongest of the Peregrine Falcons, Fal I and Fal II had not launched an attack.


Only because, at this moment, they spread their wings and disappeared into the mist where Sarcosuchus was, leaving two black flashes.


*Screech, Screech…*


Two more calls filled with concern echoed.  But the next moment, to their surprise gaze, a massive black figure, resembling a small mountain, slowly stood up from the ground.




Filled with unwillingness, Sarcosuchus gazed deeply at the dozens of small black dots in the sky, resembling flies.


Then, his gaze shifted and locked onto the two fist-sized Peregrine Falcons before him.


“Did Divine Tree send you here?“


*Screech, Screech…* Fal I and Fal II cried out, particularly excited.


“Okay, I got it. I’ll go back now.” Nodding, the Sarcosuchus understood the message from the Peregrine Falcons. Only, he did not expect that there was a large force waiting nearby to intercept him.


“Hmph!” Sarcosuchus let out a cold snort, but he did not hesitate for a moment. He promptly changed his direction and chose a longer route, heading toward the river.



Meanwhile, after a long minute that felt like an eternity, the fighter jets finally captured a clear image of the ‘unknown birds’.


Looking at the screen, at the Peregrine Falcons’ fist-sized bodies, their black-and-white feathers, and their beaks that were sharper than anything, the entire Spiritual Energy Monitoring Bureau fell into silence.


Until a certain moment, an old man stood up and explained, “These are Peregrine Falcons. Top predators capable of reaching terrifying speeds of 390 kilometers per hour even before the mutations. Now that these creatures have reached Tier-0 Level 8 and Level 9, Mach 4.2 is not surprising.”


This seemingly simple number made the entire Spiritual Energy Monitoring Headquarters fall into brief silence.


After a moment, as if having made a decision, Deputy Director Shi stood up with a bitter expression and stated, “Notify the airborne units to retreat. These Mutant Peregrine Falcons are far beyond their capabilities.”


It was a real tragedy.


They just had to run into the most troublesome birds.


It could be said that with these Peregrine Falcons around, the so-called Air Force was nothing but a joke.


A collision between a fighter jet and a bee could destroy a fighter jet, what more the Peregrine Falcons, which were even faster and seemingly invulnerable compared to the fighter jets.


Presumably, these Peregrine Falcons did not even need to resort to any other means. A head-on collision would be enough to destroy the fighter jets.


This was the weakness of Humanity. In the end, they were merely terrestrial beings. Encountering these Mutant Masters of the Sky, their so-called air superiority could only be relinquished.


Not only that, they even needed to concede their dominance over the seas.



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