Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 123, Sarcosuchus’ Returns

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


At nightfall…


At the edge of Misty Mountains, everything had returned to silence. It was so silent that it was suffocating.


Only because at this moment, an ancient aura suddenly swept over from a distance.


Sensing the aura, not to mention ordinary Mutant Beasts, even the few Mutant Beasts in the depths of North Canyon, which could be referred to as ‘Monsters’ by the Humans, had their pupils shrink.


*Rooaar1* Standing atop a mountain peak, a giant White Tiger suddenly let out a long roar. Immediately after, as if sensing a familiar aura, he pounced excitedly, heading straight toward the edge of North Canyon.


*EE-ee,eek-eek…* The Golden Monkey that had just sensed this aura scratched his ears. However, the next moment, his eyes brightened as if he had realized something.


“Fourth Brother!” Shouting in joy, the Golden Monkey jumped onto the back of the Armored Wild Boar.


“Quick! Let’s go!” The Golden Monkey, extremely excited, slapped the Armored Wild Boar.


At this moment, the Armored Wild Boar, after a brief daze, started to run wildly.


Along the way, it left a trail of devastation. And surprisingly, his speed was no slower than the giant White Tiger.


Barbaric Charge — The more it runs, the faster his speed becomes, until its speed can not be controlled. At that point, its charge has also reached its absolute maximum.


It was the Armored Wild Boar’s Unique Ability. When used skillfully, it was undoubtedly a powerful weapon on the battlefield. However, when used poorly…it was akin to courting death.


Still, what was even more surprising was that there was a streak of electric light that was even faster than the White Tiger and the Armored Wild Boar.




The streak of silver-white electric flash traced a ‘Z’ shape on the ground before disappearing into the dense fog in the blink of an eye.


On a closer look, it turned out to be none other than the Honey Badger, with a silver-white cloak.


As someone who had fought against Sarcosuchus, he was very familiar with his aura.


However, at this moment, he sensed that the Sarcosuchus’ aura had become even more terrifying, yet strangely weakened, as if injured.


*Growl?* Growling anxiously, his silver-white fur surged with even denser silver-white electric arcs. From afar, it looked like a sphere interwoven with silver-white electric lights.


“Aren’t you going?“ asked Yu Zi Yu, looking at the Black Buffalo still lying underneath his body.


“Since they have gone, then that should be fine.” Saying so, Bull Demon also cast a deep glance in the direction from where Sarcosuchus was approaching before closing his eyes once again. However, not long after, Bull Demon’s voice sounded in Yu Zi Yu’s mind again.


“Lord Divine Tree, did Old Fourth get injured?”


“Yes.“ Yu Zi Yu nodded before heaving a sigh.


“When he broke through, it drew the attention of the Humans, and he was relentlessly attacked. Although the Peregrine Falcons came to his rescue, he still suffered some injuries.”


The moment he mentioned this…


*Moo…* With a long and resonating bellow, the thick fog retreated as Bull Demon slowly stood up. His keen and sharp eyes flickered with a rare cold gleam.


“Hum…ans…” His cold voice reverberated through the air, sending chills through the entire North Canyon.


But at that moment…


*Tap, tap tap…* From the depths of the mist, a figure about the size of a palm emerged. It was an upright walking creature and had scythe-like arms resembling limbs. Its entire body was golden, like wearing a golden armor, giving it an extremely domineering look.


Upon closer look, it was actually an Ant. 


However, compared to an ordinary Ant, it undoubtedly had much more style, especially with its extremely cold and handsome face, enough to make Yu Zi Yu praise it for its ‘extraordinary looks.’


“Master, is that Fourth Brother?” turning around and looking toward the horizon, the Ant surprisingly spoke with a Human voice.




Nodding, Yu Zi Yu smiled and added, “Old Fourth is a Sarcosuchus, a prehistoric behemoth.”


“I see.”


A glimmer of inexplicable light flickered in the depths of his eyes before the Golden Ant changed the subject and asked, “Was Fourth Brother targeted by the Humans?”


“Yes.” Yu Zi Yu responded as helplessness took over his face.


“When you guys breakthrough, it’s best to do it in the Secret Crypt, where the Spiritual Stones can isolate your aura, preventing you from being detected by the Humans’ Spiritual Energy monitoring…”


As he said this, Yu Zi Yu raised his eyes and looked deeply into the depths of the night sky. Vaguely, he felt that there were a pair of eyes constantly watching them in the night sky.



However, just at this moment, as if sensing something, Yu Zi Yu’s pupils suddenly contracted.


“These bastards never rest.” With a cold snort, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the edge of Misty Mountains.


Then, he slowly raised his branch.


And then, he clenched it hard like a Human palm.


At the same time, at the edge of Misty Mountains, mist suddenly started swirling, taking the shape of a beast in an instant.


Immediately after, this Mist Beast fiercely bit into the air.




Accompanied by a crisp sound, some parts in flames fell on the ground.


It was a drone. And not just any ordinary drone.


The smaller ones were as small as Bees. They were so silent that it was no wonder that the Sarcosuchus and Peregrine Falcons did not notice.


Fortunately, since Yu Zi Yu upgraded his ‘Mastery of Mist’ to Level 3, his mastery over the mist had reached an incredible level. Everything else was fine, but drones like this would be instantly detected by him the moment they entered the dense fog.


As for whether his act of damaging the drone in such a way would be noticed by Humans, Yu Zi Yu did not care too much about it. He already intended to expose the existence of the ‘Mist Beasts,’ so now he could take this opportunity to show them off.


Anyway, he had done what he needed to do.


As for the remaining time, Yu Zi Yu did not mind playing with the Humans.


Moreover, the most important thing was that Yu Zi Yu felt that this was a great opportunity for another breakthrough. If everything went according to plan, he could upgrade another ability.


Thinking about this, Yu Zi Yu could not help but smile mischievously.



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