Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 124, Elemental Lifeform! Bioweapon!

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


At the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Headquarters, each and every staff member’s eyes were glued on the frozen image on the screen.


“What’s that!?”


“Mist!? Are you kidding me?”


Indeed, it was mist. They saw a swirling mass of mist form a vortex, and then a creature made of mist emerged from it. Then, in just one bite, it crushed China’s most advanced drone.


“Can someone please explain what that is?” Deputy Director Shi stood up and asked with a grave expression on her face.


“I don’t know, it’s unheard of. It’s the first time I’m seeing it too.” Replied a middle-aged man, who was very knowledgeable and had done a lot of research on Mutant Beasts.


But even he could not explain it.


Just then, a gray-haired old man wearing spectacles suddenly stood up, as if he had thought of something, replying hesitatingly, “Could it be that the recent theory is correct?”


“Recent theory!?” Deputy Director Shi furrowed her brow as a puzzled look appeared on her face.


After a moment, the old man looked around at everyone and explained, “Recently, one of my students proposed such a theory. The theory suggests that everything is evolving, so why can’t Elements evolve too?


“According to this theory, the Elemental Lifeform is also the result of evolution.”


Upon hearing the old man’s explanation, the crowd fell into silence.


Evolution of Elements!? This idea was clearly completely unfamiliar to them. However, one thing was certain, in this age where everything was evolving, anything was possible.


Just at this moment, a voice filled with curiosity asked, “Old Niu, given your stubbornness, you still listen to your student!? I wonder who this talented student of yours is? Tell us, maybe I know this person?”


The old man did not mind the banter from his colleague and instead touched his beard with a proud smile.


“Her name is He Ling Er. She is quite a talented seedling.”


“He Ling Er!?” many people exclaimed as their expressions slightly changed.


He Ling Er was not an unfamiliar name to them. In just her teens, she had already reached the pinnacle of Tier-0 Level 9, and was hailed as ‘Flame Queen of an Era’, or ‘The Contemporary Flame Princess.’


It could be said that if this young girl could maintain her current rate of evolution, she would undoubtedly become a crucial pillar of China in the future.


Currently, some even compared her with several other top geniuses of the country and called them the ‘Ten Heroes of China.’


The ‘Ten Heroes of China’ were only second to the monsters that existed in the heart of various laboratories. It was just that compared to those monsters, the ten heroes had all achieved true evolution relying on their individual talents, backed by a tremendous amount of resources.


Whereas those monsters were bred out of horrifying experiments.


In terms of potential, the two were not in the same league.


*Ha…* Exhaling a long breath and suppressing the surging emotions in her heart, Deputy Director Shi candidly admitted, “He Ling Er is a Fire Elemental Genius, and very highly sensitive to the Elements. So, if she proposed this, it’s likely to be highly credible.”


Saying so, Deputy Director Shi’s gaze shifted on the nearby paused image of the Mist Beast, before continuing solemnly, “If that’s the case, this creature might be a Mist Lifeform.”


“It’s possible.” The old man nodded in agreement, but a trace of confusion appeared on his face.


“I just don’t understand why the Prehistoric Crocodile would sneak in, and what’s even stranger is that if there really is a Mist Lifeform, why didn’t it attack it?”


“Rather than sneaking in, it’s more like ‘returning.’ The depths of the fog is actually a humid place, the most suitable place for a Prehistoric Crocodile’s survival. This may be its habitat,” the middle-aged man who spoke earlier speculated.


Then, after some thought, he continued, “We can’t be certain about the existence of Mist Lifeform, so we need to investigate it as soon as possible.”


“Agreed,” Deputy Director Shi responded casually.


Having just obtained information from the military, she continued, “Recently, a reconnaissance team disappeared in the depths of Misty Mountains, and is still missing. Currently, three search teams have been dispatched into Misty Mountains. We’ll discuss it with the military later and consider investigating the ‘Mist Lifeforms’ as another mission…”


At this point, Deputy Director Shi raised her eyes and stated, wearing a grave expression, “But before that, we’ll raise Misty Mountains’ threat level to the highest, Red Zone. Deploy troops to monitor it at all times. If there are signs of the Prehistoric Crocodile coming out, suppress it immediately.”


“Yes,” replying in unison, the people returned to work.


The Prehistoric Crocodile, although terrifying, was ultimately just a Mutant Beast, at most a potential threat.


Meanwhile, they needed to monitor the situation across half of China at all times.


While they were pursuing the Prehistoric Crocodile, there were also two other areas with significant Spiritual Energy fluctuations.


This proved how fast the Mutant Beasts were evolving nowadays.


In addition, the Prehistoric Crocodile had already been included in the top ten Mutant Beasts by China.


In other words, the potential threat posed by the Prehistoric Crocodile ranked in the top ten among all discovered Mutant Beasts in China.






In the heart of North Canyon, Yu Zi Yu’s corners of mouth twitched, looking at a 40-50 meters long creature nearby.


Despite his best efforts to sink his body, his body above the ground was just about 40-50 meters tall. While most of his body was concealed underground, it was only close to 100 meters at best.


And now, a beast no smaller than his height was crawling in front of him.


“Divine…Tree…” Muttering in a hoarse voice, the Sarcosuchus looked at the tall Willow Tree not far away, with a trace of reverence in the depths of his eyes.


“Good job.” In a rare moment of praise, Yu Zi Yu’s branch swayed.


The next moment…


*Crack* Accompanied by a crisp snapping sound, a drop of rich Life Essence fell on the Sarcosuchus’ wound.


However, there was no denying that the Human missiles were quite terrifying. They actually left a basin-sized hole on Sarcosuchus’ body. It was bloody and messy, quite a horrific sight.


“That was an Armor-Piercing Missile. It’s better not to resist it with your body in the future,” Yu Zi Yu calmly advised.


“Uh…” Sarcosuchus’ face slightly stiffened, feeling a bit embarrassed.


He had not intended to resist it with his body, but he was just overwhelmed by Humans’ frequent attacks, eventually caught off-guard, he was hit by the Armor-Piercing Missile.


However, the Armor-Piercing Missile was not that threatening. At most, it tore through his defenses. But there was another weapon…


As if having thought of something,  Sarcosuchus proactively asked, “Divine Tree, this Armor-Piercing Missile isn’t a big threat to me, but they have a weapon that can paralyze my muscles and render me immobile…”


“Paralyze your muscles!? Let me see.”


Doubtful, Yu Zi Yu’s branch reached out to Sarcosuchus’ wound.


He could clearly see the muscles around Sarcosuchus’ wounds stiff like knots.


“Hmmm?” Yu Zi Yu was puzzled, having no idea.


Aside from the well-known nuclear weapons, he was not very familiar with other Human weapons.


“This is caused by a Neurotoxin Missile, a type of bioweapon. The principle is to stiffen the muscles. For a Sarcosuchus, known as the ‘Muscle Crocodile,’ it’s a natural lethal weapon.”


A wisp of red smoke rose, weaving into a crimson figure.



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