Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 125, The Ruler of Mist – Prehistoric Crocodile

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Yu Zi Yu’s heart became heavy with worries after listening to Qing Er’s explanation.


It was something new he had not heard of. However, considering it was a bioweapon, Yu Zi Yu understood it to some extent.


If nuclear weapons were humanity’s most powerful assurance, then bioweapons were another terrifying means not inferior to nuclear weapons. Though they could not match the devastating power of nuclear weapons, when it came to cruelty and terror, bioweapons were beyond comparison.


At this moment, as if having remembered something, Sarcosuchus suddenly spoke, “Divine Tree, I’ve brought you a gift.”


As it spoke, the muscles of Sarcosuchus’ abdomen suddenly started twitching, and then, to Yu Zi Yu’s astonishment, they slowly split apart, creating a crack.


From this tiny crack, Yu Zi Yu suddenly sensed a faint chill. It was as cold as a winter breeze, bone-chillingly so.


“What’s this!?” asked Yu Zi Yu, his gaze focusing on the crack created by Sarcosuchus.


“I encountered a very talented Mutant Beast last time. It was only at Level 8, but it managed to injure me…”   Saying so, the Sarcosuchus’ muscles contracted before it slowly spat out a huge crystalline egg, as clear as white jade. It was about the size of an ostrich egg.


At first glance, the surface of the egg was covered in a thin layer of frost, making it look quite peculiar.


“Um…What kind of egg is this?” asked Yu Zi Yu, stunned, looking at te white egg that Sarcosuchus had spat out from the crack in his muscles.


“A snake egg,” a hoarse voice echoed in Yu Zi Yu’s ears.


Before Yu Zi Yu’s corners of lips could twitch in response, the Subsequently helplessly sighed and added, “Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring back the mother of this egg. Otherwise, it would have been a nice gift for the Divine Tree.”




Clearing his throat, Yu Zi Yu interrupted, “No need, no need. This Snake egg is already enough.”


Saying so, Yu Zi Yu looked at Sarcosuchus’ hard muscles with suspicion and asked, “Your hard muscles managed to bring this egg back safely!?”


“Muscles!?” Murmuring, Sarcosuchus looked at his own muscles, then replied, “This should be considered as a talent. I’ve precise control over my muscles and can create a small pocket to accommodate this snake egg.”


After listening to Sarcosuchus’ explanation, realization dawned upon Yu Zi Yu.


[This guy probably used his soft muscles to evenly distribute the force. This way, he could still securely protect the egg even after experiencing several battles. What a heavy gift…] Thinking this, Yu Zi Yu’s branch gently wrapped around the white Snake egg and picked it up from the ground.


It was cold, really cold. It was as if it had been in an ice cave for thousands of years, exuding a chilling coldness from both inside and out.


At this moment, Sarcosuchus gazed at the Snake egg and added, “Her mother had awakened Ice Elemental Talent, and this Snake egg is also displaying such a phenomena. If my guess is correct, she should also be able to awaken Ice Elemental Talent.”


At this point, the muscles of Sarcosuchus’ contracted again, spitting out a piece of ice-blue root.


“This is an Ice-Attribute Spirit Grass guarded by her mother. Divine Tree, you should give it to her. It’ll definitely benefit her.”


“Uh…” Yu Zi Yu’s corners of mouth twitched slightly, feeling like he had been blindsided. He did not expect Sarcosuchus to be so thoughtful.


Moreover, what was even more important was that this fellow killed the mother, but now, he seemed to want to incubate this child and raise it.


After a moment of silence, Yu Zi Yu looked at the inexplicable gleam in the depth of Sarcosuchus’ eyes and understood him to some extent. The reason why he had such an idea should have come from Yu Zi Yu’s subtle influence. After all, Yu Zi Yu always liked nurturing outstanding Mutant Beasts.


Now, unexpectedly encountering such a seemingly talented Snake egg, it was natural for Sarcosuchus to have such thoughts. However, this also proved the Sarcosuchus’ loyalty to him, even his actions were subtly imitating Yu Zi Yu.


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu felt gratified.


After months of effort, he finally had some real rewards.


Moreover, Sarcosuchus had become a Tier-1 Transcendent. His strength had gone through a world-changing transformation. He could now carry out heavy responsibilities.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu teased, “You broke through pretty quickly. Look at White Tiger and Flathead; they’re almost going crazy with envy.”


Listening to Yu Zi Yu’s teasing, Sarcosuchus turned his head with interest, looking at the Honey Badger, who looked like a little dot, and the White Tiger, who was much shorter than him.


However, being naturally aloof, he did not have much inclination to talk to anyone other than Yu Zi Yu.


But considering the excitement of White Tiger and Honey Badger when they rushed over, Sarcosuchus responded with one word, “Thanks.”


“Uh…” Looking at each other, the Honey Badger, White Tiger, and the others were rendered speechless.


After Yu Zi Yu praised him so much, he only said one sentence to them, and it was so cold…


However, at this moment, before they could say anything, Sarcosuchus lifted his massive body and walked toward Spirit Lake.


*Boom, boom, boom…”


His every step seemed to cause small earthquakes, shaking the entire canyon continuously. However, at this moment, as if he had discovered something, Sarcosuchus looked at the Spirit Lake with a tinge of helplessness in his eyes.


But before he could say anything, a voice rang in his ears, “Go to the center of Misty Mountains, and claim the territory as your own, and create a lake. I’ll grant you Life Essence to help you form a Spirit Lake.”


Hearing Yu Zi Yu’s voice, a hint of joy appeared on Sarcosuchus’ face.


“Thank you, Divine Tree.”


Sarcosuchus quickly rushed toward the exit of North Canyon.


Apparently, the allure of the Spirit Lake was quite substantial to him.



Meanwhile, Qing Er, who was sitting on one of Yu Zi Yu’s branches, watching the departing figure of Sarcosuchus, could not help but laugh, saying, “I didn’t expect that this little guy would be the first to break through.”


“Little!?” Yu Zi Yu voiced his astonishment, looking at the massive body of Sarcosuchus as a doubtful look appeared on his face.


“I called him little because he is little. In front of me, he will always be a younger brother.“ Huffing, Qing Er pouted her lips.


“Fine.” A moment of silence ensued. Yu Zi Yu too did not want to argue with Qing Er.


However, at this moment, Qing Er seemed to have thought of something and suddenly spoke up, “Master, now that the Humans know there’s a prehistoric monster like Sarcosuchus in Misty Mountains, what should we do?”


“Isn’t it great!?” A playful smile flashed on Yu Zi Yu’s lips, and his eyes flickered with a glint of mystery.


[Since Sarcosuchus got exposed, let him take the lead. The title, the Ruler of Misty Mountains–Prehistoric Crocodile, sounds quite impressive. Then, I can use the Mist Beasts to conceal the truth. It would mark that start of a dangerous area for Humans.


As for me, I could hide behind the scenes. With Sarcosuchus taking the stage, my risk of exposure would be significantly reduced. And I can protect Sarcosuchus from behind the scenes.


One tree, one beast. One inside, one outside. It would be seamless cooperation.]


However, Yu Zi Yu’s plan to let Sarcosuchus take the lead was mainly due to his thoughtful nature and strength, which was enough to bear the responsibility.


If it were that stupid Tiger instead, it would be a blessing if Yu Zi Yu could keep him hidden.



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