Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 127, Ling Er’s Takes Action

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Is it settled?” Yu Zi Yu calmly asked, watching the red smoke rising not far away.


“It’s settled.”


Nodding, Qing Er could not help but smile playfully. “Master, with this, will we soon achieve our goal?”


“Indeed, it’ll be soon, but the plans can never keep up with the changes. It’s best not to have any variables.” Heaving a sigh, a trace of concern flashed on Yu Zi Yu’s face.


Currently, everything was indeed proceeding according to plan. However, any unexpected incident could throw a wrench in their plans.


But after a moment, Yu Zi Yu felt at ease again.


[The root cause of all accidents is insufficient strength. As long as I’ve sufficient strength, whatever accident may come, I can suppress them all.] With this chain of thought, Yu Zi Yu exhaled a long, deep breath and once again immersed himself in cultivating.


Meanwhile, the nearby Qing Er could not help but smile, saying, “Master, since you’ve advanced, you’ve become more focused on cultivation.”


Saying that, she turned into a wisp of red smoke and vanished into the ground.


Ever since Yu Zi Yu had become a Tier-2 Transcendent, his roots’ ability to nurture Soul had become even more extraordinary.


Now, Qing Er felt that she could break through even without the Silver Centipede’s Soul.


However, it was not the kind of breakthrough Qing Er wanted. In order to catch up to her Master, she must have the Silver Centipede’s Soul, a Tier-2 Transcendent.


Though there was a certain risk, it was a tremendous opportunity in some sense. After all, finding a Tier-2 Transcendent in the wild was not an easy task. Moreover, to reduce it into such a pitiful state, to the point that its spirit and morale had hit rock bottom, was not something that ordinary Mutant Beasts could do.


Only Humans could.


For Humans, there were places they avoided known as Forbidden Zones.


However, for anomalies like them, the Human laboratories were no different.


Perhaps, Humans laboratories were even more dreadful.


After all, the feeling of being unable to live or die at their own will was something that had surpassed the limits of what Mutant Beasts could bear.



The next day, before dawn…


Ling Er, who was far away in the Humans’ top-secret facility – the Genetic Research Laboratory, slowly opened her eyes.


[Today’s the day.] After thinking it over, Ling Er made up her mind. [At the end of the day, one must seek for the opportunities themselves.


The Silver Centipede is held captive at a heavily guarded location, where ordinary people couldn’t get close.


[It would take a long time for another opportunity to come. Instead of waiting, I might as well take a risk now and try my luck.] With this chain of thoughts, Ling Er got up, changed into a white coat, and walked toward the depths of the Genetic Research Laboratory.


Not long after, after passing through layers of identity checks, Ling Er arrived at the largest laboratory in the Genetic Research Laboratory.


Looking up, she saw staff members wearing white coats hurrying around.


Countless sophisticated instruments were running incessantly. And at a place resembling an operating table, professors with special badges wiped the sweat off their foreheads.


“Professor, haven’t you rested yet?” With a hint of concern, Ling Er walked over, taking a cup of water to an elderly woman with a tired look.


”Rest!?” With a benevolent smile, the elderly woman looked at Ling Er and stated, “We’ve a few major experiments in their final stages, so we need to work overtime.”


At this point, the elderly woman sized up Ling Er and asked with concern, “Anyway, you sleepyhead, why did you wake up so early?”


Ling Er stuck her tongue out, not taking it seriously. Her reputation for sleeping was widely known. Fortunately, thanks to her Psychic Talent, Ling Er’s studies were not affected, and she frequently ranked first. The professors could not help but feel both amused and exasperated with her. Be that as it may, they still doted on her greatly.


“I came to check on the Silver Centipede.” After a smile, Ling Er walked toward the depths of the laboratory, under the helpless and doting gazes of the others.


“This girl, she’s good at everything, but why does she like that scaly monster? Other girls would faint at the sight of it.”


“Hahaha, you don’t understand. Ling Er is someone who is from forest regions.”


Amidst discussions, the professors continued on with their work.


As for Ling Er, they were not worried about anything.


After all, the deeper the areas of the laboratory, the more well-guarded it was. There could not be any accidents.



After a short while after this, Ling Er arrived at the depths of the laboratory as planned.


The area was dimly lit, further giving it a somewhat eerie atmosphere. In addition, heavily armed soldiers stood on either side.


If one looked closely, they could spot numerous surveillance cameras and advanced instruments like infrared sensors around the place.


There were no dead angles, no blind spots.


Surprisingly, their target happened to be an enormous beast, over twenty meters long, encased in ice not far away.


Freezing was the best way to imprison 90% of the Mutant Beasts. Of course, Ice-Attribute Mutant Beasts were an exception.


“This guy looks even more depressed than before.” Looking through the glass, noticing the Silver Centipede’s lifeless appearance, Ling Er felt something stir within her.


Soon after, the corner of her lips rose into an enigmatic manner, revealing a subtle and imperceptible sneer.


*Ha…* She breathed a deep breath as a wisp of red smoke emerged from her mouth.


Surprisingly, no one saw this red smoke.


Even more astonishing was that not even the most advanced instruments of Humans detected it. There were only faint changes in the magnetic field, as if they were quietly conveying some message.


Just then…


“Ling Er!” A cry of surprise rang out as an observant elderly woman hurried over.


After a moment, looking at Ling Er who was breathing uniformly, the group could not help but smile wryly.


“This girl, why did she suddenly fall asleep again?”


Hearing the elderly woman’s sigh, the others also shook their heads in helplessness.


“Ling Er, no matter how talented you are, you’re just not suited for combat. If you suddenly fall asleep during a fight…”


Before they could finish their sentence, the elderly woman gave them a stern look.


“What are you saying? Ling Er will conduct experiments with us in the future. Leave the fighting and killing to the men.”



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