Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 128, Breakthrough

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Time passed quickly. In the blink of an eye, several days had gone by.


Meanwhile, Yu Zi Yu could not shake the feeling that something was missing. Even though several days had little meaning to an existence with a lifespan of hundreds of years, the emptiness in his heart made Yu Zi Yu somewhat uneasy.


“What could be missing?” After finishing his cultivation session, Yu Zi Yu slowly opened his eyes.


He saw Bull Demon lying next to his tree body, sleeping peacefully.


Looking further away, he noticed White Tiger and Golden Ant bathing in the Spirit Lake.


Right at that moment, Yu Zi Yu’s expression suddenly changed as if he was struck by the realisation.


“Where is Qing Er?” a somewhat rigid voice escaped his lips, and his face also showed a slight change.


[Hmmm… I had not seen her for 2-3 days, that’s why I felt something was amiss!] Realising this, Yu Zi Yu immediately began searching for her.


After a moment, his gaze fell on a red-dressed girl, resembling a fairy, buried in the ground, hugging his root affectionately.


However, what startled Yu Zi Yu and caused his pupils to shrink was that Qing Er’s complexion did not look too good at the moment. She appeared to be in pain.


“Qing Er!?” worried, Yu Zi Yu called her out.


However, just as he was about to approach, he noticed something that made his face change suddenly.


*Zi Zi…* In a barely audible sound, an illusory Centipede, over 20 centimeters long, appeared on Qing Er’s body. It looked like a tattoo.


However, this Centipede looked too lifelike. Its silver luster was so radiant that it looked like it was cast from silver, and its each segment was shining brightly, giving it a rather ferocious appearance.


*Zi Zi…* Yet again, a series of jarring noises followed as the Silver Centipede glided across Qing Er’s entire body like a Dragon.


“This is the Silver Centipede Qing Er mentioned before?” With a hint of suspicion, Yu Zi Yu became more certain. Apart from the Tier-2 Transcendent Silver Centipede, ordinary Souls would not have such tangible presence. After all, Souls were extremely elusive.


The reason why Qing Er could exist in the world was because she had awakened her Psychic Talent, and her Soul had mutated accordingly. Normally, Souls would only last briefly in the world and dissipate.


As for Tier-2 Transcendents like Yu Zi Yu and Silver Centipede, who had gained a certain level of enhancement in the psychic department, they were still a far cry from Qing Er. Achieving Qing Er’s level would be extremely difficult without the correct method of Soul cultivation. At best, they could only achieve something like the Silver Centipede, which was in Yu Zi Yu’s view. Although its body felt tangible, it still retained intangible quality. Furthermore, its body was only twenty centimeters long.


After all, the reason why anomalies were anomalies was because they were difficult to replicate.


Qing Er’s Mutant Soul allowed her to exist in the world of living for a long time. While Yu Zi Yu’s reincarnation into a tree granted him inherent knowledge.



Just then, Qing Er let out a muffled groan and suddenly nibbled her pale lips, her body trembling slightly.


*Zi Zi…* A sharp hiss filled with what felt like fear resounded as the Silver Centipede suddenly shrank back. However, just as it was about to escape, Qing Er instantly reached out and caught it in her hand.


*Zi Zi…* Another sharp hiss, like a desperate struggle of a trapped beast, sounded from the Silver Centipede as it wriggled in Qing Er’s grasp.


However, Qing Er was not going to give it a chance. She promptly clenched her right hand, tightening her hold on the Silver Centipede.


*Zap* With a crisp sound, her body trembled as if she was experiencing the same pain.


In a moment, to Yu Zi Yu’s astonishment, a radiant white light emerged in Qing Er’s right hand. In the next instant, this white light then flowed into Qing Er’s body, seemingly absorbed by her.


“Has she succeeded?” With his lips slightly curled upward, Yu Zi Yu finally let go of his worries.


Now, he could clearly feel that Qing Er’s aura had become more stable.


Moreover, a vortex of Spiritual Energy was swirling around her.


Yu Zi Yu was not unfamiliar with this phenomenon. It was the precursor to a breakthrough.


“This place is not suitable for her breakthrough.” Saying that, Yu Zi Yu promptly mobilized his roots.


*Boom, boom, boom…*


With a series of tremor, a thick root opened a direct path to the underground Secret Crypt.


In here, there was enough Spiritual Energy for Qing Er to absorb.


Additionally, the Spirit Stones could also block her breakthrough’s Spiritual Energy fluctuations, preventing them from being detected by Human’s Spiritual Energy Monitoring Satellite.



Meanwhile, on the Human side…




Accompanied by soaring flames, a beautiful figure stood amidst the fire.


Surprisingly, the flames did not harm her, but instead made her look like a goddess bathed in fire. Fiery yet noble, divine yet majestic.


“What’s wrong with Miss Ling Er?”


Amidst a cry of disbelief, a caretaker, who took care of Ling Er, stared at her with widened eyes.


Immediately, as if thinking of something, the female caretaker also rushed out of Ling Er’s room.


Not long after…


*Tap, tap tap…* Accompanied by the sound of rushed footsteps, professors who rarely showed their faces in public rushed over.


“Stable breathing, abnormal Spiritual Energy fluctuations, and visible absorption of the surrounding Spiritual Energy.”




“She…is breaking through!”


Though he stuttered, the elderly professor could not contain his excitement and shouted.


“Breaking through!? Old Li, are you joking!?”


“Joking!? I witnessed that Old Zhao’s kid break through with my own eyes not long ago. Furthermore, how can I joke about something like this!?”


Glaring at the man who doubted his words, the elderly man named Old Li shouted at the top of his voice, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and bring the Spirit Stones! Don’t you want Ling Er to successfully break through?”


As he yelled, Old Li seemed to have remembered something and warned, “Remember, it’s best to use Fire-Attribute Spirit Stones. They will provide the most benefit for Ling Er.”


“Yes, Sir.”


After shouting in unison, the security personnel rushed toward the storage room.


However, the professors who were still Ling Er could not help but wear increasingly puzzled expressions.


[Can someone even break through while sleeping? Although Ling Er has been asleep for 2-3 days, is that a reason for her sudden breakthrough?’]


As they exchanged confused glances, everyone seemed bewildered.


At this moment, the elderly man ‘Old Li’ suddenly stepped forward and began to explain, “Ling Er has had the habit of oversleeping for quite some time now, and every time she wakes up from her sleep, her strength increases. That’s why, when we discovered that Ling Er had been in a deep sleep for two days, we weren’t too worried. Now that she’s breaking through in her sleep, it may seem strange, but there had been prior signs. We don’t need to be too surprised. We can only say that she possesses an extraordinary innate talent.”


Old Li paused for a moment, and then glanced deeply at the others, warning, “Keep your mouths shut. That would be best for everyone. I treat Ling Er like my own daughter. If anything happens to her, I will make sure people get it.”



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