Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 129, Third Round of Upgrades

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


The tree that grows tallest in the forest, will always be first to be toppled by the winds.


Old Li understood this principle very well.


He shook his head, feeling a little helpless. At the end of the day, Humans were not united. Currently, they were facing rampaging Mutant Beasts from the outside, and on the inside, there was also an internal strife.


As these thoughts crossed his mind, his gaze toward Ling Er became a bit more complex. [I hope you can truly shoulder the great responsibilities in the future.]


Just as he was contemplating, Old Li looked at the onlookers and calmly stated, “Disperse, we cannot interfere with this kind of breakthrough. All we can do is wait.”


“Yes, Old Li.”


Saying that, the crowd of onlookers slowly dispersed.


However, on this very day, a legend about ‘Flame Princess breaking through while sleeping’ began to circulate among the upper echelons of Human society.



In North Canyon…


After sending Qing Er to the Secret Crypt, Yu Zi Yu no longer paid attention to her.


Breakthroughs, relatively speaking, were a very lengthy process. Especially Qing Er’s breakthrough, it involved a transformation of her very essence.


“This girl, she didn’t even give me a heads-up about her breakthrough. Is she afraid that I’ll worry?” Shaking his head, Yu Zi Yu could not help but feel a bit helpless. Of course, more than that, he felt a sense of fondness for her.


At this moment, it seemed as though he had thought of something, and Yu Zi Yu could not help but smile.


“I can take advantage of these two days to prepare a breakthrough gift for Ling’er. Also, I wonder if Sarcosuchus has made use of the Spirit Lake yet?”


As he spoke, Yu Zi Yu’s consciousness reached the surface of the earth.


After a moment, he raised his perspective, gazing into the far corner. Surprisingly, about twenty kilometers away from North Canyon, there was a very large lake. A preliminary estimate suggested that this lake was at least the size of four or five football fields.


“Haa…it will take quite a bit of my Life Essence to transform this lake into a Spirit Lake.” Yu Zi Yu sighed, but he did not look that bothered.


Life Essence might have been precious, but it was necessary to make the best use of it without harming his own foundations. Moreover, transforming this lake into Spirit Lake was not just a gift for Sarcosuchus but also for future needs. After all, as his base camp, it was impossible for there to be just so few Mutant Beasts.


Even for the nine Great Beasts under Yu Zi Yu, just the Storm Wolves alone was not a small number.


More importantly, Yu Zi Yu’s influence would gradually expand.


In that case, creating a Spirit Lake larger than the one in North Canyon was of utmost importance.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s branches suddenly spread out.


*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…” With continuous sounds of something cutting through the air, dozens of drops of dense Life Essence soared through the sky, shooting toward the lake.


The next moment, as if Sarcosuchus had sensed something…


*Grooar* An ancient and resonant roar, filled with rare excitement, reverberated through the sky. What was even more jaw-dropping was that more than half of the lake had risen into the air.


On a closer look, it turned out to be the colossal Crocodile. He had stood on its two legs, gazing toward North Canyon.


“Remember to guard Misty Mountains for me. I need to recuperate for a while.” After using the mist to transmit his voice to Sarcosuchus’ ears, Yu Zi Yu’s consciousness slowly sank back into his main body.


Dozens of drops of Life Essence were quite taxing on him. Even now, he was finding it a bit difficult to cope. However, solving this issue was not that hard. In the future, he only needed to occasionally release a bit of Life Essence to develop the lake into a Spirit Lake.


But for now…


Naturally, Yu Zi Yu needed to take advantage of the upgrades to make up for the loss.


Shifting his gaze, Yu Zi Yu turned his attention to the status screen.


Race: Mutant Willow Tree

Rank: Tier-2 Transcendent (Disaster)

Evolution Points: 9823 (Can be obtained by absorbing unknown energy and refining under the sunlight, or by preying on other animals, even plants, and extracting from them.)

Innate Talent: Superb Regeneration – A terrifying talent unique to the plants. It greatly enhances the speed of regeneration. Even if relatively fragile parts like branches are damaged, they can regenerate in an instant with the help of the surging energy in the body. (Upgraded Regeneration Ability – Even if the majority of main body or roots are destroyed, you can slowly regenerate through the remaining fragments.)

Abilities: Mutated Branches (Level 2) – Branches that have undergone several upgrades. Their hardness is comparable to steel. They can be freely bend and extended. In addition, the branches can secrete a toxin that can paralyze and even render prey consciousness.

Mutant Roots (Level 2) – Formidable roots that have reached the pinnacle of strength. Each one is akin to Wood Dragons. They possess extraordinary strength, and can, to a certain extent, absorb plants and animals as nutrients.

Hallucinogen (Level 2) – Using the mist, you can affect the mind of animals, plants, and even Humans, inducing sensory confusion, and blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion.

Mastery of the Earth Element (Level 2) – You can manipulate the Earth Element, turn the ground into waves, submerging everything. Also, you can also alter geology, burying the main body into the ground.

Mastery of Mist (Level 3) – You can control the mist at your will. While the mist serves as the eyes, it can also transform into anything you want.

Flying Willow Leaf Blade–After nourishing the willow leaf with your Spiritual Energy, continuously refining it, you can shoot the leaf like a blade. The purer the refinement, the more smoothly the Spiritual Energy can flow through it, and the farther the range and greater the power of the Flying Willow Leaf Blade.

Wood Dragon (Level 1) – The primary root has transformed into a Dragon, taking one step to achieving the pinnacle. The absorption power of the primary root is greatly enhanced, enabling it to consume all things and devour everything, until it firmly takes root in the deepest part of the planet and uses the entire planet as a nutrient.


Yu Zi Yu’s status screen was quite luxurious. Compared to when he had first advanced to Tier-2 Transcendent, it was on a completely different level.


And what was most eye-catching were three new abilities, the Mastery of Mist at Level 3, the Flying Willow Leaf Blade, and the Wood Dragon.


“Because with these three abilities, not only would I’ve more mysterious means, but also significantly increase my power.” Feeling the primary root buried deep underground constantly absorbing the Earth’s Spiritual Energy, Yu Zi Yu chuckled.


Indeed, the Wood Dragon ability was quite terrifying. It was precisely because of this ability that Yu Zi Yu dared to release dozens of drops of Life Essence at once.


Because the Wood Dragon ability had solidified Yu Zi Yu’s foundation.


One could say that with this ability, even if his cultivation speed increased, he would not have to worry about an unstable foundation.


Roots were basically the foundation of a tree’s existence. And now, Yu Zi Yu’s primary root has far exceeded his current level. With this, how could he possibly worry about issues of foundation instability?


Smiling, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the Unique Ability – Mutated Branches.


He always started the upgrades with the branches.


“System, I want to upgrade my branches.”



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