Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 13, Evolution! Tier-1


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Having decided his mind, the remaining eight giant, black lances also swished through the air, ruthlessly piercing into the giant Golden Eagle.


The wings of the Giant Golden Eagle were indeed invulnerable. But, Yu Zi Yu did not believe that the other areas that were covered by the feathers had the same level of defense.


As such, the other eight lances were aimed more or less at the abdomen of the Giant Golden Eagle, which happened to be the most vulnerable part of the raptor.


*Screech!* Immediately, the Giant Golden Eagle’s sharp and mournful cry echoed through the canyon.


The Giant Golden Eagle flapped its wings, mounting the final struggle. Immediately, blood gushed out of its wounds as its body constantly pulled backward.


However, how could Yu Zi Yu, who had already decided to kill it one strike, let go of such an opportunity.




With a violent shout, the nine huge black lances, now twisted to a certain degree, unleashed the accumulated power they had gathered.


This technique was derived from the principle of a ‘twisted spring.’ It used the previous rotations to store up power.


This power was then completely unleashed after the roots had penetrated deep into the Giant Golden Eagle. In doing so, it could cause maximum secondary damage to the Giant Golden Eagle.


With a sputtering sound, the huge black lances rotating at extremely high speed resulted in a rain of blood.


Yu Zi Yu, who failed to react in a timely manner, was instantly drenched in blood.


And right at that very moment…


With a sonorous chime, the cold system voice suddenly resounded in Yu Zi Yu’s ears.


“Ding! You killed Tier-0 Level 7 Mutant Golden Eagle, Evolution Points +70.”


“Ding! Condition to evolve to Tier-1 met. Current Evolution Points 70/10. Would you like to initiate Tier-1 evolution?”



[Tier-1!? Evolution!?] A surge of joy stirred Yu Zi Yu’s heart as he realized what was happening.


[As I had suspected, there is indeed Tier-1. And if I’m not wrong, beyond that should be Tier-2, Tier-3, and so on.] Thinking so, Yu Zi Yu shot a glance at the lifeless Golden Eagle that had been completely pierced through by the huge black lances, and a sense of relief washed over him. Then, he whispered to himself,


“Confirm evolution.”


Just as he gave his confirmation, Yu Zi Yu suddenly felt a surge of energy entering his body. This surge of energy was so powerful and overwhelming that his entire body trembled the moment it entered his body.


*Crack… crack…* With sharp yet brief cracking sounds, Yu Zi Yu’s bark kept cracking.


What was even more shocking was that his entire body was constantly growing bigger, becoming so big that it would require two people to hug his trunk and that to in just blink of an eye.


This kind of width could still not be considered a lot.


But the crux of the issue was that it had happened in a span of just a few breaths.


Furthermore, the transformation was still continuing…


Yu Zi Yu could keenly sense every inch of his body getting stronger as the surging energy destroyed his cells, and a warm current repaired them immediately after. This constant destruction and reconstruction made his recovered cell stronger and stronger.


Vaguely, a profound metamorphosis was taking place, transforming his very life essence. His current evolution was the transition of life itself.


His branches kept growing and growing, extending toward the sky. At the same time, they grew increasingly lush and green. Faintly, they were emitting star-like glimmers, much like the previous upgraded branches.


Except, this spectacle was clearly visible in the broad daylight.


From the distance, one could see a colossal tree, around 20-30 meters tall, radiating a stellar glow in the depths of the canyon.


And amidst this flickering glow, his countless branches were churning toward the sky.


In a flash, the entire canyon was bathed in his unique radiance.


Immediately, birds fled into the sky, and animals on the ground trembled in fear.


In an instant, a true overlord of the canyon was rising.



Apart from this, an even greater transformation was unfolding in the unseen depths.


Yu Zi Yu’s countless black roots continued to spread and grow rapidly.


They dug wider and deeper into the ground, giving the impression of Earth Dragons traveling moving through the ground. In a flash, ditches could be seen rising all across the canyon.


However, those were just the sub-roots.


Yu Zi Yu’s lifeline was his main root, which was also the biggest one.


The main root dug deeper underground, its unyielding advance unaffected by the solid rocks. While the ground kept quaking, his main root had already reached the depths of around one hundred meters before it finally came to a halt.


*Boom!* The moment it reached that location, Yu Zi Yu could clearly feel a chilling sensation.


“An underground river!?” In a state of doubt and astonishment, Yu Zi Yu’s heart started racing a little.


The very next moment, he sensed the countless small rootlets of the main root tightly clinging to the rocks like a spider’s web, even spreading over an area of about fifty meters.


Immediately after, a greater sense of chill continuously surged through his roots.


It was not just a simple underground river. Yu Zi Yu could clearly see the constant influx of unknown matter seeping into his roots.


“Could it be a Spirit River that contained a large amount of unknown matter?” With a jolt, a conjecture popped up in Yu Zi Yu’s mind.


At depths of about a hundred meters, it carried a significant amount of unknown matter, so it made sense to call it a Spirit River. Only, it was not the time to dwell on such matters.






Letting out piercing cries that could tear through metal and stone, the eight Peregrine Falcons, perching inside the wash basin-size nest in Yu Zi Yu’s canopy, rose into the air.


By the looks of it, Yu Zi Yu’s evolution had also influenced them.


But why would they not?


Currently, a storm of Spiritual Energy, resembling a vortex, has emerged around Yu Zi Yu with his trunk as the center.


As the Peregrine Falcons were closest to Yu Zi Yu, they had naturally benefited significantly from this.


Not only the Peregrine Falcons, the Red Fox under the tree began to undergo a new round of metamorphosis.


Its claws gradually became longer and sharper, and the red fire in the depths of its eyes also became even more splendid…


Its fur continued to grow bigger, and subtly, became brighter and more beautiful.


From a distance, this Red Fox, now the size of a young calf, appeared as if it was bathing in flames.


It looked sacred, yet fearsome.




A long roar suddenly echoed in the canyon.


The Red Fox, engulfed in the flames, leaped up and landed straight on a huge rock. Then, it kept scanning all the directions of the gorge with a cold look in its eyes, as if it was on guard against something.


On the other side…


*Screech… Screech… Screech…* Sharp cries rose one after another, as the eight Peregrine Falcon, who now resembled full grown adults Peregrine Falcons with a body length of about seventy centimeters and wingspan reaching one to two meters, spread their wings and soared into the sky.


*Screech…* With a united sharp and high-pitched scream, that shook the entire canyon and could truly be called a screech that could truly pierce through rocks and metal, the eight Peregrine Falcons spread out in eight directions, their frigid eyes relentlessly scouring every nook and corner of the canyon like eagles.




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