Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 131, Hunting

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Hunting has become a necessity.” A mysterious gleam flashed in Yu Zi Yu’s eyes as he looked into the distance. If there was any hesitation in Yu Zi Yu’s mind before, it was now gone. It had become inevitable.


He did not want to die, nor did he want to be seen as a rare treasure by Humans or Mutant Beasts. Thus, he had to become stronger. Strong enough to make everyone despair, strong enough to make everyone look up to him.


For this, he did not mind stepping on countless bones and bodies, climbing higher step by step. In other words, sacrifices were necessary.


*Ha…* Yu Zi Yu exhaled a long, deep breath, cooking up a plan.


Shifting his gaze, Yu Zi Yu focused his attention on a lake about 10 kilometers away.


As if sensing Yu Zi Yu’s gaze…


*Grooaar…* An inexplicable roar reverberated through the mountains, pushing away the mist near the lake.


Immediately after, ripples after ripples spread across the lake, growing larger and larger, until a hideous head emerged from the water.


“Divine…Tree…” With a low and incomprehensible growl, Sarcosuchus looked toward the towering tree that was exuding an even more terrifying aura, wearing a tinge of respect on his face.


“I want to know more about the state of the Yangtze River.” 

(Ashish: Previously referred to as the Great River, I’ll be using the Yangtze River from now on.)




Nodding, Sarcosuchus truly reported, “The Yangtze River is extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Even with my former strength, I didn’t dare to stay at one place for long. Powerful auras were everywhere, especially in certain areas, where the aura was no less than a Tier-1 Transcendent. If my guess is correct, the water of Yangtze River can also suppress Spiritual Energy fluctuations, otherwise, those creatures would not be able to avoid detections by Humans. That’s why I could only move along the shores, eventually find the Spirit Flower in a canyon.”


Listening to the Sarcosuchus’ account, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly.


Yu Zi Yu was not surprised by the existence of Tier-1 Transcendents in Yangtze River. Even the existence of Tier-2 Transcendents would not surprise him. After all, the Yangtze River traversed two oceans and penetrated the entire inland. It was truly vast.


But so what!?


With his current strength, let alone the entire China, Yu Zi Yu believed that he could even be ranked in the top ten in the entire planet, or even top three.


The only reason he did not dare to guarantee first place was only because Yu Zi Yu was worried about some Mutant Beasts that might have some lucky encounter or have been bestowed with amazing talents.


Although Yu Zi Yu’s Evolution Points were phenomenal, who could guarantee that some Mutant Beasts did not have even greater opportunities? 


Just like the few Forbidden Zones that had appeared, such as the Bermuda Triangle, the Great Blue Hole, and the others. These Forbidden Zones were full of mysteries. If Tier-2 Transcendents suddenly appeared there, Yu Zi Yu would not be too surprised.


Of course, Tier-3 Transcendents were probably not possible.


Tier-3 was the result of a quantitative change in Spiritual Energy and a qualitative change in strength. The Spiritual Energy alone needed to be in the millions.


Such a vast accumulation of energy could not be achieved in just half a year.


If a Tier-3 Transcendent were to appear, Yu Zi Yu believed the entire world’s structure would change because of it.


Moreover, there was another point that was certain. Even if some Mutant Beast surpassed Yu Zi Yu in strength due to some lucky encounters, their foundation would be lacking compared to Yu Zi Yu.


In other words, any Mutant Beast that surpassed Yu Zi Yu’s strength at this time had definitely sacrificed their foundation and would be limited in their future potential.



“My current Spiritual Energy is around 400,000-500,000, and coupled with the fact that I’m a Willow Tree, my strength is enough to rank in the upper levels of Tier-2.”


Actually, this was Yu Zi Yu’s modest way of putting it. In actual close combat, given his various means, even if he were to face a peak Tier-2 Transcendent, it would not be surprising if he won by a landslide.


“In other words, at this time, if I let my roots spread towards the Yangtze River, I could reap in a real harvest…”


Muttering, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes sparkled with a trace of contemplation. Given his current strength, harvesting should not be a problem. It would be enough to accumulate Evolution Points for the time being.


However, there was only one problem…


He raised his perspective and looked at the Yangtze River, which was quite far away from the Misty Mountain, causing the corner of his mouth to slightly twitch.


It was at least two large mountains in height away, and there were actual enormous mountains in between.


[Uh!] Yu Zi Yu’s heart was in a turmoil like ten thousand galloping horses in the wild. Yu Zi Yu knew that things had become troublesome. Even if his roots continued to extend, it would be difficult to reach such a distance.


If he could reach it, he would probably not be far from becoming a Tier-3 Transcendent.


*Ha…* Sighing, Yu Zi Yu suppressed this idea and decided to take it one step at a time.


With this thought in mind, he transmitted his voice to Sarcosuchus through the mist, “Sarcosuchus, get ready. I plan to spread the mist toward the river. At that time, everything enveloped in the mist will be our territory.”


“Yes, Divine Tree,” replying in a low voice, Sarcosuchus also came to understand Yu Zi Yu’s plan.


“A territory of the size of two Misty Mountains should have many Mutant Beasts, right!?”


A cold smile flashed on Yu Zi Yu’s face as he looked toward the direction of Yangtze River, revealing a cruel arc. He might be kind to his companions, but for others, especially enemies, he would never be stingy with his ‘cruelty.’



Time passed quickly. In a flash, it was already midnight.


At this moment, a slight rustle prompted Yu Zi Yu’s eyes to slowly open.


Looking toward the source, Yu Zi Yu noticed a wisp of red smoke rising from the ground not far away. 


The smoke swirled before Qing Er’s figure gracefully emerged.


“Mas…ter…” a pleasantly surprised voice filled with an uncontrollable excitement rang.


While Qing Er raised her foot and rushed to Yu Zi Yu. In a moment, before Yu Zi Yu could react, Qing Er crossed her arms and hugged Yu Zi Yu’s trunk.


“Qing Er…” Chuckling, Yu Zi Yu used one of his branches to gently stroke Qing Er’s hair. However, he could not help but feel something strange. He could clearly sense touch.


Yes, touch.


In the past, even when Qing Er was tangible, she still felt ethereal.


But now…


In doubt, Yu Zi Yu controlled the branches like Human fingers, and tapped.


“Uh… It feels a bit soft…”


With a puzzled look, Yu Zi Yu looked into Qing Er’s raised eyes.


As their gazes met, Qing Er could not help but chuckle. “Master, the biggest change after I became a Tier-1 Transcendent is that my body is now no different from a regular person…”


“Is that so!?” Feeling a bit embarrassed, Yu Zi Yu retracted his branch right away. [No wonder it felt strange when I touched her.]



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