Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 132, Fearsome Psychic Power! Peerless Silver Ribbon


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Have you become a Tier-1 Transcendent!?” Looking at the girl who now appeared no different from an ordinary person, Yu Zi Yu was pleasantly surprised. Although he didn’t know Qing Er’s true strength, it was evident that she was now capable of being his right-hand woman.


Seeming to sense Yu Zi Yu’s thoughts, Qing Er playfully smiled and stated, “Master, let me show you my power.”


With that, Qing Er turned around slowly, facing away from Yu Zi Yu.


Raising her head, her gaze fixed on a hill not far away.


Immediately, to Yu Zi Yu’s astonishment, the red dress Qing Er was wearing actually started fluttering even when there was no wind blowing.




A violent gale burst forth as a terrifying force surged forth.


*Zap, zap…* Accompanied by unusual crackling noises, white electric arcs flickered in the air. At the same time, the nearby hill began to tremble.


Bit by bit…


Little by little…




With a crisp ‘crack,’ the top of the hill broke as countless rocks mixed with a huge boulder five or six meters tall slowly rose into the air.


Although it was still swaying, this horrifying scene caused many Mutant Beasts to widen their eyes in disbelief.


*Rooaar* A Tiger’s roar resounded as the White Tiger’s fur stood on their end.


*Moo…* Squinting his eyes, Bull Demon, who was not far from Qing Er, slowly stood up, showing a rare hint of surprise in his eyes.


“Elder Sister…”


“Hehe…” Like the melodious tinkle of bells, Qing Er’s laughter filled the air. Then, Qing Er suddenly clenched her right hand.


The next moment, with continuous cracking sounds, the boulder that had flown high into the sky, along with the numerous rocks, seemed to be crushed by an invisible palm.


*Boom!* Accompanied by a terrifying explosion, a cloud of dust rose into the air.


“Not bad,” Yu Zi Yu praised in a low voice as his eyes narrowed slightly.


It was indeed impressive. The key was not just the strength, but the inscrutable and defenseless psychic power.


At this moment, Qing Er’s flying hair also gradually calmed down. She then turned around, her face brimming with pride.


“Master, am I very powerful?”


“Indeed.” Nodding, Yu Zi Yu recalled Qing Er’s imposing display just now and asked frankly, “Did you use your full strength just now?”


“No, I didn’t.”


Qing Er pondered for a moment before answering, “By my estimate, I just used about 20 percent of my strength.”


“Just 20 percent!?” Astonished, Yu Zi Yu could not help but have shock plastered all over his face. Just now, she had effortlessly lifted a boulder weighing several thousand tons. Not to mention, she did it from a distance of 200-300 meters.


Sensing Yu Zi Yu’s astonishment, Qing Er could not help but explain, “Master, I’ve devoured the Soul of the Silver Centipede. My strength is far beyond an ordinary Tier-1 Transcendent.”


As she spoke, a proud expression could not help but take over her face as she happily continued, “Moreover, because I devoured the Soul of the Silver Centipede, my abilities aren’t just limited to psychic power…”


As she finished speaking, Qing Er slammed her right hand on the ground.


Immediately, to Yu Zi Yu’s surprise, a silver ribbon surged out from Qing Er.


And at a lightning-fast speed, it shot toward the distance.


“What’s that!?” Yu Zi Yu squinted his eyes, and caught sight of the silver ribbon.


It was covered in scales, glimmering as if cast from silver.


“Silver Centipede!?” watching the silver ribbon piercing through the sky in the distance, Yu Zi Yu could not help but murmur.


“Mhmm.” Nodding her affirmation, Qing Er added with a smile, “The Silver Centipede has also joined my arsenal of attacks.”


Saying that, Qing Er raised her hand, and the silver ribbon in the sky suddenly halted. Then, as if responding to a call, it turned around in an instant.


In no time, a 20 centimeter-long Centipede landed on Qing Er’s hand. However, compared to before, this small Centipede did not appear as ferocious as before. Instead, thanks to it looking like being cast from silver, looking exquisite.


Especially now, when it was lying quietly on Qing Er’s hands, it seemed rather cute.


“I named it ‘Little Silver,’ Master, do you like it?”


“Not bad.” Yu Zi Yu smiled. Watching the happy expression on Qing Er’s face, Yu Zi Yu could not help but smile too.


Qing Er’s breakthrough was undoubtedly excellent news. Moreover, given her current strength, even if she was discovered, it would not be that big of a problem either.


Not to mention anything else, she was more than capable of defending herself.


Just then, Qing Er’s brows suddenly furrowed.


“What’s wrong?” noticing Qing Er’s unusual expression, Yu Zi Yu immediately asked.


“My Human body seemed to have encountered something,” a strange look appeared on Qing Er’s face as she explained.


However, after a moment, seeing Yu Zi Yu’s worried expression, Qing Er reassured, smiling, “Master, don’t worry; it should be a good thing.”


“Good thing!?”


Pondering, Yu Zi Yu suggested, “Then you should return to the Human side first. After all, your body is still very important.”


Nodding, Qing Er also agreed, “Indeed. After possessing it for a long time, I can already sense that my body is deeply connected to me.”


Saying that, Qing Er turned into a wisp of red smoke and slowly sank into the ground. “Then, Master, I’ll head off first.”





In the heart of one of the top-secret laboratories, Genetic Research Laboratory…


A room that was heavily guarded was filled with numerous piles of Spirit Stones, releasing continuous streams of red energy flowing toward a figure.


At the same time, flames were blazing in the air.


At this moment, the figure hidden deep within the flames seemed to tremble slightly, as if it was about to awaken.


After a moment, she opened her eyes and looked at the swirling flames and the surrounding Spirit Stones. Realization seemed to have dawned upon Ling Er as the corner of her lips twitched.


“This body is also breaking through!?”“ Muttering to herself, Ling Er’s expression was a bit peculiar. Although she had seen this possibility, encountering it in reality still left her astonished.


However, since her main body had just broken through, she was not too anxious.


Shaking her head, she cleared her mind of distractions. The most important thing now was to complete her breakthrough.


Ling Er had a feeling that if she wanted to reach higher levels in the future, this body might be indispensable.


This uncanny and mysterious feeling made her value this body highly.


She had not neglected her daily cultivation either.


Another reason she cared so much about this body was that only with its formidable strength could she have more influence among Humans. Otherwise, if she were an average girl with mediocre talent, she would not have been assigned to this top-secret laboratory by No.1 Spiritual Energy Research Institute.


Her lips pursed slightly as she closed her eyes once more.


And in the next moment…




As if drawn by some force, the swirling flames interweaved and transformed into a tornado, rushing toward her body.




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