Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 133, Late-Night Hunt

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


In the middle of night, the North Canyon was calm and peaceful.


However, deep within the shrouded mist, there were hidden undercurrents.


*Bang, Bang, Bang…* The ground trembled slightly as Sarcosuchus, with his bulky short legs, slowly made his way toward the canyon.


“Divine Tree…” greeting, Sarcosuchus lowered his proud head.


“Have you thought about what I asked you this afternoon?”


Hearing the distant voice, Sarcosuchus’s face revealed a hint of human-like smile as he responded, “Divine Tree, I hope to send Flathead, Armored Wild Boar, Second Brother Bull Demon, and Fifth Brother Golden Ant to conquer that mountain range…”


“Oh!?” Yu Zi Yu could not help but exclaim in curiosity and surprise.


“I’ve already become a Transcendent. If I take action, the resulting Spiritual Energy fluctuations would definitely be detected by Humans. Instead of that, it’s better to treat that mountain range as a training ground for the others. Meanwhile, I’ll remain hidden at the edge of the Misty Mountains, guarding them. If any accidents happen, I can intervene promptly.”


“Good, good…” Yu Zi Yu praised twice, pleasantly surprised.


[Old Fourth indeed is a talented general. Though he seldom spoke, his delicate thoughts and strategies are far beyond the ordinary Mutant Beasts.] Thinking about this, Yu Zi Yu could not help but feel fortunate that he had subdued him early on.


Otherwise, given time, he could have become Yu Zi Yu’s formidable enemy.


Not for any other reason, but because of Sarcosuchus’s cautious and intricate thinking.


Of course, as a Atavism-type Mutant Beast, his potential was not to be underestimated either. In just a few days, Yu Zi Yu already felt that the Sarcosuchus’ Spiritual Energy had grown dangerously by thousands.


While he was enjoying the benefits of the Spirit Lake, the Sarcosuchus’ Innate Talent were also truly amazing.


“I won’t intervene in this hunt. I’ll leave it entirely to you. But do you know what I need?” Yu Zi Yu narrowed his eyes slightly as he asked.


“I know.”


Sarcosuchus nodded, and the corner of his mouth revealed a cold smile as he added, “All the prey will be personally killed by Lord Divine Tree. Also, if I encounter Mutant Beasts with amazing talent, I can bring them back.”


“En…” Yu Zi Yu felt a sense of helplessness after his thoughts were exposed. However, he also felt somewhat satisfied.


When Nine Tails was not around, no one understood Yu Zi Yu’s thoughts better than Sarcosuchus. But there was one thing that was very gratifying, Sarcosuchus was wholeheartedly loyal to him. Perhaps, this was the reason why Yu Zi Yu valued him so much.


“Well then, Divine Tree, I’ll make the arrangements.”


Nodding, Yu Zi Yu added, “Later, take some Life Essence from me. I don’t want them to encounter any trouble.”


“But of course,” Sarcosuchus agreed with a hint of human-like seriousness on his face.


Although they had not been together for long, deep down, Sarcosuchus also did not want any accidents to happen to Bull Demon and Golden Ant. After all, in his dictionary, there were only ‘friends’ or ‘foes’.


There were enemies all around him. Only a few friends by his side were trustworthy.


Such complex feelings were not something an ordinary person could talk about.


Of course, the Divine Tree was not a friend nor an enemy; in Sarcosuchus’ understanding, the Divine Tree was his Master. The grace of new life, the grace of saving, the grace of sheltering…


These debts could not be easily repaid.


Moreover, the Divine Tree and he did not have any conflicting interests.


The Divine Tree needed to kill prey and absorb some peculiar energy, while they could satiate themselves by feasting on the prey the Divine Tree killed and absorb the Spiritual Energy and essence from the prey’s body to enhance their Spiritual Energy.


It could be said that the tree and the beasts had no reason to be hostile, but instead, they could achieve a kind of ‘symbiosis.’


This was also another reason why the Sarcosuchus was willing to serve the Divine Tree.



As the night grew darker, powerful and terrifying Mutant Beasts slowly emerged from the canyon. Among them was a Golden Monkey scratching his ears, sitting on the head of a Wild Boar, as they made their way slowly to the west.


On the other side, the Golden Ant stood on Bull Demon’s back with his four arms crossed before his chest, cold and aloof.


“The relationship between Old Fifth and Old Second appears to be quite good.”


Watching this scene from afar, Yu Zi Yu could not help but comment.


“Master, Bull Demon is generous and treats everyone well.” Qing Er, still dressed in red , played with a strand of hair and continued, “But one thing is for sure, since Bull Demon let Golden Ant stand on his back, it means that Golden Ant’s strength has also gained Bull Demon’s approval.”


“Is that so!?“ asked Yu Zi Yu, a little skeptical and surprised.


“Yes, while feelings are important, for these Mutant Beasts, strength is the most crucial…” At this point, Qing Er’s eyes could not help but flicker. After a long time, she gazed deeply at the Golden Ant’s back and added, “However, the Golden Ant looks fierce, even more so than Sarcosuchus, and his talent is just as amazing. It’s hard to predict what the future holds for him…”


“Are you worried?” Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze to Qing Er and asked, pondering.


“Mhmm, I can feel a hint of hostility from the Golden Ant, but he is not like Sarcosuchus, who knows how to conceal his sharpness. He…” Qing Er sighed helplessly before she could even finish her words.


“Don’t worry, we’re here.” Yu Zi Yu smiled and, out of habit, extended a branch to touch Qing Er’s hair, comforting her.


Just then, as if something came to his mind, Yu Zi Yu looked at Qing Er and asked, “What happened to your body?”


“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.” Qing Er replied with a pleasant surprise. “Master, my body also broke through.”


At this point. she suddenly pouted, showing some discontent.


“However, the higher-ups from the research institutes all rushed over today, promising me various resources and even some representatives from a few families came and gave me a bunch of gifts.”


“Uh…” Yu Zi Yu’s expression slightly stiffened as he understood the so-called ‘the way of the world’ of those Humans.


However, it was normal. Humans were like that. Whether it was before or in the current era, there were things they would never forget – like bootlicking. Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu also reminded her, “Don’t get too involved with them. You know, right?”


“I know.” Qing Er nodded. She too understood these things.


However, after a moment, as if she thought of something, a complex expression appeared on Qing Er’s face, and she asked, “Master, the relatives of that body have also been arranged by the higher-ups to visit me. Some of them even promised to ‘take good care of my parents.’ This…”


“You don’t need to worry about that. It’s just a means for them to manipulate you. If you were truly Ling Er, then you might need to do something in return for the higher-ups. But since you’re not, all you need to do is to stabilize yourself and avoid being discovered by the Humans. As for those so-called relatives, since they can enjoy a peaceful life thanks to you, that’s already more than enough to repay them,” Yu Zi Yu reassured her.



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