Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 134, The White Snake

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


After talking to Qing Er for a while, Yu Zi Yu felt a bit helpless.


He was not worried about Qing Er encountering danger; with her strength, she was more than capable of protecting herself.


What he was truly concerned about was her getting too influenced by the Humans. She was originally as pure as a blank piece of paper. He feared that if she got too much involved in Human affairs, it might not turn out well for her.


As for other things, Yu Zi Yu did not worry much. After all, Qing Er was born attached to him, and betraying him would be impossible.


Just then, a sudden movement caught Yu Zi Yu’s attention.


Looking toward the source, he noticed faint cold mist rising from the Spirit Lake not far from him.


This white mist seemed to freeze the very air itself.


“Hmm!?” With a hint of surprise, Yu Zi Yu slightly narrowed his eyes.


After a moment, as if sensing something, Qing Er suddenly became excited and started shouting, “Master, it’s about to be born…”


As she spoke, Qing Er turned into a red streak of light and headed straight towards the Spirit Lake.


And at this moment, ripples had appeared in the Spirit Lake.


*Hiss, hiss…* Accompanied by ethereal hisses, a delicate head emerged from the Spirit Pool.


Its head wasn’t big; in fact, it could be described as small. However, at first glance, it was beautiful.


At this moment, this small Snake cautiously inspected the water. Seemingly not detecting any danger, it slowly emerged from the water, revealing its body in front of Yu Zi Yu and Qing Er fully.


This snake was not big, but perhaps due to its mother being a Mutant White Snake, it was already around 20-30 centimeters long, despite just being born.


What was even more eye-catching was its scales, which were like small shells, white and clean as snow.


“A White Snake…” murmuring to himself, Yu Zi Yu could not help but think of a legend.


According to the legend, there was a White Snake that had been cultivated for a thousand years.


Looking at the small white Snake in front of him, a playful look appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s face.


[If this little snake grew up, it would surely be no less than that thousand-year White Snake.]


*Hiss…* Hissing again, the small White Snake stretched out its still immature forked tongue as its pair of intelligent eyes scrutinized its surroundings.


Apparently, the depths of the canyon were quite attractive to the just-born snake.


However, unfortunately, Qing Er would not let it go so easily.


A flash of red light rushed over, and the little White Snake was already caught in Qing Er’s hand. Then, before the little White Snake could react, the red light turned around and shot toward Yu Zi Yu.


In no time, Qing Er had already returned to treetop on Yu Zi Yu’s body, bearing a joyful expression on her face.


“This little one is so cute! It feels so smooth and comfortable when you touch it…” Completely enamored, Qing Er could not stop praising it.


And at this moment…


*Hiss…* With a sharp hiss, the little White Snake opened its mouth.


Immediately, a cold breath that froze the very air gushed out of its mouth.


Chuckling, Yu Zi Yu intercepted the breath with one of his branches.


After a moment, looking at the now frozen branch, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes flickered.


“This little one seems to have good talent.”


Even his own branch was frozen. Though it was due to Yu Zi Yu not activating his Spiritual Energy, the Cold Energy was still commendable. What was most important was that this little creature had just been born, yet it could already accomplish this.


Curious, Yu Zi Yu focused his gaze.


Race: Mutant White Snake

Rank: Tier-0 Level 1

Innate Talent: Ice-Attribute Elemental Talent— She can manipulate Cold Energy and freeze all things.

Abilities: Cold Breath — She’s able to turn the surging Cold Energy inside her body into a breath and exhale it from its mouth.

Frost Protection — A dreadful Cold Energy enveloped her whole body. If anyone touches her, it can cause injuries. Anywhere she resides will be frozen because of the Cold Energy she constantly radiates.


“Another good seedling.”


A rare praise came from Yu Zi Yu’s mouth as his gaze toward the little White Snake became even more fiery.


“Why, Master, are you smitten again?”


“How can I not be smitten? She possesses Ice Elemental Talent, which is pretty strong,” smiling, Yu Zi Yu candidly admitted, not embarrassed at all.


“True.” Nodding, Qing Er raised her right hand. She looked at the frost that had appeared on her finger and circulated her Spiritual Energy.


After a while…


Much to the young White Snake’s shock and dismay, the ice that had frozen her enemy’s finger instantly shattered and dissipated into the air with crisp crackling sounds.


At this moment, noticing the young White Snake’s dismay, Qing Er chuckled, gently stroking her body, comforting her, “Little one, you are still young, and your Cold Energy is not strong enough. When you grow up, a breath of Cold Energy will be able to freeze a thousand kilometers. At that time, even Big Sister will be afraid of you.”


“Freeze a thousand kilometers?”


Yu Zi Yu’s corners of lips could not help but twitch as he retorted, “Don’t be ridiculous. If this little White Snake can freeze 1,000 kilometers with one breath, it would be at least peak Tier-1 Transcendent, or even at the early stages of Tier-2 Transcendent.”


“Isn’t it just Tier-1!?” Pursing her lips, Qing Er added with a smile, “Look, I’ve already reached Tier-1, and it only took me a few months.”


“Uh…” Shocked, Yu Zi Yu’s expression froze slightly.


[I guess that’s indeed the case.] It had slipped his mind, but now that Qing Er mentioned it, Yu Zi Yu realized that from the resurgence of Spiritual Energy until now, not even a year had passed.


In such a short time, he had already become a Tier-2 Transcendent, and even Qing Er, Sarcosuchus, and other Mutant Beasts had become Tier-1 Transcendents.


Not to mention, there were still the monsters hidden in the depths of the ocean.


Looking at it this way, the speed of evolution seemed to be quite fast.


With this thought, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes flickered.


[This is just in the span of half a year. In another decade, or a century… the world would have become completely magnificent!]


[Haiz, it’s too far into the future to think about…] Shaking his head, Yu Zi Yu suppressed the thoughts that arose in his heart.


The most important thing was the present. As long as he safely passed through the present, what awaited him in the future would undoubtedly be true glory.


Maybe not like the Willow Deity, who held up the 3,000 worlds, supporting this world might be possible for him.


Ashish: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legend_of_the_White_Snake



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