Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 14, Sudden Turn of Events! The Rise of the Beast Tide


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“All the kindness I’ve shown you has not been wasted.” Yu Zi Yu chuckled, feeling relieved at the reaction of the Red Fox and Peregrine Falcons.


[Such protective behavior was enough to prove that all my recent efforts have not been in vain!] With these thoughts, Yu Zi Yu’s consciousness slowly sank deeper into his body. Away from everyone’s sight, a deeper transformation was already underway.



Meanwhile, at the entrance of the canyon…


Two figures slowly approached. However, at this moment, both He Ling Er and her sister He Ling Er were pale. In their vision, the entire canyon was shimmering as if adorned with starlight.


“Sis, am I seeing things?”


The younger sister, He Ling Er tightened her clothes, staring blankly at the Giant Golden Eagle with a wingspan of over five meters inside the canyon not too far away from their location.


Fresh blood kept flowing out from its golden wings. Each and every wound on it was so gruesome that it made the onlookers’ pupils involuntarily contract.


But what was even more terrifying was the nine black lances piercing through the Giant Golden Eagle.


No, they were not lances.


As she took a closer look, He Ling Er could not help but fall into silence as she noticed that the black lances were actually tightly entwined – roots.


After a while, He Ling Er turned her head and looked at her sister, He Qing Er, who had the same look of disbelief plastered on her face. He Ling Er hesitatingly asked,


“A Tree Demon!?”


Yes, a Tree Demon.


According to the ancient myths and legends, Tree Demons were monsters born from trees after they had achieved cultivation.


“I…I don’t know.”


Shaking her head, the elder sister of the two, He Qing Er, who had always been the decisive one, was also at a loss at this moment.


Only, her faintly paled cheeks rather betrayed her inner fear.


She had only come with her young sister for a bath. How could she have ever expected to encounter such a shocking event.


A battle between a Giant Golden Eagle and a Willow Tree. The branches of the Willow Tree even shot up, piercing the Giant Golden Eagle.


[My goodness, is it really the world I know?]


[Is it really like what was reported on the television?]


Over the past month or two, He Qing Er had watched many unbelievable news reports on television.


For instance, powerful current surging in the depths of the Pacific Ocean, followed by a dark shadow that swallowed an entire luxury cruise ship.


Or a passenger plane encountering a murder of crows in the sky, and disappeared without a trace before it could land.


Even though He Qing Er was from the depths of the mountains, she found it hard to believe these stories. While it was true that strange things had been happening in the past month or two, things had not reached such an extreme level. At most, there were reports of wild animals charging out of the forests and attacking passersby. In response, various experts of different fields had willingly stepped forward to explain these occurrences…


Of course, the most convincing among their explanations was the presence of an unknown matter in the air. And it was this unknown matter that was causing animals to undergro varying degrees of mutation.


In the East, this unknown matter was referred to as ‘Spiritual Energy’.


In the West, it was referred to as ‘Mana’.


The most popular theory these days was the ‘Rise of Transcendence’ or ‘the advent of the Era of Transcendents’, as some proclaimed.


Despite the reports, He Qing Er did not believe a single word of it.


[What a joke!? Every day they talk about atheism, and now suddenly there’s talk of an Era of Transcendents!?]



But now, He Qing Er, looking at the scene at the other end of the canyon, could not help but be shaken up.


Yes, shaken.


It seemed as if this was no longer the era she was familiar with.


A Willow Tree turning into a Tree Demon, and the Golden Eagle dripping blood…


The brutal survival of the fittest in the food chain was displayed here vividly.


“Sis, Sis…”


Hearing her younger sister’s anxious voice, He Qing Er grabbed her sister’s hand tightly, gulped her nervousness down before reassuring her,


“Don’t worry, let’s go back to the village and report to Grandpa.” Saying so, a glimmer of excitement flashed in her eyes as she recalled something, exclaiming in excitement,


“Grandpa mentioned that anyone who reports about any anomalies they find, he or she would be rewarded.”


“Mhmm…” He Ling Er repeatedly nodded, but did not say anything in response.


It was not that she did not want to speak, rather her legs had already gone weak at this moment. There was even a strange smell coming from her lower body.


*Gulp.* Unable to stop herself from gulping in nervousness, He Qing Er took a deep look at the Willow Tree in the canyon. Then, she grabbed her sister’s hand and ran away without looking back.


However, not long after they turned around and fled back…






High-pitched terrified screams echoed through the canyon.


“What’s going on?”


Startled by the high-pitched screams, Yu Zi Yu slowly raised his branch up, looking toward the horizon.


Immediately after, he caught sight of a horde of dark figures rushing from all directions like a tide. Among these figures were Black Boars the size of Cows with scarlet eyes.


Several dozen meters long Green Snakes shoot through the air like arrows.


As well as…packs of Wolves flickering with green phosphorescent light, along with the buzzing Bees, which Yu Zi Yu disliked the most.


However, the most eye-catching were the two girls running wildly a few hundred meters ahead of the beast tide. Their hair was disheveled and they looked like mad women…




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