Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 15, Innate Talent! A Rising Killing Intent


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin




“Someone, anyone, please help us!”


High-pitched miserable screams, resembling the cries of pigs about to be slaughtered, echoed throughout the canyon, carrying a hint of exhaustion and despair.


Their foreheads happened to be bruised, and the blood flowing out of the bruises entered their eyes, blurring their sight.


He Qing Er and He Ling Er were in quite a pitiful state at this moment. Hell could not be worse than this.


Before they could make it back to their village, the ground started shaking. They promptly ran to a huge rock and climbed it before looking around. Instantly, what the two saw next scared the two sisters so much that they turned pale in fear.


Hordes and hordes of birds and animals were rushing toward them like they had gone mad.


He Qing Er and He Ling Er instantly turned tail and ran, without even bothering to wonder what was going on.


They stumbled quite a few times along the way.


Their entire bodies were covered in bruises. Despite their clothes being torn and significant and most important parts of their bodies exposed, they were far from being eye-catching in their current state.



Meanwhile, after hearing the screams coming not far away from his location, Yu Zi Yu too was taken back.


“Are they attracted to me?” Sneering, Yu Zi Yu’s branches also started swaying in unison. However, he paid no attention to the two familiar figures. Compared to these two women, Yu Zi Yu’s focus was entirely on the beast tide.


In nature, it has always been the survival of the fittest. Only those who posed a threat to him were worthy of his attention. 


As for these two women… Apologies, but it was obvious that these two could not even protect themselves.


*Swish swish swish* The branches swished through the air, resembling much like the tentacles of an Octopus, faintly producing the swishing sounds as they cut through the air.


What was truly terrifying was that these branches were actually slowly but surely extending. In just a few breaths, they had grown from a dozen meters to over twenty meters in length.


Innate Skill: Superb Regeneration – Superb Regeneration – A terrifying talent unique to the plants. It greatly enhances the speed of regeneration. Even if relatively fragile parts like branches are damaged, they can regenerate in an instant with the help of the surging energy in the body.


If this innate skill was utilized effectively, it could significantly accelerate the growth rate of the branches, thereby maximizing Yu Zi Yu’s attack range.


Of course, it came with a cost, and that was the temporary weakening of Yu Zi Yu’s regenerative abilities.


But this was a price that Yu Zi Yu could afford. He did not mind utilizing this excellent talent multiple times to obtain a boost that maximized his attack range.



“I admit, I do have a deadly allure to some animals. But does that mean that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can target me!?” Muttering to himself, Yu Zi Yu broke into laughter. His laughter sounded a little cold, and along with this laughter, the entire Willow Tree, including his branches, were constantly swaying.


Moreover, a chilling killing intent was slowly filling the air.


Right at this moment, the hoards of wild animals, sensing the danger, could not help but pause momentarily.


*Roar! Screech! Hisss!* Various strange cries and roars filled the air, filled with unease and restlessness. Unfortunately, the irresistible temptation eventually consumed them all. So, even though they vaguely sensed the threat, these instinct-driven animals continued charging forward, roaring and screaming.


Right then…


*Swish!* Like a gust of wind, a red figure suddenly flashed across.


The next moment…


*Chic* with a crisp tearing sound like when a cloth was torn, a fountain of blood shot into the sky.


At the same time, a Red Fox, as large as a calf, and with a red fur that gave the impression of bathing in flames, silently and suddenly appeared beside a wild boar’s carcass.


It licked clean the blood on its claws before slowly looking up as its body bent like a bow once again. And what awaited next was another round of hunting.



*Screech! Screech! Screech! Screech!* Sharp, high-pitched cries pierced through the sky.


The next moment, streaks of light descended one after another from high up in the sky.


Even if they did not use their full strength, the impact brought by their high-speed dives granted these Peregrine Falcon unparalleled lethality. In just a few moments, eight wild animals were pierced through by them, leaving behind fist-sized holes.


Indeed, Bullet Dive had certain side-effects. However, if it was within the tolerance range of these Peregrine Falcon, their Bullet Dive would turn into the most deadly weapon such that no beast could withstand a single blow.


If any could, then they would be pierced through at an even faster speed, until their ‘Master’ was no longer threatened.


Birds of prey were loyal to their masters, and it was not just some empty words. If necessary, they would not hesitate to sacrifice everything.


[Good job, good job…] Amidst the consecutive praises, Yu Zi Yu could not help but fall silent.


[Indeed, some animals are truly worth cultivating.] Thinking so, his countless branches extended toward the sky.


And then…


*Swish! Swish! Swish!* Like raindrops falling from the sky, the branch instantly fell from the sky.


*Plop plop plop* squishing sounds resounded one after another as blood splattered everywhere. At the same time, the cold system voice resounded in Yu Zi Yu’s ears again and again.


<Ding, you killed a sparrow, Evolution Point +0.1.>

<Ding, you killed a bee, Evolution Point +0.1.>

<Ding, you killed a mutant sparrow, Evolution Point +1.>




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