Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 151, Enchanting Fire


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Bull Demon sunk into silence, pondering.


[Divine Tree is right.]


He could sense that his current strength was still unstable. Once he solidified his foundation, not to mention increasing by ten times, his strength might even skyrocket. At that point, he alone, with his own power, could rule a region.


[How could ordinary Mutant Beasts be able to compete with that kind of power?] Grinning widely, Bull Demon spoke, revealing a simple smile, “Divine Tree, haven’t I not realized that I’ve become a Transcendent?”


Looking at Bull Demon’s honest expression, Yu Zi Yu shook his head helplessly. Then, as if realizing something, he reminded him, “As a Transcendent , your destructive power is far beyond what ordinary people can imagine. Don’t underestimate yourself.”


“Divine Tree, you mean to say?” contemplating for a moment, Bull Demon asked again.


“In the eyes of Humans, you’re a significant threat, just like Sarcosuchus. If you’re discovered, they will undoubtedly go all out to exterminate you or capture you. So, it’s essential to keep a low profile and stay cautious.”


“But of course,” nodding, Bull Demon agreed.


He still had some apprehension about Humans. Although he had limited contact with Humans, under the subtle influence of Divine Tree, Qing Er, and others, he had come to recognize the fearsome aspects of the Human Race.


If they were to target him, even if he managed to survive somehow, he would have to at least be ready to sacrifice an arm. And that was why Yu Zi Yu had asked him to change his mentality.


In the past, when he was only at Tier-0 Level 9, even if discovered by Humans, they would, at most, take note of him. But now, as a Transcendent, if he were discovered, he might have to face a life and death battle.


And just at that moment, as if he had thought of something, Bull Demon suddenly asked, “Divine Tree, have Humans sent people to survey the area recently?”


“Yes.” Nodding, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted, focusing on the outskirts of the South of Misty Mountains.


In his mind, countless weak but peculiar auras appeared.


[Humans… Moreover, there seems to be quite a few Superhumans as well. It seems that the heavy losses they had suffered earlier had only strengthened their determination.]




This time, Yu Zi Yu had no intention of intervening and had handed over full authority to Sarcosuchus. Of course, as a precaution, the moment they entered the inner area, he would seal off the entire Misty Mountains.


Misty Mountains was not just home to Mist Beasts; it also housed an endless variety of Mutant Beasts. Among these Mutant Beasts, there was a king.


He was the Prehistoric Crocodile, Sarcosuchus!


Thinking of this, a playful smile tugged at the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s lips.




Meanwhile, in an undisclosed mysterious location…


After more than ten days of slumber, Ling Er slowly opened her eyes.


What was even more surprising was that a wisp of flame could be found flickering in the depths of her blue eyes. The flame was beautiful yet unreal, creating a profound and mesmerizing sensation that was difficult to grasp.


“I don’t know if it’s an illusion or what, but the strength I can exert with this body seems to have the potential to surpass my original form…” Whispering softly, a peculiar look took over Ling Er’s face. It was really hard for her to imagine this body surpassing her original form.


After all, her real body was immune to physical damage and had a silver whip made from the refinement of the Silver Centipede as a weapon.


However, now that she had completely stabilized the strength of Tier-1 Transcendent, a thought arose in Ling Er’s mind.


“Is it just an illusion?” Murmuring to herself, Ling Er’s delicate hands moved gracefully. After a moment, a Butterfly formed from flame appeared in between her fingers.


“Flame… Butterfly…” Murmuring softly, Qing Er gently flicked her fingers. In the blink of an eye, the Flame Butterfly flew straight toward a nearby black wall.


Just as the Flame Butterfly left, Ling Er suddenly had a feeling and then, she flipped her hand and flicked in reverse. Then, an astonishing scene unfolded.


The Flame Butterfly instantly transformed into hundreds of Flame Butterflies, all of which rushed toward the wall.


The next moment, a deafening explosion shook the wall. At the same time, a charred half-meter-deep hole appeared within Ling Er’s sight.


“What terrifying destructive power.” Astonished, her pupils shrank.


[This is the true might of Fire Elemental Talent. At Tier-1, it possesses such terrifying destructive power. Indeed, as the Humans had said, the true strength of Elemental Talents emerged after becoming a true Superhuman.]


It was worth noting that this was the top-level training chamber within the top-secret laboratory, with walls made of the strongest alloys made by Humans. Yet now, Ling Er had only flicked her finger, and she had left a pit half a meter deep. This demonstrated the overwhelming destructive power of the Fire Elemental Talent.


However, at this moment, as if she had realized something, Ling Er shook her head slightly.


“No, it’s not just the Fire Elemental Talent…”


Thinking this, Ling Er recalled the scene just now.


[Just now, the Flame Butterfly transformed into hundreds with just a thought. This couldn’t be explained by the mere Fire Element Talent. Could it be that my body had undergone inexplicable changes when I became a Tier-1 Transcendent? It caused my talent to evolve in a bizarre way?]


With this thought in mind, Ling Er focused her attention, once again feeling the subtle changes in her body.




After a short while…


She exhaled a long, deep breath before opening her eyes, Exhaling slowly. Her gaze could not help but flicker.


Indeed, something had changed. Moreover, it was a change for the better.


The Fire Elemental Talent of this body had unexpectedly merged with her original Psychic Talent, forming a completely new talent. Or, more accurately, it was a kind of strange and unique fire.


That fire was like a dream, neither real, nor fake. It possessed both the destructive power of fire and the uncanny nature of her Psychic Talent. With this fire, Ling Er could easily make others fall into illusions.


Just like earlier, when the sky was filled with Flame Butterflies, but there was only one Flame Butterfly, which had expanded into a large cluster of flames. From outside, it looked extremely beautiful, but it was hiding lethal and destructive power behind that beauty.


“Enchanting… Fire…” In a soft murmur, Ling Er had given this unique flame a rather fitting name.


Of course, this type of flame would become another ace up her sleeve for her to navigate in the Human World.


[Just as Master had said, the more aces you have while navigating the world, the better.]


At present, Ling Er did not mind possessing more tricks up her sleeve. However, now it seemed she had thought of something as a soft sigh escaped her lips. She slowly lifted her gaze, looking toward the nearby exit.


[It’s about time to leave; the professors must be getting anxious.]




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