Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 16, Death Zone within a Hundred Meters


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Murderous intent surged!!


As an existence that had undergone a transcendence in the hierarchy of life, his power was unquestionable, and his position was indisputable.


The surging power in his body told him, ‘He was no longer an ordinary being.‘


[These lowly creatures actually dared to bare their fangs when my foundation is still not completely stable yet!? You all even intended to consume me!? Hmph! Unforgivable! Absolutely unforgivable!]


A rare anger erupted within Yu Zi Yu, prompting him to unleash his true strength.


*Rumble…* Accompanied by terrifying tremors, the ground started shaking up and down like a massive earthquake. 


Within a hundred meters around Yu Zi Yu’s rooted ground, countless roots rose from everywhere, whether it was the cliffs or crevices. Black roots, like octopus tentacles, started thrashing around ruthlessly.


*Boom! Boom! Boom!* One after another, accompanied by clouds of dust, deafening bangs echoed across the canyon, giving the impression as if the earth was wailing. And amidst this endless cloud of dust, blood was raining down.


In the face of Yu Zi Yu’s upgraded roots, these wild beasts were truly like ants. With just a single slap, a wild boar was pounded deep into the ground. With a single thrust, a mutant rat that had stealthily emerged from the ground was carried into the sky by the roots, pierced through.


At this moment…


Within a hundred-meter radius of Yu Zi Yu, everything had turned into a vacuum-like deadly domain. Anyone who wanted to live should stay away, and those who wanted to die should all come.


“This is so damn exhausting! “ Yu Zi Yu let out a long, deep sigh. He felt that most of his power had been drained. This kind of outburst, where roots and branches were moving in unison, covering the sky and reducing the hundred-meter zone into a death zone, might have been terrifying.


But when it was all said and done, he had just advanced, and had yet to fully digest his current power. If he had to do this a few more times, he believed that his body would not be able to handle it.


However, there was one thing Yu Zi Yu was sure about, and that was that ordinary Tier-1 creatures would definitely not be as terrifying as he was.


Not to mention, his Evolution Points had strengthened his body overall. Furthermore, just the fact that he was a Willow Tree was enough to provide him an edge over everything.


Plants were not inferior to animals. In fact, the biggest hurdle before a plant was gaining sentience. But once a plant had gained sentience, even if it had just a partial control over its body, that was more than enough for it to be an overlord of an area.


Just like the current Yu Zi Yu, who generally did not move, but once he did, everything within a hundred-meter of him was totally under his control.


Anyone who entered this hundred-meter zone would be forshaking his or her life to Yu Zi Yu.


If anyone survived this onslaught… then he would unleash his roots and branches once again, strangling them to death.


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu could not help but look at a nearby mutated wild boar, still desperately persevering.


This wild boar was simply enormous. Its size was no less than that of an elephant. Furthermore, its entire body was wrapped in a thick and solid layer of skin, which provided it a formidable defense comparable to a thick iron plate.


Even in the face of Yu Zi Yu’s onslaught, the mutated giant boar managed to hold on for a moment.


“What a pity!“ Yu Zi Yu heaved a light sigh in pity, but he did not hold back. He had no favorable impression of these wild beasts who wanted to devour every single piece of him. Had he not been strong enough, he would have been torn apart and devoured clean. In that case, how could Yu Zi Yu possibly show mercy?


“Go to Hell! “ As he declared, his murderous intent was transmitted to the black python-like roots.


*Rumble!* Followed by fearsome quakes as if an Earth Dragon was tossing and turning, a few of his sub-roots rapidly drilled their way out from the depths of ground.


*Growl!* As if it sensed the danger, the blood-drenched wild boar slowly converged its defense. But right then, before it could react…


*Boom!* A giant black python shot out from the ground.


Immediately after, the giant black python swiftly spiraled through the air, tightly binding one of the wild boar’s hind legs.


At the same time, other black sub-roots also attacked in succession.


*Boom! Boom! Boom!* One after another, the roots tightly bound the wild boar, binding up into a ball within a few breaths.


“Your defense is indeed formidable. “ After giving a generous praise, Yu Zi Yu could not help but sneer,


“But do you know who you’re facing? A true monster! “ Saying so, his sub-roots started exerting force, gradually constricting… 


Until a crisp sound of bone cracking echoed as blood stained Yu Zi Yu’s roots red.


<Ding! You killed Tier-0 Level 5 Mutant Wild Boar, Evolution Points +50.>



[50 Evolution Points!?]


Yu Zi Yu smiled, and gained some understanding.


Ordinary wild beasts were not worth much, at most just single-digit Evolution Points. Insects like bees provided only 0.1 Evolution Points.


However, these Tier-0 Mutant Wild Beasts were different.


The Giant Golden Eagle provided a whooping 70 Evolution Points, and this Tier-0 Level 5 Mutant Wild Boar also provided 50 Evolution Points. Although it could not be confirmed that a Tier-0 Level 1 was worth 10 Evolution Points, and a Tier-0 Level 2 was worth 20 Evolution Points, Yu Zi Yu had still roughly summarized how much each was worth.


The stronger a beast was, the more Evolution Points could be obtained by killing it.


And the Evolution Points provided by these Tier-0 Mutant Wild Beasts should be tens, and the possibility of some reaching in the hundreds could not be ruled out either.




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