Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 17, Yu Zi Yu’s Predicament


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


After some contemplation, Yu Zi Yu put aside his thoughts on researching Evolution Points. Instead, his gaze turned to the battlefield.


It was a horrid mess. The ground was dyed in blood. Countless severed limbs and mutilated carcasses silently lay littered on the ground.


*Haaa…* Yu Zi Yu let out a long, deep breath, feeling a little affected at this moment. The survival of the fittest was the most cruel and primitive law of nature.


This rule was not going to be weakened just because of the mutation of different species, rather it would become even more brutal, and primitive.


Of course, there was one thing that remained unquestionable.


The last one standing gets to laugh.


Letting out a faint sight, Yu Zi Yu suppressed his sentimental thoughts. Afterward, his roots continuously tossed and turned the soil under his command.


On a second look, Yu Zi Yu was actually burying those severed limbs and mutilated carcasses deep into the ground.


Only the carcasses of the Giant Golden Eagle and the Mutant Wild Boar were left clear.


“They are yours.“ Yu Zi Yu gently nudged the returning Red Fox and eight Peregrine Falcons with his branches, signaling to them.


As mutated wild beasts, the value of Giant Golden Eagle and Mutant Wild Boar was self-evident. Even if it was just their carcasses, they were still quite precious.


Thus, they were suitable rewards for the Red Fox and Peregrine Falcons, who had performed meritorious deeds in protecting their master.


Of course, if they failed to finish the carcasses, and they eventually rotted, Yu Zi Yu would get the last laugh. After all, it would become nutrients for his roots.


In fact, the reason why Yu Zi Yu turned over the entire battlefield and buried the severed limbs and mutilated carcasses deep into the ground was just for this very reason. From a certain point of view, these were the best fertilizers. They would be greatly beneficial to him.


At the end of the day, a Willow Tree was still just a tree.


However, one point worth mentioning was that Yu Zi Yu did not want to mix any Human remains among these carcasses.


The psychology he had developed in his previous life as a Human made it difficult for him to accept Humans being used as nutrients. That was no different from him eating Humans.


Yu Zi Yu was very much disgusted with the idea of doing something like that, and resisted it from the bottom of his heart.


Therefore, if Humans really did die, it would be better for them to die farther away, so that they would never disgust him. Otherwise, he would have to do what he just did…


In Yu Zi Yu’s gaze, underneath dozens of dangling branches, there were actually creatures tied up one after another. The most conspicuous among them were those two girls. As for the others, they were some wild beasts that Yu Zi Yu had taken fancy to.


Either for their appearances, or for their combat abilities.


The creatures he had taken liking to had been spared from being strangled to death.


As for these two women, it was just a temporary impulse.


Thinking that these two girls might get affected by the battlefield…and then, unknowingly absorbed by Yu Zi Yu as fertilizers…


[Ugh…] Just the thought of this made Yu Zi Yu feel nauseous. Therefore, he decisively saved these two girls.


“But how should I deal with them? “ Wondering, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze was filled with complex emotions as he looked at the two girls. In his previous life, he was a Human; in this life, he was a tree.


Although he had no intention of offending Humans, he still felt a little uneasy.


After all, Humans were extremely xenophobic.


More importantly, they possessed the power to threaten him.


Without the ability to defend himself, the news of him would ultimately lead to his demise.


Not to mention anything else, just mere carpet bombing was something Yu Zi Yu could not withstand right now, let alone the various other methods Humans had at their disposal. 


[As for whether I can coexist with them…] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu could not help but laugh at himself.


If he was judged as worthless, but considered a little ornamental, he might even end up in a Human’s garden, becoming an object on a display for the world to watch.


However, the problem was that the Life Essence coursing through his body could accelerate the evolution of other species!


Just because of this reason alone, the Humans would definitely never let him go.


When something’s value surpasses everything, self-interest would lead their judgment.


*Haaa…* Exhaling a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu fell into a rare contemplation.


[Letting them go… That is absolutely impossible. I do not trust these two girls, and nor do I trust the Human race. As for killing… that would be difficult…]


Yu Zi Yu had never killed a Human before. Although he had shown no mercy when dealing with the wild beasts, it was because of the influence from his previous life.


Furthermore, these two girls were currently just potential threats, which did not warrant capital punishment. If he were to kill these two girls, it would brand him as a tree that kills Humans. From then on, Yu Zi Yu would undoubtedly face a relentless onslaught if others found out about it.


“Damn, these two are such a pain… “ After much hesitation, Yu Zi Yu could not help but vent his frustration. To kill or not to kill, it was a decision that hung in a balance. However, considering the troubles that would arise in the future, it was no longer a simple decision.




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  1. Write a message in the dirt and see if you can communicate with them?

    Also, you’re a tree now, humans are just meat like any other animal. I suspect you’re going to have to get over that hang up eventually.

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