Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 19, External Situation! Upgrading Abilities


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Where did you come from? “


“A small village at the foot of the mountain. “


“What significant events have happened recently? “


“Significant events!? “


The girl furrowed her brow slightly, which made her already confused face look even more confused.


“I mean, have there been any strange occurrences lately, or…” Yu Zi Yu made an effort to organize his mental language in an attempt to make the girl understand what he meant.


His fog was quite miraculous as it could affect one’s psyche. Thus, Yu Zi Yu could further use the fog to directly convey his thoughts to the girl’s mind, and vice-versa. Thus, there was no barrier of language between them.


In other words, Yu Zi Yu could converse with Humans. However, the prerequisite was that they were shrouded in the mist.


“Significant events!? “ The girl’s relaxed brow furrowed once again, seemingly deep in thought. The next moment, she seemed to have recalled something as she suddenly started speaking,


“The Theory of Rise of Transcendence, and the Resurgence of Spiritual Energy has been trending recently. Also, a cruise ship, and an airplane seemed to have been swallowed by monsters… and… and…”


The girl spoke slowly at first, as if she was organizing her thoughts, and then started speaking faster and faster.


Right then, the girl’s voice carried a hint of doubt, as if she was puzzled.


“What else are you thinking about? “ Slowly loosening the branch binding the girl, Yu Zi Yu gently asked with the help of the mist,


“The village seems to be relocating. According to our grandpa, the Village Chief, the country is developing new towns, and intends to relocate the small villages deep in the mountains. Moreover, the military seems to be recruiting more people. Recently, quite a few villagers have been conscripted by the state. “


“Are they in a state of alert? “ With slight worries weighing on his heart, Yu Zi Yu was also surprised by the speed of the country’s response. After all, the bureaucratic gears of a country were usually slow to turn. And for them to have such a quick response, it was evident that they already had some level of confirmation.


[In other words, there is a high chance that the Era of Transcendents has truly arrived!] Whispering in his heart, Yu Zi Yu also asked the final question weighing on his mind.


“Have you Humans felt any changes in your bodies? “


“Changes!? “ After hesitating for a moment, the girl finally replied, “I’ve recently seen reports on television about someone able to lift a huge rock, and there was also a man running through the streets in flames. “


At this point, the girl briefly paused, pondered for a long time before finally adding, “However, they all seemed to have gone missing. “


“Is that so!? “ Yu Zi Yu smiled; he had some level of understanding as to what was going on.


If his guess was right, these people were probably the first awakened elites with abilities among Humans. Unfortunately, in the face of an institution like a country, all that ultimately awaited them was conscription.


From now on, it was a world full of darkness and slaughter. Of course, it all depended on the progress of Transcendents.


If some day, they could freely walk in the open, then a glorious era should have arrived.


However, judging by the accounts of the girl, Yu Zi Yu primarily concluded that Humans had weak affinity with Spiritual Energy.


It should be brought to notice that among the fierce beasts, war machines like the Giant Golden Eagle and Wild Boar had already appeared. Yu Zi Yu might have been able to kill them, but in terms of combat power alone, they were in no way weak.


According to Yu Zi Yu’s estimation, a full powered Golden Eagle was more than capable of rivaling fighter jets, and as for the Mutant Boars, they should be able to play with tanks.


In conclusion, Human evolution is not as fast as ordinary animals, let alone monsters like him who have truly transcended.


Yu Zi Yu felt slightly relieved, but the fog of doubt clouding his mind had still not dispersed.


These two girls, one’s name was He Qing Er, and the other’s name was He Ling Er.


Through the Shroud of Mist and Hallucinogen, Yu Zi Yu had roughly figured out that these two were unreliable. After all, when he asked the younger sister, He Ling Er, she even proposed going back and reporting the anomaly here to her grandfather, the Village Chief.


A slight chill ran through Yu Zi Yu’s heart, causing his branches to tremble slightly.


“Seems like you have chosen the road to Hell. “ Yu Zi Yu muttered as his branches slowly began to wrap around the necks of two girls, whose consciousness was still hazy.


The delicate branches were slowly creeping around their snow-white necks. With just a single command, they would perish. But after a moment, Yu Zi Yu slowly loosened the branches, as if he had thought of something.


“System, I want to upgrade the Hallucinogen ability. “


<Ding, please confirm if you want to upgrade?>


“Yes. “ Nodding, Yu Zi Yu’s Evolution Points decreased by another 10 points. The number of Evolution Points required to upgrade these Unique Abilities vary. Hallucinogen, in particular, had consumed a whopping 10 points.


As for others, the minimum was 5 points, and the most demanding was his Innate Skill skill, Super Regeneration, that required a stunning 50 points.


Although Yu Zi Yu had plenty of Evolution Points, he could not maintain this kind of consumption for long.


However, upgrading the Hallucinogen ability was necessary. Because at this moment, Yu Zi Yu had found a clever use of it.




Sneering, Yu Zi Yu already felt his body undergoing another metamorphosis.


It was somewhat elusive, hazy and indistinct.


Faintly, a strange fragrance was pervading the air.


“Holy shit, so fast!? “


Yu Zi Yu exclaimed. He could not help but be surprised by the immense power of the Evolution Points. 


In just a few breaths, his Hallucinogen ability had significantly strengthened.


Hallucinogen (Level 2) – You can greatly influence the minds of animals and even Humans, and even alter their cognition. (Caution: Requires a significant amount of energy and time)


“Pretty good.“


Yu Zi Yu nodded in gratification, extremely satisfied with his enhanced Hallucinogen ability.


As for time and energy, he had an abundance of them.


Another point worth his attention was the ‘Level 2’ after the Hallucinogen, which likely indicated the level of the ability’s strength.


If Yu Zi Yu’s guess was right, it might correspond to Tier-1, Tier-2.


In that case, there might even be Level 9 abilities in the future.


“Tsk tsk, if there is really Level 9 Hallucinogen, I’m afraid it will be possible to weave a false world on the mental plane and enslave others with a single thought. “ Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu could not help but think of a terrifying ability from an anime – Infinite Tsukuyomi. The pinnacle of illusory techniques.

Ashish: Infinite Tsukuyomi is a type of Genjutsu capable of trapping living things within an alternate dimension, known as the “Dream World” or the “Infinite Tsukuyomi World.” In Naruto, this technique is considered the most powerful Genjutsu.




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