Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 2, Evolution Points


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“So to say, I got some lethality, and I’m not weak either.”


Yu Zi Yu became a little emotional, gazing at the two to three meters green branch wantonly swaying in the night sky.


After having become a tree, he originally thought that he would remain on the other end of the beating stick for his life, enduring everything.


He never imagined that he would be given a stick to fight back in just a matter of a few days.


Yu Zi Yu broke into an amused laughter, as if he was looking at something very funny.


[How about that!? You buzzing, annoying fuckers. Come near me now, I’ll swat every single one of you!]


Over the past few days, Yu Zi Yu had had enough of those bees.


The place where Yu Zi Yu was located was a canyon, and there were many flowers around him. Whether they were fragrant or not, Yu Zi Yu basically had no idea; he did not exactly have a sense of smell anyway. In any case, there were many bees buzzing around the flowers during the day, which was quite annoying.


As for this canyon, it was worth mentioning that it spanned over a hundred meters, and its height should be hundreds of meters, or maybe more than that. It seemed to be wedged between two mountains.


As for its actual height, Yu Zi Yu had no clear estimate either.


He himself was only three, four meters tall.


And there were plenty of trees that were taller than him around him.


He was simply unable to gauge the exact height of the canyon through the dense foliage blocking his sight.


However, everything had a silver lining. His vision landed on the willows’ canopies.


Now, he had a 360 degree vision.


This feeling was very novel and strange, but it really existed.


It was like some legendary eyes.


And thanks to this vision, Yu Zi Yu’s sight was not blocked by the dense foliage above him, and he could enjoy the scenery around him to his heart’s content.



“Are these trees really able to grow this high? “


Looking around, Yu Zi Yu found that each and every single tree in the vicinity were so huge that they would need several people to finally hug them. He was quite puzzled by this fact.


There were Willow Trees among them as well. Generally, Willow Trees could only grow twenty to thirty meters tall, but these Willow Trees…




Yu Zi Yu’s heart twitched, looking at these weeping willows that could be as tall as fifty to sixty meters. This left him quite shocked.


However, he was certain about one thing.


There was something strange in the air.


At times, Yu Zi Yu would feel something warm entering his body.


This feeling was quite refreshing. It felt no different than getting a massage.


So, Yu Zi Yu did not reject it either, and even actively started to absorb it.


Of course, what Yu Zi Yu failed to notice was that he had gotten taller by two to three meters in just a few days.


It should be brought to notice that when he had just crossed over and awakened his senses, this Willow Tree was just a sapling.


Whereas he had already become a young tree.



He might be a Willow Tree, but he still retained his consciousness.


As such, Yu Zi Yu needed to take some necessary rest. He closed off his senses and acted as if he was asleep.


In the blink of an eye, most of the night was over. A faint brightness could be seen at the horizon, like the first light at the break of dawn. It was quite a beautiful sight.


At this time, a damp mist began to fill the forest.


The appearance of the hazy mist amid the lush and green trees momentarily turned this rarely visited ancient forest into a picturesque sight that resembled no different than a paradise.




Suddenly, a buzzing noise woke up Yu Zi Yu from his slumber as he subconsciously opened his eyes.


The next moment, a bee that had slowly flown into his field of vision caught his attention.


“Came to disturb my sleep once again, HUH!? “


In his anger, Yu Zi Yu suddenly froze.


In a flash, he seemed to have been struck with an inspiration, before he viciously announced,


“Ten years is not too late for a gentleman to take his revenge, and a few days is not too late for this Willow to take revenge. “


Just as he was finished, a ‘snap’ was heard, as if the air had exploded, while a green whip shadow cut through the air.


Then, there was nothing.


The buzzing noise had abruptly vanished.


At the same time, a mist of blood slowly bloomed in the air.




Watching the bee, that should have been swatted away, reduced into a mist of blood, Yu Zi Yu was a little stupefied.


[This power is beyond terrifying!]


While Yu Zi Yu was still reeling from the shock, a voice suddenly rang in his mind.


<Ding, you killed a bee, Evolution Point +0.1.>


Even though a voice rang in his mind, Yu Zi Yu was still quite calm.


This was the system’s voice, but it had only appeared once.


He had not expected to appear once again.


[It only serves as notification!?]


After having come to this conclusion, Yu Zi Yu also put this matter to rest, and instantly looked at his Evolution Points.


Indeed, it had increased by 0.1.


“This is quite a pleasant surprise! “


Yu Zi Yu’s reaction might have been half a beat slower, but he words were filled with excitement as if he had just discovered a new world.


It had to be brought to notice that he barely managed to gather 0.1 Evolution Points after basking in sunlight for an entire day.


But now, he has gained 0.1 Evolution Points by just killing a bee!


[Sure enough, killing and robbing is the way of the kings.]


[Stop, stop! What the Hell are you thinking!? You are going to be a bigshot like the Willow Deity, how can you think of killing and robbing!?]


[No. No. This is called natural selection, just natural selection!]




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