Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 21, Trees can Nurture Souls


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


It was night, slightly chilly, but with stars dotting the sky.


In one particular canyon, a misty haze had enveloped the surrounding, giving the impression as if something was gestating within it.


Yu Zi Yu was completely immersed in the depths of his body, quietly appreciating the profound transformation brought about by reaching Tier-1. 


Roots, stems, and leaves were three important parts of a tree. Each part had its respective unique qualities.


The leaves could generate mist, and which in turn could induce hallucinations, confusing others.


The stem was Yu Zi Yu’s tentacles, the thousands of branches that possessed hardness comparable to steel, and their flexibility was self-evident.


However, the most terrifying were the black roots buried deep within the ground. Their power was extremely formidable, and their hardness even surpassed the branches, instilling fear in all who saw them.


Just their power of strangulation alone put them on par with a tangle of Tier-1 Pythons attacking together.


Such immense power was the reason why Yu Zi Yu possessed the capital to rule over the forest when he reached Tier-1.


Tier-1 was akin to a whole metamorphosis.


Below that, the nine levels of Tier-0, served as a prelude to the transcendence of Tier-1, in which one’s body was gradually tempered, allowing one to adapt to the power of transcendence. Above that were the nine tiers of ascension, each tier harder than the previous, making the path to ascension awe-inspiring.


According to the information in the depths of his consciousness, if Yu Zi Yu managed to reach Tier-4 some day, it should be a piece of cake for him to gain a foothold on this planet.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu was filled with a deep sense of anticipation.



However, right at this moment, Yu Zi Yu’s branches abruptly trembled, as if sensing something. Immediately after…


*Swish swish swish* Followed by swishing sounds, his dozens of branches shot up in the sky.


In the direction they were aiming at, a streak of starlight, resembling a shooting star, happened to be streaking over. 


It was not that fast, but it was emitting a hazy halo.


No matter what it was, the fact that it was approaching at this time of the night was more than enough to arouse Yu Zi Yu’s vigilance.


Without a moment of hesitation, Yu Zi Yu launched an attack.


But the next moment, Yu Zi Yu’s heart sank.


Much to his dismay, his branches passed straight through that streaking starlight.


“It’s immune to physical attacks!?“ Yu Zi Yu could not help but be astonished, and stopped all his movements. Although he did not want to admit it, the current him only possessed physical attacks in his arsenal. As for his Hallucinogen ability, it was not an attack, rather more of a sensory confusion. It had little to no effect on this strange starlight that seemed like an energy entity.


At this moment, as the streaking starlight drew near, Yu Zi Yu came to notice something, which made his body involuntarily tremble. Looking closely at the approaching starlight, Yu Zi Yu discovered that there was a familiar figure inside it, much to his surprise.


It could either be He Qing Er or He Ling Er. It was one of the two girls he had meticulously plotted against. However, the flying figure appeared to be a little blurry and indistinct, and was surrounded by a faint glow. If it were not for the familiar face, Yu Zi Yu might not have recognized her.


“An entity made of energy!? Could it be…? “ Yu Zi Yu’s eyes widened as if he had realized something.


Race: Human (Mutated Soul)

Innate Skill: Immunity to physical attacks.

Abilities: Enhanced Psyche (Awakened) – One of the few psychic abilities that allows her to briefly exist in the world after death.

Telepathy (Awakened) – Somewhere, there is a similar flower that is connected to her mind.


Staring blankly at the streak of starlight and the status screen floating over its head, Yu Zi Yu could not help but be immersed in thoughts.


[A Soul… Hmmm, even this kind of thing has emerged!?]


[Well, it’s understandable. Given that the Era of Transcendents has arrived, the emergence of Souls is within the realm of possibility.] 


Just as Yu Zi Yu was lost in his thoughts…


*Whoosh…* A gust of wind blew, and much to Yu Zi Yu’s surprise, the streak of starlight started violently swaying along the wind. It looked like a cluster of sparks in the middle of night, on the verge of collapsing.


“Immune to physical attacks, but vulnerable to the wind!? What?“ Yu Zi Yu could not help but be speechless at the sight of this.


However, after giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu also began to understand.


At the end of the day, it was a Soul that would eventually dissipate. It was not so much that it was vulnerable to the wind, but rather the night breeze would accelerate her dissipation.


As for why she was invulnerable to the wind caused by Yu Zi Yu’s branches, Yu Zi Yu had no idea. Perhaps, the night breeze possessed some peculiar power?


Yu Zi Yu stopped delving too deep into it; the concept of Soul was far out of his reach. If transcendence shattered his grasp on reality, then the emergence of Souls revealed another aspect of the world. And this aspect of the world was so out of his reach that he could not explore it at the moment.


The streak of flickering starlight abruptly came to halt, as if it had sensed something.


Immediately after, it shot straight toward the ground, like a shooting star.


And its target was not that far from Yu Zi Yu.


“Uh…” Slightly startled, a hint of doubt appeared on Yu Zi Yu’s face.


[What is she doing?] However, just as a doubt arose in Yu Zi Yu’s heart, he suddenly trembled. Because at that moment, he felt that one of his sub-roots seemed to have gained something extra.


*Rumble!* Accompanied by tremors, a black root slowly emerged from the ground, lifting pushing aside the soil.


Yu Zi Yu’s gaze focused on the end of this black root. Much to his astonishment, he discovered a vague ethereal girl tightly hugging the root, as if she was cradling her favorite doll; her face was filled with absolute content.


Unique Ability: Soul Nurturing – As one of the best conduits for souls to linger in this world, your mutated roots are much desired by the souls. Trees can nourish souls, nothing is better than this.




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