Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 213, Approaching Spiritual Energy Tide


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


The arrival of the Ninth Beast, Brewmaster, was totally out of Yu Zi Yu’s expectations. Nonetheless, out of respect for the strong, Yu Zi Yu granted Brewmaster, the Panda, the treatment he deserved.


He already had six beasts under his command, with Thorns being the sixth.


And now, he directly skipped seventh and eighth beasts, bestowing upon the Panda the title of the Ninth Beast.


One can imagine what this signified.


At least for now, the Panda could not stop smiling.


Speaking of which, Yu Zi Yu’s inspiration for the name ‘Brewmaster’ for the Panda came from a character in a game from his previous life, just as his abilities drew inspiration from Wood Escape and other powers from various shows and movies.


The name was fitting for the Panda, whose abilities could indeed be likened to that particular ‘Brewmaster.’


He had the strength of a bear, the agility of a cat, and the control over three Elements.


His terrifying combat power once made the name Brewmaster resound throughout the world. 


And now, Yu Zi Yu had similar expectations from this Panda.


Then, as if he had thought of something, Yu Zi Yu looked toward the nearby Panda and asked, “Do you need Spirit Stones?”


“Spirit Stones? Hehe, yes, yes,” the Panda, now known as Brewmaster, responded.


Speaking of this, Brewmaster turned to look at the nearby Qing Gang and added, “Lord Divine Tree, the big guy said you have an Earth-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine, and I also have a Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine. How about we share them? After all, one Spirit Stone Mine is more than enough for one person.”


Just as he proposed this, a look of embarrassment showed up on Brewmaster’s face. After all, anyone with discerning eyes could tell that he had set his sights on the Earth-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine.


Be that as it may, Yu Zi Yu smiled and did not mind at all.


He had always intended to grant Brewmaster some of the Earth-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine. A talent like him needed Spirit Stones, especially those of different attributes, to greatly enhance his strength. As for the Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine mentioned by Brewmaster, it was totally out of his expectations.


He raised his eyes and looked at the Qing Gang, who nodded his affirmation. 


“I see,” Yu Zi Yu muttered in his heart with some realization. 


[I guess there is a pretty big Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine deep in Raya Mountains.] With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu agreed, “Of course, we can share our Earth-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine.”


He then added, “Do you mind if I move the Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine from your place to here?”


“No, not at all,” Brewmaster replied, shaking his head repeatedly.


He then took another big sip of wine, and added, grinning foolishly, “The Fire-Attribute Spirit Stones are of little use to me now. So, there is no harm giving them to Lord Divine Tree. I seem to have taken advantage of Lord Divine Tree this time.”


Having said this, the plump Panda, in the bewildered gazes of many Mutant Beasts, fell on the ground, intoxicated.


*Haa…* Yu Zi Yu sighed, feeling a bit helpless as he looked at Brewmaster.


Of course, he felt more joy for the addition of the Ninth Great Beast in his group.


He then shifted his gaze to the nearby Qing Gang, and asked, “Qing Gang, moving the Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine should not be difficult with your current strength, right?”


“Not at all,” Qing Gang replied confidently, grinning. “Lord Divine Tree, I can easily create a tunnel to Raya Mountains by myself. After which, we can ask some Storm Wolves and Wild Boars to help with the transportation.”


“That’s great.” Yu Zi Yu nodded his satisfaction.


This was the terror of an Earth Elemental Lifeform.


Compared to the hard work he had put into excavating underground tunnels, Qing Gang could easily create one on his own now.


There was no need for further discussion, or rather, no more words were necessary.


The discovery of a Fire-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine was immensely beneficial to the entire North Canyon.


Nine Tails and the Human form of Ling Er both needed Fire-Attribute Spirit Stones.


Of course, Yu Zi Yu might need them as well. Simply absorbing one type of Element could have side effects. But if he could gather different types of Spirit Stone Mines, he could neutralize those effects.


With his terrifying absorption speed, he could easily and rapidly increase his Spiritual Energy in a short time. This might be the fastest way for him to accumulate millions of Spiritual Energy.


Different attributes of Spirit Stone Mines would also be hugely beneficial to him in various ways.


Since an Earth-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine had allowed Yu Zi Yu to develop an Earth Element Divine Ability, other attribute Spirit Stone Mines were likely to be just as helpful.


Yu Zi Yu could not help but be filled with a sense of anticipation. 


It was worth mentioning that Spirit Stone Mines were generally quite large. Even a small Spirit Stone Mine was enough for a person to cultivate for several years.


Although the Mutant Beasts of North Canyon were powerful, a small Spirit Stone Mine could still support their cultivation for quite a number of years. As such, they did not need to worry about depleting the Spirit Stone Mine.


For instance, Yu Zi Yu’s medium-sized Earth-Attribute Spirit Stone Mine had depleted by one-tenth only even after Yu Zi Yu and the others had cultivated for such a long time. Furthermore, most of this one-tenth got depleted when Yu Zi Yu developed the Earth-Attribute Divine Ability–Crystallization.


This showed just how vast Spirit Stone Mines could be.



Meanwhile, out of Yu Zi Yu’s knowledge, at the parliament of China, the nine people with the highest authority in China were meeting, and all of them happened to be wearing solemn looks on their faces.


“It’s not just our China; the concentration of Spiritual Energy in every continent is abnormal. If our speculation is correct, the second round of the Spiritual Energy Tide mentioned in the Spiritual Energy Tide Theory is about to sweep through the globe in one or two days,” warned the Director of the Spiritual Energy Monitoring Bureau, standing up with a serious expression.


“The Spiritual Energy Tide sweeping through the globe… Haaaa…” The President of China heaved a sigh as his expression darkened.


Then, as if he remembered something, he asked , “What do you expect will happen this time?”


As he asked this, the President of China looked around at everyone.


Aside from General Li, all nine of China’s most influential figures were present.


As for General Li, according to the President of China’s speculation, odds were against him.


Unfortunately, with the impending Spiritual Energy Tide sweeping through the globe, there was hardly any time to deal with this matter.


At this moment, hearing the President of China’s question, an elderly woman stood up and responded, “If my speculation is correct, this time the continent will experience an epic-level upheaval.”


Saying this, the elderly woman added a reminder, “So please be prepared for the Dark Age.”


“…” The President of China fell silent, a rare ordeal in itself.




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