Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 217, The Disappeared Nine Tails & Bull Demon

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin




In the far reaches of the western desert…


*Thud, thud, thud…* Accompanied by heavy footsteps, two figures slowly emerged.


One was a Black Bull, very robust, and with two huge crescent horns stained with blood.


At a glance, an imposing aura was emanating from it.


However, what was puzzling was that every time this Black Bull’s hooves touched the ground, instead of sending sand flying, it created a vortex beneath its feet.


It appeared as if it was supported by an invisible force, and this gave off a strange impression that could not be explained with words alone.


The other figure, on the other hand, was different. 


Or rather, this figure exuded an extreme sense of flamboyance.


Its fiery red fur billowed like a cascade of silk, while its eyes concealed a flickering, enigmatic flame within their depths.


However, what was most astonishing was that this fox had two tails.


Yes, two tails complementing each other. Even if they gently swayed, they stirred up a frenzy of sand.


It was none other than Bull Demon and Nine Tails. Old First and Old Second of the nine Great Beasts under Yu Zi Yu’s commands. One was as steady as ever, and the other was even more captivating.


“Elder Sister, it’s about time we head back, right?” 


“Mhmm.” Nodding slightly, Nine Tails stated in a Human voice, “This did take quite a bit of time.”


Her voice was quite pleasant, resembling the melodious notes of a yellow oriole, it was clear and loud but also gentle and soft. In Human terms, her voice could be described as mature and elegant.


However, what was astonishing was that a Mutant Beast like Nine Tails was actually speaking. If Yu Zi Yu found out about this, he would probably have a hard time believing it.


However, at this moment, as if remembering something, Bull Demon growled in anger, “If it weren’t for that damned Desert Snake King, how could we have been delayed until now?”


*Haaa…* Sighing, Nine Tails also felt somewhat helpless.


Having being the target of a ruler of the desert like the Desert Snake King was definitely not a good thing for her. If it were not for Bull Demon’s arrival, she had no idea how much longer she could have held her own against the Desert Snake King.


Moreover, it was worth mentioning that the Desert Snake King was a Tier-2 Transcendent.


Even though it had just broken through, with a Spiritual Energy of just over 130,000, it was still unquestionably a Tier-2 Transcendent. Nonetheless, despite being such a formidable creature, it had not been able to defeat Nine Tails for a long time.


Even more surprisingly, when Bull Demon arrived, his fangs-like horns tore through more than half of the Desert Snake King’s body, inflicting severe injuries.


It was a proof in itself of how much the two beasts that had followed Yu Zi Yu from the beginning had grown.


Furthermore, Bull Demon had awakened the Gravity Field and had his own buff. No matter how strong one was, once one entered his field, they would have their combat power reduced.


And relying on precise control of the Gravity Field, Bull Demon could easily slaughter hordes of weak Mutant Creatures.


For instance, not that long ago, he first used tenfold gravity and then reversed the gravity.


The juxtaposition of these two bizarre forces had squashed a den of Mutant Sand Snake before they could even react.


And this was the Bull Demon of today. He had already begun to touch the terrifying existence of the supreme power of gravity.


Apart from Bull Demon, Nine Tails, in her current state, was even more admirable and formidable.


When she ventured into the desert, not only did Nine Tails advance to Tier-1 Transcendent, but she also evolved a peculiar bone in her throat that Yu Zi Yu had mentioned.


In true sense, she had achieved the ability to speak.


However, this was not the extent of Nine Tails’ harvest.


As a formidable Mutant Beast who had managed to survive the chase of a Tier-2 Transcendent for half a year without suffering any harm, her journey in the desert this time had brought her astonishing encounters.


A Spirit Flower with nine petals happened to be blossoming in the depths of the desert.


It was this very Spirit Flower that Nine Tails had devoured.


Although she had been pursued by the Desert Snake King for half a year, Nine Tails had truly gained a formidable talent this time.


However, rather than saying she gained it, it was more like she unlocked a terrifying Innate Talent unique to the Fox Clan, hidden deep within her bloodline.


There was a legend among Humans.


According to the legend, there existed a branch within the Fox Clan that was the cleverest and most mysterious of them all. Furthermore, the legend stated that the number of their tails would continue to increase along with their cultivation.


They would have grown two more tails after a hundred years of cultivation, and would be known as Fox Monsters, and with a thousand years of cultivation, they would have a total six tails, becoming Spirit Foxes. And when the number of their tails had reached nine, they would have already achieved the supreme realm in the world of monsters. No one knew how many years of cultivation it would require to reach this stage.


Be that as it may, according to the legends, when a Fox had grown a total of nine tails, they would become a peerless monster, capable of having god-like powers, and were known as the ‘Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox’!


It might have been just a legend, yet its enduring existence over such a long time suggested the possibility of concealed truths.


And the Innate Talent Nine Tails had now awakened was the mysterious Bloodline Talent called Celestial Fox. This talent also happened to carry the hope that Yu Zi Yu initially placed on the name of the Red Fox, ‘Nine Tails.’


Bloodline Talent: Celestial Fox — It can grow an additional tail with each advancement, each tail carrying a formidable talent.


Within this very simple description, an unprecedented Bloodline Talent was unveiled.


And this was the current Nine Tails.


A formidable existence that was worth Yu Zi Yu’s anticipation, and one that could even be nurtured with great effort.


At this moment, Nine Tails and Bull Demon suddenly stopped and slowly raised their heads.


Even though they were separated by millions of kilometers, inexplicable fluctuations struck the strings of their hearts.


“That direction is!?” Murmuring to herself, Nine Tails’ eyes flickered with a hint of brilliance.


“Misty Mountains!” Bull Demon responded in an unusually grave voice, deeply gazing toward the east.


Misty Mountains. The strange fluctuations were coming from their home.


Under the resonance of these strange fluctuations, they felt as if they were being summoned as an urge to take a step forward surged within them.


*Ha…* Exhaling a long deep breath, Nine Tails and Bull Demon exchanged glances, and saw the seriousness in each other’s eyes. 


“Let’s go,” Nine Tails shouted, her fiery red fur starting to flutter.


In a moment, she transformed into a magnificent streak of light, rushing straight toward the direction of Misty Mountain.


Whereas Bull Demon’s hooves pawed the desert sand.


*Moo…* The next moment, a bellow filled with energy reverberated through the desert before he transformed into a streak of black torrent, rushing straight toward Nine Tails.


However, what they did not know was that the current state of Misty Mountains was far more terrifying than they could imagine. Or rather, Yu Zi Yu’s act of introducing the Spiritual Energy Tide to Misty Mountains had attracted too many greedy gazes.


Swathes after swaths of Mutant Beasts converged from all directions like tides.


What was worse, it had even affected the nearby Human cities.


In the sky, densely packed flights of avian creatures were crossing over the city’s airspace, heading toward Misty Mountains.


However, it was also at this moment, deep within North Canyon…


A cold laughter slowly echoed in the air.


“The impromptu plan crafted just before the arrival of the second wave of the Spiritual Energy Tide has proven to be worthwhile.”


The voice carried a touch of cruelty and deep amusement. Of course, even more so, there was an undisguised satisfaction.



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