Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 218, Terrifying Beast Tide

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Indeed, Yu Zi Yu had made a plan, and his plan was to use the Spiritual Energy to attract numerous Mutant Beasts. Except, he had not expected that it would attract so many Mutant Beasts, to the point that it formed a huge beast tide. 


*Ha ha ha…* Smacking his lips, a trace of anticipation welled up in Yu Zi Yu’s eyes.


[Hundreds of thousands of Evolution Points or maybe even millions!] With a light smile on his face, Yu Zi Yu’s Spiritual Energy surged slowly through his body.


The only concern Yu Zi Yu had at this moment was whether going on such a killing spree would cause damage to the environment or not.


But after giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu suppressed the last trace of worry in his heart. It was an era of impending chaos, where the strong were respected. And he was just protecting a group of creatures.


Finding a reason convincing enough for himself, a firm resolve flashed in Yu Zi Yu’s eyes.


Moments later… Spiritual Energy surged like a tide, constantly flowing toward his roots.


*Boom, boom, boom…* The ground started shaking continuously. The entire Misty Mountains seemed as if waking up from its slumber.


Waking up like a ferocious beast of the prehistoric era.


Just the terrifying aura filling the forest alone made the pupils of countless Mutant Beasts contract.


But at this moment, whether they should retreat or not was no longer up to them; there was a torrent behind them.


Attempting to retreat at this point meant certain death. Countless Mutant Beasts had their eyes bloodshot with greed, and they would not hesitate to trample over the hesitant ones in front. Because of this, even though countless Mutant Beasts sense a huge impending crisis ahead, they could only grit their teeth and charge ahead. 


*Boom, boom, boom…” Like waves, the beast tide poured into the outer periphery of Misty Mountains.




Or maybe 5,000…


Or perhaps even 10,000.


No one could say for sure. But the momentum was like a thousand horses galloping, it completely shook the entire Misty Mountains.


The continuous vibrations spread through the earth and reached the heart of North Canyon.


But before the Mutant Beasts in the depths of North Canyon, who were still immersed in their cultivation, could open their eyes, a gentle voice rang in their ears, “Don’t worry, continue with your cultivation, leave this to me.”


Yu Zi Yu’s gentle as a spring breeze voice immediately calmed their hearts. As a result, one by one, the Mutant Beasts chose to return to their cultivation in silence.


At this moment, looking at the black beast tide blotting the outer periphery of Misty Mountains…


*Huuu…* Yu Zi Yu let out a long, deep breath.


“Today, the mountains will be stained with blood.” As he spoke, the earth suddenly split apart with rumbles.


The next moment, a deep and bottomless crevice, dozens of meters wide, continued to extend into the distance.


At this moment, if one looked closely, they would definitely notice a terrifying root resembling a Dragon rising from the earth with a deafening roar.


This was one of Yu Zi Yu’s sub-roots.


It stretched for dozens of kilometers, reaching the outer periphery. Even just rising a little from the ground had torn the earth apart.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Much to the horror of countless crazed Mutant Beasts, a chasm as deep as an abyss started extending from afar accompanied by deafening rumbles.


In the blink of an eye, hundreds of Mutant Beasts were swallowed by the crack in the ground before they could even react, or rather they simply had no idea how to react to this situation.


*Roar, Roar, Roar…*


Amidst the mournful wails, Yu Zi Yu’ sub-root rose from the depths of the crack before countless tiny rootlets shot out like poisonous Snakes.


*Schlick, schlick, schlick…”


Accompanied by crisp and clear sounds, the tiny rootlets struck with deadly precision, killing these Mutant Beasts that had fallen into the crevice with one attack.


Then, the tiny rootlets coiled around the carcasses, wrapping them up like dumplings and suspending them on the sub-root.


<Ding! You killed Tier-0 Level 5 Mutant Wild Boar, Evolution Points +50>


<Ding! You killed Tier-0 Level 3 Mutant Rabbit, Evolution Points +30>


<Ding! You killed a Tier-0 Level 3 Mutant Frog, Evolution Points +30>



Clear chimes of the system notifications sounded one after another, but Yu Zi Yu them no mind. Instead, a determined expression filled his face.


“Rise.”m The next moment, a towering tree root, resembling a Dragon, rose from the earth with a deafening roar, hanging on it were the heads of countless Mutant Beasts.


And at that moment,


*Boom…* Accompanied by a terrifying howl, a violent wind swept through the forest before a dark shadow cast above countless Mutant Beasts.


But before they could react, the sub-root that had risen from the ground slammed down hard.


*Bam!* The next moment, a heavy and resounding rumble shook the Heavens and the Earth as an even more terrifying crack extended toward the horizon, as if the very earth had been ripped asunder.


At the same time, the nauseating scent of blood grew thicker.


At this moment, if one paid attention to Yu Zi Yu’s sub-root, they would see that it was stained red with blood.


With just this strike, hundreds or even thousands of Mutant Beasts had been forever buried deep within the earth.


<Ding! You killed Tier-0 Level 3 Mutant Fox, Evolution Points +30>


<Ding! You killed Tier-0 Level 5 Mutant Black Bull, Evolution Points +50>



The clear notification sounds continued unabated.


Be that as it may, when he gazed at the still incoming tide of Mutant Beasts, Yu Zi Yu curled his lips, revealing a cruel smile.


“It seems that I’m not ruthless enough.” Saying this, Yu Zi Yu turned his gaze at the sky.


Countless flying creatures happened to be continuously rushing in, like a sea of black clouds.


“Shoot them down,” as Yu Zi Yu spoke, his main body trembled slightly before countless willow leaves fell one after another.


After a moment, before anyone could react, willow leaves swished toward the sky in succession.


*Schlick, schlick, schlick…” With the crisp sounds akin to blades cutting through flesh and blood gushing out, countless avian creatures fell from the sky like kites with broken strings, wailing in despair.


This was a massacre.


A true massacre.


At least until a really powerful beast emerged, Yu Zi Yu’s sub-roots and willow leaves were enough to massacre these invading Mutant Beasts.


But just at that moment, as if sensing something, Yu Zi Yu’s face suddenly changed ever so slightly.


*Rooaar..* The next moment, a Tiger’s roar shook the mountains and forests, rocking the entire mountain range.


In the distance, a giant Yellow Tiger, the size of a small mountain, pounced towards Yu Zi Yu, landing heavily on his thick sub-root.


After a moment, its paw, brimming with astonishing Spiritual Energy, ruthlessly slapped down, knocking Yu Zi Yu’s thick sub-root down a little with a bang.


“Peak Tier-1 Transcendent!?” Yu Zi Yu’s heart sank slightly as he narrowed his eyes.


In the distance, he spotted several Mutant Beasts exuding terrifying auras emerging from the horde of beasts.


A fearsome Black Bear, several meters tall, with a savage look in its eyes.


A giant Black Python the size of a water barrel…


And behind them, countless Mutant Beasts pounced toward Yu Zi Yu’s sub-root.


“Interesting.” Yu Zi Yu smiled in his heart, showing no concern.


Rather, he allowed these Mutant Beasts to press down on his root.


However, there was no denying that there was strength in numbers.


In just a moment, Yu Zi Yu felt as if his sub-root no longer belonged to him. The overwhelming weight of the root made him somewhat unable to bear it.


Not to mention that the Mutant Beasts were vigorously mobilizing their Spiritual Energy, attempting to tear through the defense of Yu Zi Yu’s sub-root.


At this moment, if one were to look along Yu Zi Yu’s sub-root, they would surely see that his entire sub-root was being pressed by countless Mutant Beasts above the ground.


Each Mutant Beast was like a black spot, but there were so many of them that Yu Zi Yu’s entire root was dyed completely black.


People with Trypophobia would probably faint just by looking at it.



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