Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 219, Mist Storm & the Might of Tier-3 Transcendent

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“You all can just go to Hell.” As the corner of Yu Zi Yu’s lips curled into a cold smile, his Spiritual Energy started surging.


In a moment, much to the horror of countless Mutant Beasts, the thick sub-root to which they clung began exuding an ominous and formidable suction force.


*Boom!* The next moment, like a huge fish gulping water, a storm visible to the naked eye appeared.


Immediately, the Mutant Beasts lying on the tree roots flinched slightly. However, before they could react, their Spiritual Energy started leaking wildly from their bodies like a flood.


*Roar, Roar, Roar…* One wail after another rang as weaker Mutant Beasts were directly drained of their life force, becoming nothing more than husks of skin.


As for the stronger Mutant Beasts, they were having a really hard time holding on.


Even the giant Yellow Tiger that was as large as a small mountain bit off its own paw and retreated like crazy.


At this moment, when the fleeing Mutant Beasts looked at Yu Zi Yu’s sub-root, their eyes happened to be filled with fear.


[A demon, a true demon.] 


The Mutant Beasts cried in astonishment in their hearts. They wished they could grow two more legs to escape this Hell.


However, could they?


Yu Zi Yu pursed his lips into a smile as he extracted the tremendous amount of Spiritual Energy from his root, using it as nutrients for himself.


“Ha, I’m the natural nemesis of Mutant Beasts.” Yu Zi Yu lightly sighed before a cold smile played on his lips.


The next moment, Yu Zi Yu’s sub-root lying flat on the ground suddenly shook. Then, in the despairing gazes of the innumerable Mutant Beasts, countless tiny rootlets on the sub-root suddenly rose up. 


*Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…” Immediately after, they swept through the sky and earth in an instant, like a plaque of Pythons.


Most of the Mutant Beasts could not even escape in time before they were pierced through. Then, even more terrifying suction force emanated from the small rootlets.


At this moment, if one looked toward Misty Mountains, they would surely witness a shocking scene.


Countless rootlets reaching the Heavens and Earth charged toward the beast tide, like a den of poisonous Snakes. 


As the ancient saying goes, use the enemy force to achieve one’s own goals.


And now, Yu Zi Yu, by virtue of his ability to consume Spiritual Energy through the roots, had used the Spiritual Energy of countless Mutant Beasts to nourish his own.


This way, Yu Zi Yu was able to unleash astonishing power without expending too much energy, truly achieving the ability to fight thousands, or even tens of thousands of enemies single-handedly.


This was the advantage of being a tree. It was also the incredible power that could only be displayed by plants.


When plants became powerful, they did not have to be afraid of being surrounded.


Roots, stems, leaves, all were extensions of their limbs.


As long as there was enough Spiritual Energy, they could use as many as they wanted.


At this moment, sharp and piercing croaks rang through the forest as the temperature in half of Misty Mountains began to rise.


Looking up, a wave of fire could be seen at the horizon, rushing toward Misty Mountains.


“Well, what’s that!?”


Yu Zi Yu narrowed his eyes, focusing his gaze toward those unknown flying birds in the sky.


Race: Mutant Vulture

Rank: Tier-1 Transcendent

Innate Talent: Wings of Flame – As a Fire-Attribute bird, it possesses unique wings of flame, which not only grant it instant explosive burst in speed and power but it can also create waves of fire.

Unique Abilities: Scavenging – By consuming corpses, it can significantly increase its own Spiritual Energy and even heal injuries.

Waves of Flame – It can create a wave of fire with a flap of its wings.

Meteor Firestorm – Flapping its wings and hissing, it stirs up its Spiritual Energy, and creates meteor-like projectiles by compressing flames that bombard the earth.


“Mutant Birds from the desert, and Tier-1 Transcendents at that…” Yu Zi Yu muttered to himself as his pupils slightly contracted.


It was because this time it was not just one or two of them, but a total of seven.


Seven Fire-Attribute Tier 1 Transcendent Birds, what did that mean!?


In the next moment, they had already provided Yu Zi Yu with an answer.


*Hiss, hiss, hiss…* Accompanied by sharp and piercing hisses, these seven extremely large Mutant Vultures came to a halt in mid-air.


Then, in the next moment, dense Fire-Attribute Spiritual Energy began to gather in the sky.


It was fast. Very fast.


In the blink of an eye, the horizon was dyed red. It looked as if swathes of clouds were on fire.


It had to be brought to notice that it was in the middle of the night.


But these guys had dyed the clouds of the night sky red. More importantly, countless football-sized fireballs had gradually formed high in the sky.


“You’re courting death.” Yu Zi Yu roared as a trace of anger flared up on his face.


He did not attach much importance to a single Mutant Vulture. But when these seven simultaneously manipulated the Fire Element, it was not as simple as one plus one. Moreover, judging by its momentum in the sky, it gave the impression that it would sweep through half of Misty Mountains.


Obviously, these mongrels intended to bury the entire Misty Mountains. After all, as far as they were concerned, so long as there were carcasses left, it was enough.


By the time they had burned everything to ashes, this Spiritual Land, which was nurturing the colorful Spiritual Energy, would belong to them.


Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s expression grew colder. Originally, he had wanted to hold back a bit. But by the looks of it, he could not hold back any longerr.


At least, looking at the sky, where fireballs were falling like raindrops, Yu Zi Yu had no intention of holding back.


While these fireballs posed no threat to Yu Zi Yu, half of Misty Mountains that he had cultivated for such a long time would be razed to the ground.


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu’s vast and boundless Spiritual Energy suddenly spewed forth.


“Mist Storm.” With a low shout, the fog that enveloped the entire Misty Mountains started glittering like a starry night.


These were traces of surging Spiritual Energy. It was also Yu Zi Yu’s deeper understanding of Mastery of Mist.


After a while, the dense mist started billowing, forming a huge vortex.


*Boom, boom, boom…* Rotating, it kept accelerating until it became a towering storm of mist.


But what startled all the Mutant Beasts was that this mist storm covered dozens of kilometers, blocking out the sky.


And right at this very moment, the Meteor Firestorm created by the seven Mutant Vultures also came bearing down one after another.


*Boom Boom Boom…* The next moment, explosions rang one after another as the fireballs crashed into the accelerating storm, setting off earth-shattering explosions.


Much to the seven Mutant Vultures’ surprise, this monstrous Mist Storm had actually blocked all of their attacks.


If not for the fact that at this moment, the grayish mist storm had been dyed red by the flames and turned into a storm of flames, they would have doubted whether their attacks had even been launched.


But just at this moment, a loud and resonant shout suddenly echoed across the sky.


“Die.” Followed by the roar, a humongous arm suddenly emerged from the sea of fire and storm.


This arm was incredibly huge, as big as the sky itself. Furthermore, it happened to be composed of mist.


And at this moment, this arm formed from mist and with flames entwined around it reached toward the seven Mutant Vultures in the sky.


The hand had covered the entire sky, nothing less than that. This was the true power of Tier-3 Transcendent. One could contend against an entire nation alone.



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