Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 22, He Qing Er!! Soul-Nourishing Tree


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Uh… am I a walking treasure trove? “ Mocking himself, Yu Zi Yu looked at the ethereal girl holding onto the black tree root, with a mixed feeling. 


The concept of trees nurturing souls was not unfamiliar to him.


In his memories, there were stories of a divine tree called the ‘Soul-Nourishing Tree.’ Its branches alone, worn on the body, could nourish the mind and soul, gradually strengthening them. 


Though Yu Zi Yu’s roots might not have such exaggerated effects, they should still have some degree of soul nourishing properties. However, the current situation was completely out of his expectation and put him in a tough spot.


After making a difficult decision to eliminate the two girls, they had unexpectedly come knocking at his door after her death.


[Wait a minute, after death!?] As if he had realized something, Yu Zi Yu was momentarily stunned.


[There is only one soul, and they were two sisters. In other words, the other girl is still alive…] Coming to this conclusion, Yu Zi Yu’s heart was slightly troubled with worries. This was extremely bad news.


It must be brought to notice that although his Hallucinogen ability could change the memories, it was not permanent. If they were subjected to some kind of stimulation, the likelihood of their memories resurfacing was quite high.


*Haaaa….* taking a long, deep breath, Yu Zi Yu tried to calm himself down. It was useless to panic at this moment.


Furthermore, it might still be possible to salvage the situation.


With just a thought…


*Screech! Screech! Screech! * The Mutant Peregrine Falcons perching on the tree rose into air, letting out sharp, high-pitched screams. 


If necessary, he could send the Peregrine Falcon to rectify everything. However, in doing so, the Peregrine Falcon would be exposed.


Yu Zi Yu took another deep breath, filled with rare hesitation. But right then, a faint thought suddenly echoed in his mind.


“Who am I? Where am I? Who are you? “ It was the standard three questions that slightly took Yu Zi Yu aback.


He smiled, seeing the nearby ethereal girl, who had just opened her eyes, with a look of confusion on her face. [She must have lost her memories, or more accurately, her soul should be incomplete, and she can’t remember most of her past life. But, that might be for the better. Sometimes, it is better to forget some things.]


Right at that moment, Yu Zi Yu softly murmured, as if he had realized something, “Telepathy!“


[That’s right, Telepathy. It’s the Unique Ability of this Mutated Soul, it’s probably because she and the other girl are twins.The awakening of her psychic abilities might allow her to sense the other girl’s condition. In that case…] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu could not help but laugh.


By the looks of it, he had found a better solution.



In the stillness of the night, with moonlight casting shadows, a Willow Tree stood in the depths of a canyon shrouded in a mist. Beneath the Willow Tree, a segment of the black root emerged from the soil, and perched upon it was a small ethereal figure. Like a sprite, the palm-sized girl happened to be lying curled up, clutching her legs at the end of the root.


“Master, my perception is a bit hazy,“ The girl stated, lifting her head and gazing at the Willow Tree with adoration. The intimate feeling that was rising from the depths of her Soul made her wholeheartedly trust this mysterious existence, as if this Willow Tree was everything to her.


And why not? After her death, He Qing Er was a soul without a body, if she were to lose Yu Zi Yu, she would vanish from the face of the earth. Therefore, it was not an exaggeration to say that Yu Zi Yu was everything to her.


“A bit hazy!? “ Yu Zi Yu pondered for a moment, then suddenly moved a branch above the girl’s head. The branch slowly snapped, dripping a few drops of glistening essence.


“I wonder if my essence will be of any use to you. “ Yu Zi Yu was a bit uncertain, but this was the only means to help He Qing Er.


And the reason why he was helping He Qing Er was because after a brief conversation with her, Yu Zi Yu discovered that besides recalling her own name, the rest of her memories were completely blank, like a white piece of paper.


And this happened to align with Yu Zi Yu’s intentions. A girl like her was suitable to be cultivated.


*Drip…* As the Life Essence dripped on He Qing Er, her ethereal body suddenly shook. Right then, something marvelous happened, her body had solidified to some extent.


He could even catch a glimpse of her uncovered beautiful hills and valleys.


Of course, it was only visible to Yu Zi Yu.


For some reason, neither the Red Fox nor the Peregrine Falcons could see the girl; instead, it was Yu Zi Yu who could see her and perceive her thoughts and desires.


[Is it because I have some kind of mysterious connection with her? Or maybe, it is because her Soul was resting on my roots, which enables me to easily sense what she is thinking if I ever wish to check?]




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