Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 220, The Three Generals

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


A deafening boom reverberated through the half of the night sky.


*Hiss, hiss, hiss…* Suddenly, sharp and shrill hisses echoed, shaking the entire sky. The Mutant Vultures not only did not retreat but shot forward with even more ferocious flames, charging straight toward the humongous hand of mist. 


“You guys are courting death.” A cold snort escaped Yu Zi Yu’s lips.


[Do I really look like an easy target? Or have they grown accustomed to flaunting their strength in the desert that they dared to act arrogantly even here?] Thinking of this, Yu Zi Yu’s anger flared even more.


At the same time, the Spiritual Energy surging within the towering giant hand became even more terrifying.


Faintly, silver electric arcs could be found lingering inside and around the hand.


Yu Zi Yu’s Spiritual Energy was so strong that it distorted the magnetic field, resulting in the phenomenon of lightning and thunder.


This phenomena was a proof in itself of the might of Yu Zi Yu’s giant mist hand.


Despite this, the Mutant Vultures continued to flap their fiery wings and charge ahead. It was clear how ignorant they were of their own capabilities.


“They are courting their own disaster, I guess.” With a cold smile, Yu Zi Yu’s palm descended upon them.


The very next moment, a deafening crash shook the sky, giving the impression as if the sky itself was about to collapse.


Faintly mournful cries could be heard as Yu Zi Yu’s misty giant hand brought all seven of them crashing down to the earth.


They resisted and struggled. However, everything was futile in the face of Yu Zi Yu’s vast Spiritual Energy.


This was an insurmountable disparity in levels.


Moments later, with a deafening crash, the plain forest had been reduced into a valley as Yu Zi Yu’s enormous mist palm embedded itself deep into the earth.


At this moment, if one were to look from the sky, they would lay witness to waves of dust tens of meters high billowing outward and numerous cracks extending from the edge of Yu Zi Yu’s giant palm. 


The resulting shockwaves uprooted the nearby trees, and even sent some smaller Mutant Beasts flying.


This was the might of Yu Zi Yu’s palm.


It was also one of those rare times when he had used 30% of his full strength.


However, at this moment, as he slowly raised his gaze, looking at the sky, and even the vast land below, Yu Zi Yu’s pupils could not help but shrink a little.


The endless tide of beasts that could not be killed truly vexed him.


Yu Zi Yu was now vexed. Although he had only made two moves, he had already killed tens of thousands. Not to mention the thousands of Mutant Beasts he directly slaughtered, the most terrifying part was the carnage left in the wake of his actions.


Just like now, countless rootlets from his sub-root were still acting like a plague of Pythons, strangling any Mutant Beast that came near.


In the sky, the terrifying storm of mist and gusts of wind swept away countless birds, keeping them at bay.


Even if there were some Mutant Birds that wanted to push their way through, they would be instantly killed.


Only a few feathers and drops of blood would fall.


And right at this moment, the corners of Yu Zi Yu’s lips curled up slightly, as if sensing something.


“You are awake!?”


Saying this, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze turned toward a nearby young girl who appeared to be emerging from the flames.


It was none other than Ling Er, the Human body with astonishing Fire Elemental Talent possessed by Qing Er astonishing.


“Master, do you need us to take action?”


A faint smile tugged the corner of Ling Er’s lips, who was surrounded by fluttering fiery red butterflies.


“Would you like to?” Yu Zi Yu asked with interest, smiling.


“But of course! I don’t even know how strong I’m right now.” Saying that, Ling Er lifted her toe.


In an instant, she transformed into a streak of fiery red light, disappearing from Yu Zi Yu’s sight.


However, feeling the extremely powerful Fire Element Energy, Yu Zi Yu could not help but narrow his eyes.


[This girl… She seems to have already become a peak Tier-1 Transcendent, just a step away from becoming a Tier-2 Transcendent.]  With these thoughts, Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze.


The next moment, one Mutant Beast after another awakening from slumber entered his sight.


“Lord Divine Tree,” everyone shouted in unison, their growls filled with determination.


“Have you all advanced as well?” Lightly chuckling, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze locked onto Honey Badger, Armored Wild Boar, and Golden Monkey, the three Generals.


“Lord Divine Tree, we are willing to charge into battle for you,” stepping forward, the mischievous Golden Monkey, holding a wooden stick, spoke with a serious expression.


“Erm…” Slightly taken aback, Yu Zi Yu nodded as he looked at the determined expressions of Honey Badger and Armored Wild Boar behind Golden Monkey. 


“Go ahead.” At his words, the three Generals exchanged glances before sharing a knowing smile.


[Generals are born for charging into battle. Today, we should demonstrate our dominance.] With these thoughts, an incredibly powerful surge of Spiritual Energy began to rise.


*Crackle, crackle…* Suddenly, lightning crackled in the sky as a thunderbolt as thick as a water bucket fell from the sky.


*Growl..* Honey Badger growled as the hair of his silver mane stood on their ends. At the same time, crackling electric arcs surged around him.


“Lord Divine Tree, I’m going,” addressing Yu Zi Yu with this title for the first time, Honey Badger shot him a deep look.


Then, with a flash of lightning, he disappeared from the depths of North Canyon. The only thing remained were the arcs of electricity, seemingly telling the tales of his amazing speed.


At this moment, Golden Monkey also climbed onto Armored Wild Boar’s back.


“Brother Boar, aren’t you going to charge?” Taking a gourd from his waist and sipping from it, Golden Monkey scratched his head and asked with a laugh.


*Snort snort…* After making two consecutive grunts, Armored Wild Boar, standing at a height of 10 meters, resembling a black fortress from a distance, began his charge into the distance.


Along the way, even the trees strengthened by colorful Spiritual Energy seemed as fragile as paper, easily splintering into distance.


What was even more unbelievable was that Armored Wild Boar was getting faster and faster as he continued to charge, displaying the momentum of never backing down.


Barbaric Charge – The more it runs, the faster its speed becomes, until its speed can not be controlled. At that point, Armored Wild Boar is the most terrifying


This was a terrifying ability, and it was the most suitable for charging into battle.


With this one ability, Armored Wild Boar was more than capable of penetrating deep into the enemy lines.


As for whether he would return alive, that would depend on luck.


In case there were Mutant Beasts capable of breaking his defenses, he would then be in trouble.


However, after giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu could not help but smile wryly.


Armored Wild Boar’s defenses could already be described as terrifying at Tier-0.


And now when he has become a Tier-1 Transcendent, and his body is surrounded by a layer of Spiritual Energy, Mutant Beasts capable of breaching his defenses should be few and far between.


And even if there were any, it was not a problem either, as Golden Monkey was also there.


However, Yu Zi Yu could not help but feel that Golden Monkey seemed a bit different from before. He had changed a little but Yu Zi Yu could not quite put his finger on it.


[It’s like he has become smarter, or should I say more mature.] In a rare moment of perplexity, Yu Zi Yu gazed at the back of Golden Monkey, his eyes flickering.



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