Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 221, The Strange Staff Technique

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


In Misty Mountains, the tranquility of this mountain range was disrupted on this very night. 


Roars and growls reverberated through the night sky.


Countless Mutant Beasts were charging toward Misty Mountains like madmen. At this moment, their instinctive desire from deep within their bodies was secondary; it was the smell of blood that drove them now.


Everywhere, crimson blood was flowing down the ravines, so much so that even the mist was tinted with a reddish hue.


*Roar…* A Bear’s roar reverberated through the forest as a massive Mutant Brown Bear charged through the forest.


With a crisp snap, a thin rootlet ruthlessly struck the Brown Bear. However, what was astonishing was that this thick-skinned Bear resisted the lash and even grabbed hold of a thin rootlet.


*Roar, Roar…* The Mutant Brown Bear let out roars in excitement.


Apparently, resisting the thin rootlet was a matter of great pride to it.


However, that was indeed the case. 


Compared to most Mutant Beasts who would get pierced through at first contact with the thin rootlet, it was already quite an impressive feat for a Tier-0 Level 7 Mutant Brown Bear to be able to grab hold of the thin rootlet.


However, that was all there was to it.


Just because at this moment…


*Tap, tap tap…* Accompanied by light footsteps, a figure slowly emerged from the thick fog. The figure was quite slender, and had fire-like long hair that were dancing in the wind. However, as she looked at the bloody battlefield, a faint smile appeared on her lips.


“It’s been a long time since I went on a killing spree.” Saying so, she lifted her feet and tapped the ground.


The very next moment, the ground was scorched black with a deafening boom. Then, using the rebound from the ground, Ling Er instantly shot toward the battlefield.


Her first target was the Mutant Brown Bear that had grabbed a section of Yu Zi Yu’s rootlet. 


“You’re so ugly!” With a hint of disgust, Ling Er’s palm gently landed on the shoulder of the Mutant Brown Bear.


At the same time, a murmur suddenly sounded in the air, ‘Fire Bomb.’


The voice was soft and gentle, but in the ears of the Mutant Brown Bear, it was like a nightmare.


Because in the next moment…


A deafening explosion, and extreme heat surged from its shoulder.


Before it could even react, the three-meter-tall Mutant Brown Bear was on fire, turned into a ball of fire.


As Ling Er moved on to another Mutant Beast, a charred carcass slowly fell to the ground. On the other side, compared to Ling Er’s violence, the three Generals, Honey Badger, Armored Wild Boar, and Golden Monkey, were showcasing what it meant to charge straight ahead.


*Crackle, crackle, crackle…* Crackles rang one after another, as a lightning bolt as thick as a water bucket shot out from the mist, drawing a ‘Z’ shape in the air as it struck deep into the midst of the beast tide.


Along the way, countless residual silver-white arcs wove a net along the path that Honey Badger came from.




With a shrill growl, Honey Badger’s entire body was ablaze with dazzling arcs of lightning, resonating with the arcs along the way.


After a moment, in the horrified gazes of one Mutant Beast after another…


With a deafening thunder, a silver-white glow dozens of times denser and brighter than before surged into the surrounding like a fountain.


In just a moment, Mutant Beasts within hundreds of meters in Honey Badger’s vicinity were all cleared out, leaving only twitching Mutant Beasts on the ground.


Of course, there were many Mutant Beasts who did not even have the chance to twitch; they had been reduced into charred carcasses, deader than dead.


Lightning Field – Thanks to its deeper mastery of his own lightning, Honey Badger is now able to stimulate residual electrical arcs in the air to form a lightning net, covering a large area.


This was quite a domineering ability, and when combined with Honey Badger’s naturally unreasonable disposition, its destructive force could not be described with words alone.


“Flathead, you’re getting stronger and stronger.” With a light laugh, Golden Monkey, who was holding a long staff, suddenly leaped off the charging Armored Wild Boar.


“I’ll go left, you go right, let’s clear out this area!” Calling out to Armored Wild Board, Golden Monkey tightened his grip on the long staff.


Immediately afterward, he swung the staff fiercely toward a humongous Python not far away.


The next moment, a deafening rumble echoed as a tremor passed through the ground. Looking up, half of the humongous Python was smashed into a pulp.


*Tch…* Clicking his tongue, Golden Monkey’s eyes flickered with a hint of reminiscence, as if recalling something.


Yet, in the midst of this recollection, a very strong smell of blood suddenly wafted from behind Golden Monkey.


Immediately after, much to the Mutant Black Panther’s perplexion, its teeth shattered into pieces.


At this moment, as it slowly raised its head, the Mutant Black Panther saw a pair of mocking eyes.


“You dare to attack me when you can’t even break my defense?” After looking at the white teeth marks left by the Mutant Black Panther on his shoulder, Golden Monkey sneered coldly.


Then, he fiercely swung the long staff in his hand.


*Roar…* The Mutant Black Panther let out a wail as it was sent hurtling dozens of meters away, crashing into a large horde of Mutant Beasts approaching Golden Monkey.


But in light of the fact that the Mutant Black Panther was cut in half, presumably it would not survive much longer.


“You can’t even take a hit.” Smiling, Golden Monkey tightened his grip on the long staff and charged toward the beast tide.


The three Generals were never afraid of being surrounded. One reason was that they all had tough skins and impregnable defenses. The second reason was that each of them had their own means of self-preservation.


Honey Badger was as fast as lightning, while Armored Wild Boar charged forward without hesitation.


Golden Monkey, on the other hand, was agile and possessed self-taught Martial Arts.


Yes, Martial Arts. It could not be explained, it could not be described, but it truly existed.


At this moment, if one looked at Golden Monkey, they would see him wielding a wooden staff and effortlessly taking on Mutant Beasts of the beast tide without suffering a single scratch. Every time he swung the staff, his attack would take the life of Mutant Beasts.


“When did this guy become such a skilled fighter?” Looking at Golden Monkey in the beast tide from a distance, dancing with his staff, taking on ten or even a hundred enemies, Yu Zi Yu could not help but reveal a strange expression on his face. After all, according to his speculation, Golden Monkey should have relied on his formidable defenses to charge straight through the beast tide.


It never occurred to him that he would come up with something like this.


He was using Martial Arts, which was a little similar to Martial Arts of Humans. Wielding his staff, dodged and attacked, hitting the enemy without even taking a single hit.


“Hmmm…” A tumultuous stream of profanities surged through his mind as Yu Zi Yu fell into a momentary silence.


He estimated that even humans who had played with staff for decades couldn’t handle it as well as Golden Monkey did now.


More importantly, Golden Monkey was genuinely impressive.


“How gaudy…” complaining in his mind, Yu Zi Yu could not help but wonder.


Golden Monkey had indeed undergone some changes compared to before. This kind of staff technique was not something a Mutant Beast should be able to use. At least, not at the moment.



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