Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 222, A Canopy of Darkness! Advent of the Tree World

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


The battle raged on. In the face of berserk Mutant Beasts charging toward Misty Mountains with bloodshot eyes, Yu Zi Yu showed no mercy.


After all, opportunities for plundering Evolution Points on such a large scale were very few and far between.


As for the intervention of three Generals and Ling Er…


While they were by no means weak, they were like a drop in the ocean in the face of endless Beast Tide. Their intervention at most be considered as filling in the gaps left by Yu Zi Yu.


“It’s almost time,” murmured Yu Zi Yu, looking at the color of the sky.


He had his own plan.


Dawn would break in three hours at most.


And with the break of dawn, the second round of Spiritual Energy Tide would truly rise.


By then, the Beast Tide triggered colorful Spiritual Energy would gradually disperse. In other words, Yu Zi Yu did not have much time left to harvest.


With this in mind, Yu Zi Yu, taking a deep breath, cast a glance at the endless waves of beasts continuously surging like the sea.


After a moment, his pupils contracted as he muttered softly, “Advent of the Tree World.”


While Yu Zi Yu’s voice was very low, it shook the sky and even the earth like a peal of thunder.


Immediately after, along Yu Zi Yu’s body, innumerable streams of verdant Spiritual Energy started spreading out in all directions, momentarily causing the entire land to shimmer.


And, mere moments later…


*Boom, boom, boom…* The earth and the mountains started quaking wildly.


Immediately afterward, one sapling after another broke through the soil and started growing at a breakneck speed.


In the blink of an eye, they had reached dozens of meters in height. Their roots spread deeper into the earth. And their branches coiled like giant Pythons.


What was truly astonishing was that these branches started charging toward the Mutant Beasts as if they were endowed with life.


Binding and strangling them.


However, this was not the most terrifying part.


The truly horrifying fact was that the countless trees rose right amidst the Beast Tide.


And what did it mean?


*Roar, Roar, Roar…*


*Screech, Screech, Screech…*



From then on, desperate cries and piercing wails of the birds and beasts drowned the forest, echoing through the sky. A scene which the Mutant Beasts and even Humans would never forget in their lifetime was completely unfolding.


A forest, no, an endless primeval forest rose from the ground.


While it painted the picture of a lush and beautiful forest, it was eerie and horrifying.


Amidst its grandeur and vastness, there was a majestic canopy of darkness that blotted the sun and the sky. And it happened to be accompanied by a rich shade of red, and a persistent nauseating scent of blood.


“What is this?” Not far from Misty Mountains, several Human Squads happened to be hiding.


However, now, at this moment, when they gazed at the rising primeval forest in the distance, their pupils contracted to the size of needle points, and their faces went as pale as snow.


A miracle had occurred before their eyes.


In a flash, a vast, ancient forest had grown out of nowhere.


Misty Mountains that were supposed to have been trampled flat by the Beast Tide had once again come to life because of this sudden rise of the primeval forest.


Furthermore, this primeval forest was extremely terrifying.


Really terrifying.


The ancient forest seemed to be imbued with life. The branches were easily winding up the Mutant Beasts.


One after another, roots rose from the ground, silently spreading toward the tide of beasts.


If the terror of the Beast Tide was due to its vast numbers, then at this moment, this primeval forest, which was no less in scale than the Beast Tide, revealed a different kind of horror.


“What should we do?” a military officer murmured as his face turned pale. He had come here from a nearby city to gather information. Never in his dreams he had ever expected to witness such a terrifying sight?


[This is definitely not the work of some ordinary Mutant Beast. No, this should be called a miracle, a true miracle. But if the unknown is added to this miracle, it would become terror in the truest sense.]


*Ha…* Exhaling a long, deep breath, another Human asked, “Did you record it?”


“Yes, we did…” Nodding frantically, a Human pulled out a video camera.


“Alright, let’s retreat quickly; this is something we can’t provoke.” Once this was suggested, this Human Squad was the first to leave.


It was worth mentioning that they were pretty far from Misty Mountains, far enough to not be swept up in the Beast Tide. Otherwise, with their strength, surviving even for a moment in the midst of the Beast Tide would have been a tall order.


On the other side, on a hill, two figures appeared quietly.


One was a Black Bull with crescent-shaped black horns.


And the other was a Red Fox with beautiful red fur fluttering like flames.


“I can’t believe this is what our Master is capable of,” Nine Tails murmured to herself, her face lighting up with astonishment at the sight of primeval forest rising from the ground in a flash in the distance. If one looked closer, they would even notice a touch of indescribable horror in her expression.


“Master’s Divine Abilities are beyond our imagination.” Bull Demon, on the other hand, was grinning happily.


Actually, their worries were unnecessary.


With Yu Zi Yu’s Divine Ability, he alone was enough to deal with this vast sea-like Beast Tide.


“Indeed, it’s beyond our imagination.” After a moment of silence, Nine Tails also nodded her agreement. 


However, compared to Bull Demon, she had not seen Yu Zi Yu for too long. She really had no idea what Yu Zi Yu was capable of. Right now, sensing the familiar aura and witnessing the terrifying sight, a strange look could not help but appear on her face.


Instead of helping Yu Zi Yu, it might be better to help the tide of beasts escape.


After all, right now, if one looked at the Beast Tide, they would certainly notice that the innumerable beasts that had been charging toward Misty Mountains moments ago were now dispersed and happened to be fleeing in all directions


Their escape was so quick that it was astonishing.


Clearly, the horrifying Spiritual Energy fluctuations produced by the Advent of the Tree World had completely shattered the spirits of these Mutant Beasts. Now, they were not only charging toward Misty Mountains, but each one of them wished they had grown two more legs to escape this devilish place as quickly as possible.


“Let’s go,” suggesting in a soft and gentle voice, Nine Tails suddenly rushed toward the fleeing Mutant Beasts in the distance.


“Uh, Elder Sister, what are we doing?”


Bull Demon was puzzled by Nine Tails’ actions.


“We returned in such haste that we forgot to even prepare a gift for Master.”


As she spoke, a Human girl-like coquettish smile appeared on Nine Tails’ face.


“Why aren’t you moving? Are you planning to return empty-handed?”


“How… How could that be?” With a laugh, Bull Demon also accelerated and decisively rushed toward some of the more powerful or mysterious Mutant Beasts within the Beast Tide.


[It would be unacceptable not to bring some gifts for Lord Divine Tree!] Meanwhile, Yu Zi Yu was completely oblivious to the return of Nine Tails and Bull Demon.


Compared to observing the surroundings, his consciousness was completely immersed in the primeval forest that had risen from the ground, capturing or strangling the Mutant Beasts.


Every single one of his thoughts was related to the actions of giant trees in the primeval forest. He was manipulating the entire forest to launch an attack on the scathing Beast Tide.


As for why Yu Zi Yu did not activate the Advent of the Tree World from the very beginning, it was obvious. He wanted to get maximum benefit in one fell swoop.


If he had activated it from the beginning, how could so much of the Beast Tide have eagerly penetrated Misty Mountains?


The range of the Advent of the Tree World was limited.


Naturally, Yu Zi Yu wanted to drag as many Mutant Beasts as possible within the limited range of the Advent of the Tree World.


Only in this way could he either capture them for taming them later or slaughter them for Evolution Points.


As for whether to capture them for future subjugation or to kill them for harvesting Evolution Points, it was a decision that Yu Zi Yu would make on the spot.


It all depended on whether these Mutant Beasts could escape or not.


If their speed was too fast, and the roots and branches controlled by Yu Zi Yu failed to catch them, then Yu Zi Yu was left with no choice but to kill them.


After all, compared to capturing, killing was the simplest and most straightforward approach.



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