Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 224, The Inheritance from a Previous Era

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Shaking his head and dispeling his doubts, Yu Zi Yu took a good look at Nine Tails as she approached from a distance.


In moments, a series of information flashed in his mind.


Race: Celestial Fox

Rank: Tier-1 Transcendent

Bloodline Talent: It can grow an additional tail with each advancement, each tail carrying a formidable talent.

Unique Abilities: Enchanting Eyes — Its gorgeous eyes are the treasures of the world with the mystical power of bewitching.

Flame Mastery — It can control flames to a certain extent.

Flaming Claws — It claws entwined in flames are so hot that they can easily tear through metals.

Flame Cloak — Its fiery red fur is ablaze with wisps of flames. Anyone who touches it will be burned.

Speech — It has developed a strange bone, which allows it to speak all kinds of languages, even Human languages.

Flame Rush — Using flames as footholds, it can significantly increase its speed, even achieving explosive acceleration.


Yu Zi Yu’s pupils slightly contracted as he looked at Nine Tails who was rushing from the distance, immersed in thought.


“Bloodline Talent!?” Yu Zi Yu muttered, a bit confused. 


It was the first time he had encountered such terminology, furthermore, he had a feeling that this Bloodline Talent was even more mysterious and more terrifying than Innate Talent. At least he could easily see through Innate Talent, but now, looking at Nine Tails’ Bloodline Talent, he knew almost nothing apart from the fact that it was associated with her tails.


*Ma…* Yu Zi Yu smacked his lips, but did not mind it much.


However, if such a thing had appeared on some unfamiliar Mutant Beast, he would definitely have dealt with it.


As for Nine Tails, she was part of his circle. The stronger his allies were, the better.


Just then…


*Boom!* With a terrifying howl, a figure bathing in flames arrived at North Canyon.


“Master.” As another greeting rank in his ears, Yu Zi Yu reached out to support Nine Tails with one of his branches.


“How was the Great Desert?”


“Not bad, I guess.” Nodding slightly, Nine Tails climbed up Yu Zi Yu’s branches as usual. In moments, after a few leaps, Nine Tails had arrived at the canopy.


She picked a nice position and laid down. Clearly, she was tired.


Yu Zi Yu smiled and gently stroked Nine Tails’ silky fur. She always enjoyed it when he groomed her fur.


At this moment, a tremor coming from the distance shook the ground.


Looking toward the source, he saw a black streak shooting toward North Canyon.


What caught his attention, however, were the two Mutant Beasts on Bull Demon’s back.


Seemingly aware of Yu Zi Yu’s curiosity, a voice suddenly appeared in his ear, explaining, “Master, these are the gifts that Bull Demon and I brought for you. We hope you like them.”


“Gifts!?” Yu Zi Yu chuckled as he looked at the two critically injured Transcendent Creatures on Bull Demon’s back, his eyes narrowing slightly.


A Black Panther and a grimacing yet weak Blood-Red Wolf.


While they were small in size, their auras were far from weak.


However, when Yu Zi Yu noticed the gaping wounds on their bellies that seemed to have been pierced through, his corners of mouth could not help but twitch.


[Compared to Bull Demon and Nine Tails, I’ve been very gentle.] With these thoughts, Yu Zi Yu’s branches curled around the two Transcendent Creatures, who had narrowly escaped the Advent of the Tree World, and threw them into the Spirit Pond.


Thanks to the nourishment of the Spirit Pond, they would not die from their severe injuries.


Moreover, White Tiger, Golden Ant, and other Mutant Beasts had also stood up one after another. With them guarding North Canyon, these two Transcendent Creatures would not be able to escape even if they had wings.


At this moment, as if remembering something, Yu Zi Yu looked at Nine Tails, who was lying down on him, and curiously asked, “Nine Tails, what is your Bloodline Talent?”


Hearing this, Nine Tails, who had pretended to be asleep, raised her eyelids slightly, looking somewhat surprised.


“Master, can’t you tell?” Saying so, she asked with a hint of suspicion, “Aren’t you able to discern our talents?” 


“Well…” After a moment of silence, Yu Zi Yu replied, feeling a bit embarrassed. “I actually couldn’t see your Bloodline Talent.”


“Okay.” Nodding slightly, the corner of Nine Tails’ lips curled up into a faint, almost smug smile, as if she was quite pleased with herself.


After a while, Nine Tails slowly propped herself up as her fiery red fur billowed.


“The Innate Talent seems to have developed from my bloodline, or rather, they are certain abilities that I would awaken, only each ability is carried by one of my tails.”


Saying so, she contemplated for a moment before adding, “Until now, my tails carry two kinds of abilities, and I only have a vague understanding of them. I only know that one is called ‘Charm,’ which seems to grant me the ability to bewitch Mutant Beasts with weaker Spiritual Energy than me. The second ability is called ‘Spiritual Power Accumulation,’ which allows me to store a large amount of Spiritual Energy, and even convert the Spiritual Energy of the surroundings for my use.”


Listening to Nine Tails’ explanation, Yu Zi Yu’s eyes flickered slightly.


“Is that so?” Muttering, Yu Zi Yu slowly raised his gaze.


After a moment, two Innate Talents appeared in his sight. One was named ‘Charm,’ and the other was ‘Spiritual Power Accumulation.’


Compared to Nine Tails’ description, Yu Zi Yu saw a more detailed description.


For instance, if Nine Tails could cultivate the Charm ability to the highest level, it could even allow her to shapeshift, thus allowing her to enchant others more effectively.


Whereas mastering the Spiritual Power Accumulation to the highest level would allow her a reserve of limitless energy.


“How formidable and mysterious!?” Yu Zi Yu murmured softly.


Now, when he looked at Nine Tails, his gaze carried a hint of admiration. Her Bloodline Talent was no different than a ladder straight to the top. After all, it was extremely difficult to tell in which direction the Innate Talents would evolve into after reaching the peak.


However, Nine Tails’ Bloodline Talents already had detailed descriptions of their ultimate versions.


In light of this, Yu Zi Yu managed to deduce the difference between Innate Talents and Bloodline Talents.


Innate talent relied entirely on oneself, while Bloodline Talent was an Innate Talent buried deep within one’s bloodline, developed and perfected by previous generations. 


All Nine Tails needed to do was follow in the footsteps of her predecessors, step by step, to reach the peak.


This would explain why they were called Bloodline Talents. Because, it is indeed a form of hereditary Innate Talent.


In other words, Nine Tails might have opened the inheritance of a Great Fox lineage from the previous era.


Reaching this conclusion made Yu Zi Yu’s gaze flickered with complex emotions.


[Sure enough, just as the Theory of Spiritual Energy Tide speculated, the previous era had a terrifying Transcendent civilization. Thousands of races used to coexist with each other, with a hundred clans standing at the apex. Only this could explain the silver-haired middle-aged man’s Ancient Wisdom and Nine Tails’ current Bloodline Talent.]


[Of course…] As if realizing something, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted to the nearby Golden Monkey, who had returned with Ling Er, Honey Badger, and the others.


[Could he have awakened abilities from the previous era as well? Otherwise, his mastery of staff techniques would be very difficult to explain.]



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