Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 23, The Most Fearless Animal in the World


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


“Master, I saw it.” Suddenly, a voice filled with excitement rang as the young girl jumped up and down like a child showing off her achievements.


“What did you see?” Listening to her voice, Yu Zi Yu’s spirit was slightly aroused. [This is indeed good news.]


“Um…I can’t put it into words,“ after pondering for a moment, the young girl replied in embarrassment. Then, she shook her head and added, “But, I can show you.”


Saying this, the young girl’s pupils suddenly constricted before an invisible power began to surge. 


Right at that moment, vivid scenes flashed in Yu Zi Yu’s mind. The scenes painted the picture of a village, faintly echoing with the cries of people. The scene suddenly shifted, and Yu Zi Yu saw two beds. Lying on the beds was none other than He Qing Er and He Ling Er.


“Village Chief, please restrain your grief. Qing Er is probably not going to make it, but there is still hope for Ling Er. She’s just in a coma!”


“Coma!? It’s more than that, she had a high fever that hadn’t gone down until now. Haaaa…”



Vague voices slowly reached Yu Zi Yu’s ears, bringing him a sense of relief. Just as he had guessed, He Qing Er’s Soul could sense her younger sister, He Ling Er.


Right then, a voiced filled with surprised rang in Yu Zi Yu’s mind,


“Master, I discovered that I can move!“ Immediately after, the scene in Yu Zi Yu’s mind changed once more. He saw a pale girl with beads of sweat dripping down her forehead lying on a bed. Suddenly, her fingers moved slightly.


“She moved, she moved, Village Chief, Ling Er’s finger just moved!” An excited voice suddenly echoed in the small room. But before Yu Zi Yu could take a closer look, the images became blurry and eventually disappeared.



And now, as his consciousness returned to reality, Yu Zi Yu shifted his gaze to the nearby He Qing Er, who still had her eyes closed, a complicated look appearing on his face.


Telepathy was a very unique ability which was related to one’s mind and Soul. Even Yu Zi Yu could not fathom how it truly worked.  Even so, by the looks of it, He Qing Er here could even manipulate the body of her sister, He Ling Er, who was very far away.


Although it was just the slight movement of fingers, Yu Zi Yu saw something called hope.


“I hope my choice is right.” Sighing in his heart, Yu Zi Yu once again reaffirmed his determination.


Soon, He Qing Er leisurely woke up and shook her head. She looked a little tired.


Right then, a branch gently landed on her head, as if it was caressing her. Although she could not feel it, He Qing Er could not help but let out a sonorous laughter. “Mas…ter.“


“Mhmm…” Nodding, Yu Zi Yu instructed her with a smile,


“Keep practicing, train your telepathic abilities a lot more.” Saying so, Yu Zi Yu reminded her,”If you notice any unusual movements over there, be sure to tell me.”


“Unusual movements!?“ He Qing Er looked slightly taken aback, asking in wonder.


“Yes, unusual movements, like, if the body you were controlling wakes up, or if some strange person arrives…” Speaking up to this point, Yu Zi Yu did not add anything further.


She was like a blank piece of paper, lacking much knowledge. However, things should improve over time. By then, Yu Zi Yu would have gained a very capable helper.


Not to mention the others, just the fact that she could remotely control her sister’s body and gather information was the greatest help to Yu Zi Yu.


After all, he knew he could not trust Humans.


However, He Qing Er was different. In her current state, she was someone he could trust. The fact that they were fellow anomalies, and her entire existence depended on him was more than enough to win his trust.


As for whether He Ling Er would wake up, and report about him to others, Yu Zi Yu believed that it to be impossible. 


Meanwhile, He Qing Er, who had awakened her psychic abilities, should have no problem replacing her.


Of course, it was not that urgent at the moment.


Through the recent images, Yu Zi Yu also discovered some abnormalities in He Ling Er’s body. An unusual energy was coursing through her body. If nothing unexpected happened, it should be the awakening of her Innate Skills, which would require at least 10-15 days.


This period was more than enough time for Yu Zi Yu to train He Qing Er.



Time passed quickly. In a flash, half the night had already passed.


The horizon was adorned with a beautiful morning glow, a veil of mist blanketed the surroundings.


At this moment, the weakened He Qing Er had already fallen asleep, hugging his root.


With a thought, the ground quaked as Yu Zi Yu sank the black root back deep into the ground.


Yu Zi Yu had no idea whether He Qing Er could remain in sunlight or not, but he could not take the chance. It was better to sink the root back into the ground. Furthermore, after a night of bonding, Yu Zi Yu also became keenly aware that He Qing Er resting on his root seemed to be of some benefit to him as well.


As for what exactly those benefits were, it was hard to explain.


Yu Zi Yu felt a cool and refreshing feeling coursing through his roots, relieving much of his fatigue.


Yu Zi Yu smiled, but he did not attach much attention to it. Compared to these inexplicable benefits, he liked He Qing Er around him as she was more of a chatting companion for him.


He felt as if he had not talked to anyone like this in a long time.


This night alleviated much of his loneliness.


However, it was nothing but just a means to distract his mind from loneliness, nothing more, nothing less. He could not forget about the important matters at hand.


Shifting his gaze, Yu Zi Yu focused his attention on the nearby dangling branches. 


Apparently, one prey after another was tied and hung by each branch.


Hung on one branch was a monkey, whose golden fur was shining brightly in the morning light. It was very dazzling. Its large, bright eyes happened to be wide open, yet it was not making a fuss.


However, Yu Zi Yu believed that if it were not for the fact that it was tied by his branch, it would probably be the most exciting one right now. After all, the intelligent gleam flickering in its eyes could not deceive anyone.


“What a clever monkey!” After praising in his heart, Yu Zi Yu’s gaze shifted once again.


In addition to the monkey, there was also a wild buffalo, a white crane, four wolves, and…


An animal with a flathead, white hair, and a silver cloak.


A Honey Badger, and it was the wild beast that left Yu Zi Yu most bewildered.


Everyone might not have heard of Honey Badger, but it had a nickname that everyone had certainly heard of.


Brother Flathead.


It was ready to fight anyone, whether it was killer bees or lions.


It had also entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most fearless animal.


[But isn’t this fellow usually found in Africa, West Asia, and South Asia!? How did it end up here, inland? Could it be that with the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, these little critters had also started migrating…] Feeling a little astonished, Yu Zi Yu carefully observed this little creature.


It was about 70 centimeters long and looked quite petite. From its appearance, Yu Zi Yu found it a bit cute and dumb, as well as a little goofy. Its head was flat, and its back was covered with white fur. It resembled a street thug who had intentionally dyed his hair white.


[No wonder people called it Brother Flathead, it truly lives up to its name.]




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