Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 24, The Power of Tier-1


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


In the empty space within the canyon, several tree cages of various sizes were situated around a large Willow Tree. Most of the animals inside these cages were docile, prostrating on the ground.


Except for one particular beast in a cage, Yu Zi Yu found himself completely helpless. Inside the cage was a Honey Badger with white hair on its head who happened to be tirelessly digging with its claws, displaying an unwavering determination.


“How stubborn!” Sighing, Yu Zi Yu chose to ignore this extremely stubborn Honey Badger.


It was an irrefutable fact that with the resurgence of Spiritual Energy, the beasts had gained more intelligence. 


Just like the Golden Monkey, the moment Yu Zi Yu released it from the branch, it obediently ran over to his side. Although its round eyes kept darting around, its tamed appearance could not be faked.


Not only the monkey, but also the Wild Buffalo with black horns, resembling crescent moons, lay docile beside Yu Zi Yu’s trunk.


But the Honey Badger was different.


As the most untamable animal, it showed first hand what ‘stubbornness’ meant.


The moment he released it from the branch, it shot off into the distance like an arrow, infuriating Yu Zi Yu, who whipped him at once.


Yet, this fellow remained unyielding. It would rather take Yu Zi Yu’s whip than stop running like a madman.


Even now, confined in the cage woven by Yu Zi Yu’s roots, it had not given up.


“At least you guys are obedient,“ stated Yu Zi Yu and smiled, shifting his gaze to the other animals that were well-behaved in the remaining cages.


Except for the Honey Badger the other animals truly gave Yu Zi Yu a pleasant surprise. Especially the Wild Buffalo.


Race: Mutant Wild Buffalo

Life: 4/30 Years

Rank: Tier-0 Level 2

Innate Talent: Crescent Bull Horns – Its fiercely sharp horns are the most terrifying weapon, capable of instantly tearing its enemies apart.

Unique Abilities: Earth Stamp – It raises its forelimbs and stamps on the ground. Its terrifying power can even shake the earth.


Although this Wild Buffalo was only a Tier-0 Level 2, its Innate Talent was truly outstanding. It had to be noted that even the Red Fox he valued only had a Unique Ability, while the Peregrine Falcons possessed an Innate Talent. Whereas this Wild Buffalo possessed both Innate Talent and Unique Ability simultaneously.


Yu Zi Yu had to admit that this talent was increasing his anticipation.


An Innate Talent was a natural-born ability, a terrifying ability that could grow stronger. The stronger the individual, the more formidable their Innate Talent became. Just like the Peregrine Falcon’s Innate Talent – Bullet Dive, which would continue to evolve with the Peregrine Falcon’s strength. In the future, it might be possible for them to pierce through their enemies in an instant, like a bolt of lightning.


On the other hand, the Unique Abilities were different. It was an ability developed by chance or opportunity. If it was not practiced, its strength would remain stagnant.



[Red Fox, Peregrine Falcons, Wild Buffalo, and this little one, can be the prime focus of training.] As he gently stroked the Golden Monkey sitting on the branch, Yu Zi Yu began to plan ahead in his mind.


As for the others, such as the White Crane, Wolves, as well as that Honey Badger…


Those who had not been tamed were not worth Yu Zi Yu’s time and effort to cultivate.


Besides, his patience was limited. If these guys did not obediently listen after being starved for a while, Yu Zi Yu did not mind killing them to gain Evolution Points and enhance himself.


After all, Yu Zi Yu had an urgent need for Evolution Points right now. There were many abilities waiting to be upgraded. New abilities were also waiting to be developed. And after fully digesting these abilities, Yu Zi Yu would further need Evolution Points to break through to an even more terrifying Tier-2.


Just thinking about it, Yu Zi Yu could not help but feel excited.


If he was already so powerful at Tier-1, how terrifying would he be at Tier-2?


What was worth mentioning was Yu Zi Yu’s current transformation.


His body of Willow Tree was already 32 meters tall, and with a trunk diameter of one to two meters. Furthermore, Yu Zi Yu could feel that his rate of growth was accelerating.


Perhaps it was because of awakening this Innate Talent – Super Regeneration. Yu Zi Yu could sense the continuous vitality within him.


If he did not consume this vitality, this abundant vitality would continue to accelerate his growth speed, until one day he would be big enough to cover the sky and sun in true sense.


In addition to the increase in his size, Yu Zi Yu also noticed that the toughness of his bark was no less inferior to ordinary steel, and it might even be stronger.


As for his most formidable roots, their toughness was quite likely much stronger than the bark.


“Putting everything aside, I should be able to withstand a salvo of artillery. “


Assessing his defense, Yu Zi Yu felt a little confident. If he could not even withstand artillery bombardment, he might as well go straight to Humans and surrender. After all, artillery shells were just a relatively common weapon among Humans. Something like cannonball could mostly be withstood as long as one’s defense was sufficiently strong.


The truly terrifying weapons were rarely revealed.


For instance, biological weapons, genetic weapons, and the most fearsome nuclear weapons and hydrogen bombs that were built for mass destruction. Until he had the means to resist these weapons, Yu Zi Yu would never willingly show himself in front of Humans.


If he failed to show off his strength, he would just be seeking death.


As a former Human, Yu Zi Yu deeply understood the concept, ‘people of a different race or ethnicity could not be trusted.’


Besides, there was another thing to be vigilant about.


If the Humans perceived someone as a threat to their status, the extremists among the Humans would not hesitate to destroy this person by any means necessary. They would not shy away from deploying nuclear and hydrogen bombs. Therefore, lying low and getting stronger was the way to go.




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