Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 26, The Kingdom of Mist


Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Surprises are always fleeting. After having experienced Xiao Qing’s power, Yu Zi Yu began to focus on the important matters at hand.


“Shroud of Mist.” Yu Zi Yu murmured, activating his Unique Ability.


*Fuuuuu!* Like smoke rising into the air, a tall Willow Tree could be seen in the distance, constantly emitting a hazy fog. 


It looked like a sauna.


There was a significant difference between actively triggering an ability and instinctively using it. Right now, under Yu Zi Yu’s active control, the mist was permeating at an astounding speed. In just a short half a day, it had already pervaded over half of the canyon.


The canyon was not large to begin with, so it saved Yu Zi Yu a lot of time and effort.


“First, I’ll cover the canyon, and then take the canyon as center, spreading the mist deep into the mountains.” Having made a decision, Yu Zi Yu became more focused on his task. After all, it concerned his life and death; he could not afford to be negligent.


The pervading mist was to some extent under his control. Although the control was not extremely precise, Yu Zi Yu could control its approximate movements.


For instance, if he wanted to envelop the canyon, it would not stray too far. Furthermore, this mist seemed to somewhat connected to him, allow him to sense things in it.


If there were any significant movements, Yu Zi Yu could sense them through the mist.


For instance, he noticed that the Honey Badger had already dug a four-meter deep hole, and was trying to break free from the tree cage.


Unfortunately, the tree cage that imprisoned the Honey Badger was weaved with his roots, which became more intricate as they went deeper.


“If this fellow can be tamed, its combat ability, its tenacity and persistence alone would make it worth the effort…“ making a mental comment, Yu Zi Yu began observing these animals.


With continuous evolutions, these creatures could no longer be viewed as mere animals. For instance, the Golden Monkey swinging at his treetop should have an intelligence level comparable to a 7-8 year old kid. Moreover, its intelligence was increasing day by day. 


In other words, it would not be surprising if exceptionally talented individuals emerged among the mutated plants and animals in the future. 


Just like himself, a Willow Tree.


Grinning in his mind, Yu Zi Yu was a little looking forward to the day Humans would see him for the first time and the look of terror on their faces.


A Willow Tree with the intelligence equal to that of a Human, just the thought of it was quite terrifying.


And the most crucial thing was that the Willow Tree had been afraid and cautious of Humans from day one.


“The unknown is the scariest thing. Am I evolving in a direction even I don’t know?“ Murmuring, Yu Zi Yu once again utilized his Evolution Points.


The current speed of mist diffusion was far from meeting his need. He needed to upgrade it using the Evolution Points.


<Ding, Shroud of Mist upgraded, Evolution Points -10!>


Shifting his gaze, he looked over the diffusing mist, the recently advanced Unique Ability.


Shroud of Mist (Level 2) – You can release a dense fog, covering dozens, or even hundreds of kilometers around you. It allows you to hide yourself, and at the same time, the dense fog obscures most of the visibility, reducing the visibility to less than 4-5 meters. 

(Note: Fog generated by Spiritual Energy cannot be dispersed by the wind.)


Yu Zi Yu gawked at the upgraded ability in a daze, stupefied.




It was truly terrifying!


If this ability was activated in a city, it was more than enough to paralyze the entire city.


Imagine having a visibility of less than 4-5 meters. What would that mean? It meant that while driving, even before a person had the time to hit the brakes, they would have already crashed into another vehicle.


And this was the terrifying aspect of the mist.


Its active offensive capability might not be strong, but its passive effect was extremely formidable.


Not to mention, the range of his mist could reach up to a hundred kilometers.


More importantly, the dense fog could not be easily dispersed by the wind as well.


This completely eliminated Yu Zi Yu’s worries.


In light of this, he did not need to worry about the fog he had worked so hard to create being blown away by artificially created winds.



*Haaa….* Yu Zi Yu exhaled a long, deep breath, feeling a sense of excitement.


At this moment, he could already see a glimpse of hope.


The Kingdom of Mist.


A terrifying zone covered in a shroud of mist; where, the visibility was reduced by half; where, the senses would be weakened; where, ferocious mutated beasts lurked. As a result, Humans would be terrified, and it would deter anyone from stepping foot here.


“With the combination of Shroud of Mist and Hallucinogen, creating a Kingdom of Mist should not be a mere dream!“ After giving it a thought, Yu Zi Yu became a little more confident.


At this moment, he could already see the canyon completely enveloped in mist. Everything became blurry and indistinct. 


Inside this mist, a towering tree looked like a terrifying monster, ready to devour everything. It was quite a frightening sight. Even the wild beasts in the vicinity of Yu Zi Yu also started to grow restless. Wolves started howling, the cranes started crying…


The horrifying fog had made these daunting beasts nervous.


“Adapt, you must adapt as soon as possible. “ Yu Zi Yu murmured. He was filled with anticipation. He was not planning on dispersing the fog to help them, nor was he thinking of making their lives easier.


Now was the time for everyone and everything to rise.


Life was evolving every minute and every second.


These little creatures would definitely adapt to the dense fog at an unprecedented speed.


Yu Zi Yu believed that they would evolve the ability to adapt to dense fog in no time.


By then, the dense fog would have become a natural barrier for them. These fierce beasts would then transform into the most terrifying apex predators in this Kingdom of Mist, truly occupying the position at the top of the food chain.




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